Europa League for Italian dessert. Inter won but left-handers convinces.

The penultimate day of the Europa League group stage ended in a positive way for Italians with Inter, Fiorentina and Napoli, promoted to the knockout stages. Only the Torino, which ended goalless home clash with League leaders Bruges grouping, will have to wait the last match to be sure of qualifying. Let’s just Inter and Fiorentina, who not only won their matches with identical 2-1 results (with the Dniepro at San Siro the nerazzurri, in purple with Guingamp) but have also reached the mathematical certainty of first place, allowing a smoother draw ahead of the spring races. Mancini’s team, last night in the stands for a disqualification remedied with Galatasaray, did not believe playing an embarrassing first half, especially from a defensive point of view: too many mistakes, too many several errors that gave a weak opponent the advantage, the 16th of the first half, and then even the possibility of doubling with a penalty that usually Handanovic failed to repel. This is the sixth consecutive penalty blocked by Inter’s goalkeeper, which proved decisive even on other occasions to demonstrate good defensive night not the team. We must however also take the positives: starting from the reaction with an equaliser from Kuzmanovic two minutes after the missed penalty by Dnipro, until signed by Osvaldo advantage at the 50th, when the team was in ten for the expulsion of Frog (double yellow). While with the man in less Inter was able to tighten the ranks and get a victory crucial for passage of the round. Bad news from nursing, with out a game Nagatomo dislocated right shoulder and Hernanes again blocked by the right adductor problems. For Mancini two extra problems for the next League game, against Roma, which adds another negative test Frog which waited well performance other than those seen so far. Fiorentina won away against an opponent not easy, playing with authority in the first part of the race despite the large turnover implemented by Montella. Marin first and then closed the Wilson practice in just 13 minutes. Things are a bit complicated at the end of the first half for a very generous penalty, and subsequent expulsion of Balanta, granted to the French and transformed by Beauvue. In the second half, with the man, the viola contained opponents windstorm, risking a draw on a couple of occasions but all without showing undue embarrassment. Beautiful evening for Napoli he encountered on the road more difficult opponent in group, Sparta Prague. Benitez drew an offensive team, with Higuain in attack, but hasn’t had the answers probably expected after fine performances in the Italian Championship. The team is contracted and appeared lackluster, risking at least three occasions to go at a disadvantage: the partenopei were saved from the cross (twice) and an intervention on Albiol who denied their opponents a goal now of course. Only once, with Hamsik in the final, Benitez’s men have been really dangerous. On the bright side of the evening is assured of qualification, obtained with a day to spare. The possible primacy of the group is tied to a possibilissima victory to get to Sao Paulo against Slovan, last in the Group and yet zero points. For the partenopei easy opportunity not fail. Finally the Turin, who had arguably the most difficult meeting in Brugge team home on top of the Belgian League and especially with one defeat so far in the season. Only some outstanding saves of goalkeeper Ryan denied the success at the gate, that they deserved to do full loot and gain certain of qualification. Now, for the passage of the round, the Turin will have to win the last group game in Copenhagen already deleted. Although, by virtue of the possible combinations between Bruges and Helsinky, might be a draw. Considering the historical bad luck grenade wouldn’t too much calculations etc. In conclusion, all things considered, the positive balance for Italy, with three teams already certain of playing the decisive phase of the Europa League and all three, giving for granted the easy home victory of Napoli in the next round, with the first position. If the Turin managed to qualify the full Italian football would loot, which we are not used in these tough times. It only remains to hope that the blue patrol in Europa League is not grows for elimination of Italian Champions Juventus, Roma and, which are both master of their own destiny and winning the home games of the last round close the speech by obtaining the qualification to the round of 16. . Additional facts can be read checking source.

The bucolic life of boss in prison.

In the Secondigliano prison there are about 1300 prisoners, but those who work are only 250. Of these 220 are employed by the penitentiary administration and perform chores such as cleaning, cooking, or do the routine maintenance of the prison. Other 26 instead of working for a waste facility operated by a cooperative and other 6-7 held cultivate the garden of the prison, known as "agricultural grounds" and promoted by a protocol between the prison, the region of Campania and the guarantor of detainees. These detainees, who collect Zucchini and tomatoes, have the ability to work, to stand out from the cell and not idle, as opposed to the vast majority of inmates in our prisons for lack of resources forced to spend their days watching tv. They began as volunteers and now will be hired in tranches from a cooperative (three have already been hired in recent weeks). These six detainees are all of high security, come from organized crime, mafia, ‘ ndrangheta, Sacra corona unita, and in the past have been held also in 41A, defined by a "psychological torture". That the mafia the 41A has never liked is part of the history of this country. Today these harsh prison inmates have left behind, the direction of the prison decided to invest on them and some have had already accepted the award. Meanwhile, 40 thousand prisoners in Italy do not work and there are also those who have shorter sentences and that certainly will come out from prison, but for them the garden where to grow zucchini is not there. . For additional information regarding this matter read

The agony of the mayors face financial difficulties.

"The State promises that he will not increase taxes? ” Very well! "But getting the monkey shoulder of State communities, this makes us the stuffing turkeys! Mayor various right of Pontarlier (Doubs) and president of the Communauté de communes of Larmont, Patrick Genre has not minced his words devantChristian Eckert, earning a round of applause. Thursday morning, the Secretary of State for the Budget had come to listen to the grievances of the mayors met Porte de Versailles in Paris, to annual leurcongres. His home has been mixed, some of his words sparking the boos of the Assembly. At the head of their communities, all, right and left, were angry with share. "Relations with the State are difficult, central administration does not take into account their requests, they are worried and anxious and this goes further than the financial package of the decrease of endowments", ensures Philippe Laurent, Mayor IDU de Sceaux (Hauts-de-Seine) and new Secretary-General of the Association of mayors of France. "The mayors of left are almost the most anxious, he adds. In addition to financial difficulties, those who are mayors and councilors are afraid the departmental. There are bad outcomes, but many men, too, know that they will have to leave their place due to joint pairs women,.". Original source could be found checking the following

Rimini Fiera spa respects three-year Business Plan.

For Lorenzo Cagnoni "the most important recorded in 2014 is the observance of three-year business plan providing for equal revenues 67.9 million Group and a MOL of 11.5. On the corporate front, the 2014 was the year of the merger with TTG ITALIA and the CONVENTION BUREAU DELLA RIVIERA DI RIMINI, which has led to the creation of a business unit of tourism and Congress tourism for an optimisation of costs and maximize results. The year ending was also made several agreements: that a few days ago, speaking with Cesena, for the transfer of MACFRUT in Rimini; then the vehicles Section ANFIA, ecological services, which resulted in SAL. VE from the two-yearly triennalità, and again, the three-year agreement with the organizers of GLUTEN FREE, the new manifestation that debuted this November in Rimini ".   On 2015 Rimini Fiera President said: "we work for there to be compliance with the three-year business plan. We are indeed a group turnover of 74.5 million euros and a net profit of 3.4 million, perfectly aligned to the forecasts and extraordinary in substance. He then introduced a Cagnoni operation on site: "with trade associations and media technicians, recovering a historical brand but radically moving forward to trace new routes, we are working on SIB EVENT ON AIR, a new international format on music, instruments and technologies, to be held in September 2015: not at this stage within the project in detail, but will announce it fully in the coming months". Also important for international scenarios 2015: share indeed, always in partnership with Carpigiani, the ice cream WORLD TOUR with three stages of strategic market: Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore, while in November of 2015 will take place the first edition of ECOMONDO BRAZIL, which stems from the acquisition of REPORT FIMAI.   Rimini Fiera President concluded by presenting to the Congress 2015 new international: "We approach major events of national and multinational companies such as Teamsytem, the Italian convention of Coca Cola and Tupperware. In July there will be the World Championships of magic: it is a candidature obtained from Rimini two years ago in Korea surpassing cities like Seoul and Dublin; arrive in 3. 550 from around the world. A recognition of our Organization and the city: why, in the case of global events, to apply all the territorial system ". . Main source may be read checking the following homepage.

P.D. James will no longer mysteries.

Was there a little over a year and a half in Lyon, at the docks of the polar festival. P. D. James had legitimately been full. 92 years any white (hair) and pastels (Turtleneck Pink Purple jacket), very Granny Nova, were the piercing gaze and voice clear, resolved: for an hour, the Baroness and member of the House of lords had decrypted with acuity and malice his trajectory, his work, his method. "But yes, I survey, explained particularly. I need to know the place where I located the action, its history, how we live,. At this point, I feel fully alive. "If she had had to kill someone?Hum,. Imagine that I am married to a very unpleasant man. It would be to walk on the edge of a cliff, I’d tell him to come and see something very interesting, and hop, I poke. Police officers, I before that my husband wanted to show me something but I refused because I was too afraid, need to look, and here, the next moment it was gone,. it is useless to be too clever, it should be simple,. "But I think that me it me burn from the inside, to wear such secret! Queen of the roman officer pyschologic English: this is the label that sticks to P. D. James, in progeny of Agatha Christie. Lady James is indeed within the tradition of the whodunit(contraction de Who has done it?) "who is the culprit?") with its myriad (to tiring force) of assumptions post-crime. But P. D. James has, in its own way, shaken the coconut, the anchoring firmly in its time (that this believer suggested drifting, amoral and humiliating), and a hyper-realistic vein, says until the nitpicking. In the wake of his favorite character, the investigator-poet-widower Adam disconsolate Dalgliesh, who was a time magistrate touches both to procedural with atmosphere of Commissioner more technician register (she became familiar with forensic medicine when she worked at the Ministry of the Interior). Suddenly, as classic it may appear, it is undeniable that with his accomplice, Ruth Rendell, P. D. James was an opening of tracks for the polar psychological, including women. Their direct heirs include sizes such as the suave Elizabeth George and acid Minette Walters. Latest feathers, such excellent and flamboyant Scottish Denise Mina, have taken up the torch. . Root data can be read clicking this

Morning after pill: what you need to know about the release.

Sex had – forget the condom, not prevented? In such cases women can get the pill afterwards. In Germany so far, but only if a doctor prescribes it. Soon, at least an emergency contraceptive should be available EU even without a prescription at the pharmacy. A corresponding thrust comes from the European Medicines Agency (EMA). You want to exclude the active ingredient Ulipristal of the prescription. Questions and answers to the morning-after pill and the planned new regulations. What is the difference between the two substances? Levonorgestrel (LNG) has up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, ulipristal acetate (UPA) can be taken up to 120 hours after that. LNG preparations are available in 28 European countries but not in Germany – without a prescription. UPA is Europe to obtain a prescription. According to the Federal Centre for health education (BZgA), Ellaone (active ingredient UPA) is twice as expensive as Pidane (active ingredient LNG) with 36 euro. What is the advantage of a prescription charge for affected women? Especially on weekends or at night, it is not easy to find a doctor who will prescribe the pill a woman then. Women must turn to a hospital or medical emergency services and take there often long waiting times in purchase. Pharmacies could help affected women faster with their large-scale emergency service network. Could in the future someone the pill buy differently as the woman then at the pharmacy, for example your friend? This is still unclear. On the one hand, the woman could then not directly are advised. On the other hand, it is however possible, that someone else picks up the medicine as the patient according to an ABDA spokeswoman for non-prescription drugs. If the legislature wants to da special requirements, he must define. The same applies to the delivery of a non-prescription product to minors. According to a Ministry spokesman, all details concerning the future consultation and dispensing, should be elaborated at the round table. . Extended facts can be inspected visiting resource.

Oil: OPEC maintains its production ceiling.

The price of crude oil p chut of more than 30 percent since June, due to overabundant supply and weak demand. OPEC countries must decide between a decline of their collective production ceiling, fig for three years, and a matching eventually maintaining a better commitment comply with this level. OPEC repr presents s pr of one-third of world production. Venezuela, whose finances are battered and who suffers particularly particularly the collapse of prices, had men openly campaign for a reduction in the cartel offer r. Several countries in the Gulf, Saudi Arabia t te, rejected this option, believing that the market will eventually stabilize t t or later. The final declarations of the d l delegations before the meeting had demonstrated the absence of a consensus for a drop, and p oil prices had plong Thursday morning of new lowest for four years, $ 75 the barrel of North Sea Brent, a sign that investors anticipated a maintenance Cap. � . For more facts about this topic check hyperlink.

Front national: Le Pen denies another million payment from Russia.

In the UK, the Kremlin woos the radical anti-Europeans of UKIP, Russia maintains good relations with the far-right Jobbik party in Hungary and said Putin in Germany on the search is struck it rich after a political partner: in the alternative for Germany. The AfD rejected a report as false. The reports about the million loan from Russia for the FN come at a bad time, because at the weekend its Party Congress takes place in Lyon. At the two-day meeting, Le Pen should be confirmed as party leader, also the result of the FN party Parliament elections will be announced. The FN could achieve in an election year 2014 numerous successes and thus shocked both the France’s governing Socialists and the conservative opposition. In local elections in March, the right-wing party conquered roughly a dozen town halls, in the European elections in may she became strongest force for the first time in French history. End of September she entered also for the first time in the French Senate. Today’s presidential elections, Le Pen in the first round of voting could land even in the first place. . For extra data on this subject click article.

Rain forest in the Amazon: Bosk and spoilage.

As the hearse from the River Ferry rolls, soldiers in bullet-proof West bring their rifles in attack. The boxy van crossed just the Rio Madeira, the most powerful branch of the Amazon River, and continues his journey on the Tapajós: a highway from clay, thousands of kilometres long, from West to East through the Brazilian rain forest leads. We classified us into the column behind the hearse. The soldiers eye us through pitch black sunglasses. A helicopter circling in the sky. Shortly before the beginning of our journey, then three white settlers were shot, exactly on the leg that lies ahead in her car on the Tapajós: here, the highway crosses the vast reserves of Parintintín, Jiahui and Tenharim tribes. One of the dead lies ahead in the hearse, on the way to his final resting place. The hometown of the man was a settlement deep in the Interior of the Amazon forest. That is why the soldiers. Since the murders, the reserves are restricted, and only in the company of the military cross. The Brazilian Government wants to prevent more murders. We sit in a rented Volkswagen Golf, whose shock insufficient to mitigate the potholes, he sways and moans on the humped dust track. Actually, the Brazilian Indian protection agency FUNAI had promised us a jeep. But when we arrive at the FUNAI station in the Amazonasort Humaitá, a dozen burnt out car skeletons is on the verge. The station is almost deserted, we encounter a single employee. He reported how shortly after the triple murder an angry mob from 3 000 moved here whites. The Indians were murderers, they chanted, the Indians should disappear – and not even be protected! The crowd threw a window, set fire. Brasília sent the military. After three hours we reach Marmelos. The settlement is located on the edge of the dusty road, simple wooden houses and huts on a raging river, the a wooden bridge leads. But when we want to veer off from the convoy, two military vehicles in the pliers take us. Soldiers jump for our car, the guns on us directed. You don’t get out of here!, one shouts. Continue, this is the most dangerous place in the whole track here! We present our papers, the journalist cards, permits the Indianderbehörde and the Federal Police. Everything is useless: on the Tapajós, the Commander of the military convoy has charge. As we do not want to turn, he can bring handcuffs to take us for obstruction of a military convoy in custody. The soldiers are loud and gruff, but in their eyes is fear, they want to get away from here. We must continue the convoy. Into the night, the bright lights of military vehicles flare in front and behind us. In 180 can be found mainly two types of stores: chain stores and auto repair shops. There are also some small trucker motels and the chapel of a revival community. We stay in one of the motels. 180 is the right thing for us, says the Commander of the soldiers. People like us, white so be safe there. At the plastic tables in the bar the waitress served us skewers with chicken hearts and beer of brand Cristal. We come here not easily in the conversation. We are curious foreigners, who want to the Indians and to have applied with the guards of the corpse convoys. Such news are quickly making the rounds in a pioneer village with 5 000 inhabitants. Soon noticed what not all there in 180: post, cops on the road, mobile phone reception. 180 doesn’t have a zip code. Then we know but anyone who wants to talk to us: Marcos Aurelio Ferreira, a man who keeps it for seven years here. He was born in the South of Brazil, much run around and by profession: soldier of fortune. The 44-year old with the bulk hair and the red wires to the nose worked throughout his life as a gold and diamond seeker, always without prospecting license, of course, deep in the forests of Amazonia, and in some Indian reservation. Malaria, 52 times!, he gets. With the Indians, because he know himself: the Indians is a killer. Who knows who will be the next victim? Ferreira reported recently, a group of them in the village had come before the murders, and ordered meat. He reviewed flesh, grunting and jerky back and forth like a monkey. And Coca-Cola. And cigarettes. The Indians already knew what was good. She had cribbed it is by white. The next morning, Ferreira wants to show something to foreigners. At the edge of the village, there is a muddy path, because this way, he says. The trail in the forest. If Ferreira needed money, he borrows a transporter, paid some day laborers and falling trees somewhere in there. A good tropical tree bring 500 euro, of which he could live for a month. That was normal. Many did so here. Gabler assures that its operation is completely legally operate. It is not forbidden to hit trees in the Amazon region. You must adhere but strict regulations, quotas and ceilings. Under no circumstances you must penetrate in the reserves of the Indians. They are taboo. Sawmills are the most important economic sector in 180, 20 to 30 of them are in operation at the moment. The two men talk about completely at ease, that the owners of several sawmills broke the law, because they get too many trees from the forest. At the federal police show up with the environmental protection agency, to close their businesses. But then come back new, that make up elsewhere. The residents of 180 have an own understanding of law and order. Duels, shootouts and killings occur repeatedly, said Ferreira. There will be no peace as long as the the Tapajós Indians live. You should disappear. Why do a few hundred Indians need so much forest? The 900 Tenharims live in the area. Advancing agriculture in the rainforest is a kind of screenplay, and towns such as 180 play an important role in it. The laws are intended to protect the natives and their trees though, but in such pioneering settlements, far away from the capital city of Brasília, the State is weak. Places like 180 arise along the roads, they lure gold and diamond seeker on and gangs of illegal loggers, men like Marcos Ferreira. You hit roads and key roads in the forest and transport their prey by truck at night. They accompany men with 38-revolvers, some have semi automatic weapons. When the pistoleiros, the situation can escalate quickly. We have seen the Tenharim Indians only in photos. Where it upright with Spears in their hands looking, they wear crowns of parrot feathers, and their faces are painted with broad, Jet-Black strokes. Here at the supermarket, the five men wear trousers and shirts, they have combed their heavy, black hair heads and talk about their fear. We hide our families upriver, the clan Chief in perfect Portuguese says the women and children are now in safe places, which is achieved only by boat. The bodies of the three whites had been found on Tenharim area. The police has arrested five tribal warriors as alleged perpetrators, including one who was to become Chief of his village. They are in pre-trial detention. Now, the settlers see confirmed all their prejudices about the indigenous neighbours, but the Tenharim say they were wrongly suspected. For the police, the Act was revenge of the Indians. A Chief of the Tenharim had been found previously at night lifeless at the roadside, the police said: motorcycle accident under the influence of alcohol. Not all Tenharim want to believe that. To many Indian leaders are killed in recent years in Brazil, without those responsible accountable were held. In the snack bar, stir the Tenharim still in their soups and chewing on their hamburgers around. To the allegations they want don’t say much, and certainly they would not burden their relatives – a brother and several cousins of those arrested with sitting at the table. They say the murders are happened in the charged atmosphere. Superficially, it went to the toll. But the deeper reason, suspect the Indians, was another: the Tenharim had begun to rabidly defend against the loggers in their reserve. Last year they had introduced even a guards the indigenous vigilance. Young men roam the Woods and log intruders on the Indian Protection Agency and the police. We want to do nothing but live in peace with our white neighbors, actually one of the Tenharim claims. But at the moment he is able not to imagine what such a peace at all might look like. So, the Indians are in many places become the last guardians of the Amazon forest. The price you pay: more than 600 of them have been killed in land conflicts between 2003 and 2013 in Brazil, including many leaders, so a statistics of indigenous relief agency of the Catholic Church. Last do died in early November an Indian spokeswoman in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul. She was found stabbed to death, after she had campaigned for land rights. In the Northwest of Brazil’s agriculture eats into especially quickly in the forest. It is an area that borders Bolivia to the West and extends over the Brazilian States of Rondônia and Mato Grosso in the State of Amazonas. The majority of the land is already treeless. Where forest was in the 1980s, we go along now for hours of eucalyptus plantations, cattle pastures and soy fields. Until the landscape gradually changed, the forest becomes denser and after several fork emerges a shield in front of us: occurs unauthorised access prohibited. Signed: Funai, Indian Protection Agency. When we arrive, a young Indian tells us that the Chief will receive us, as soon as the time is ripe. In a school on the edge of the village, we must tighten our hammocks. Then days. We will not enter the village. Finally once again gives way to the heat of the day and swarms of mosquitoes start their hunt, we appear at once in a round hut in the middle of the village. It is illuminated on all sides open and sparsely by a lamp. The floor is made of beaten-down red earth. When we come in, puts out strong rain, he falls on a roof made of palm leaves. The Suruí look serious and curious about us. We’re in the series. We explain why we want to see the clearance on their territory with their own eyes. Many of the men speak one after they lead others, long monologues, of which we understand little. So it goes for two hours. When they suddenly stand up, is not been voted on our request, even a power word was spoken. But, by us unnoticed, however a decision is matured. The Indians laugh for the first time. You seem relieved, that it will not be a confrontation. Only Chief Joaquim’s not laughing, he seems ashamed on this day. He told that the logging in those forests had also allies. The Suruí of an other village cooperated with them. There are Indians who are married with white there. The white poison their thoughts and feelings, says Joaquim. The money is their God, and they no longer know what is an Indian. We want to know if it’s true what Chief Joaquim told us: that he is left in the fight against armed loggers alone. That show will not be prosecuted, that police and State are idle. André Gebrim Vieira welcomes us in his police station in the small town of Vilhena. To our surprise, he complains: we feel of Brasília in the lurch left. The policeman Vieira, a vigorous man of 43, is Chief of operation arc of fire. So you mean the police action against illegal loggers in the area. The reserves, he told came increasingly under pressure. Only there, there are still contiguous woodland with valuable trees like rosewood and mahogany. But the region is far too large, that we could control it with our 70 policemen. I see no end to this war. Many of his officers were young and inexperienced, the police have not many friends in the area. On the day on which we are not careful, the settlers burned the police station. Marcelo Cinta Larga picks up with its Fiat-pick-up us and racing 250 kilometers along the bumpy road on the border of the reserve. In the late afternoon, we are finally in sweltering heat in a soybean field. The Green is waist-high and stretches to the horizon. This is our country, says Marcelo. The whites have stolen it. Chief Marcelos people is one of 2 300 Indians. They live in a reserve, which is almost as big as Belgium. Here farmers invade each year further, quite openly, because how should protect this area 2 300 inhabitants? The farmers get the valuable trees, clearing the undergrowth with fire and replant the scorched land with monocultures. Chief Marcelo leads us to a site in the field of a shield of the Indian Protection Agency: it marks the boundary of the reserve and is middle in the illegally planted soy perennials. They have let the sign stand, he scoffs at. It is indeed punishable by law, to take it away. He bends over, pulls a soybean plant out of the ground and hurls it away. He told police from the invaders several times, but nothing happens. God has a purpose for me, says Marcelo Cinta Larga, I should defend the Cinta Larga people against the invaders. His parents died when he was six years old, the diseases of the whites. As an orphan he grew into a world, which demanded of him, to live with great contradictions: the village and urban culture, the archaic subsistence farming and the consumer dreams of modern Western society. Today Marcelo has a hut in his village, but he spends more time at his home in the city. His fifth wife and some of his 14 children live there. Our weapons may be today no longer bow and arrow, says Marcelo, our weapon is education. Without education, the white man on the ear skin you. Marcelo himself has earned his education at night school. It is known that he himself works on political and legal issues, when it comes to represent the interests of his people. Over the centuries, the archers of his people have won many battles. Then, squads of rubber Zapfern and thirty years later the first lumberjack and diamond seekers, which speculated on the territory of the Cinta Larga, one of the largest diamonds in the world came in the 1920s. 1963 escalated the diamond rush in the so-called massacre of the 11 latitude: estimated to be 3500 Cinta Larga were poisoned, blown up with dynamite sticks in the air, shot by pistoleiros, hung from trees, killed with machetes. Then he introduces someone else us, we absolutely should talk. Otherwise, we would not understand the Indians. It is a man who still lives as the Cinta Larga prior to arrival of the Whites lived: a Pajé, the last shaman in his tribe. He bears the name of Kurrupião. He should have cured hundreds of people from fever, by poisoning and infertility. In his hut, our eyes slowly accustomed to the darkness. We recognize hammocks, pots, a glowing fireplace. A withered old man confronts us, it lacks an eye. An accident, explained Marcelo. It happened when the Pajé once died and was resurrected. The medicine man is lifted to speak with high, weak voice. With the blind eye, I see God, whispering it. God told me that the wood will burn. The world is going to die. . Inspirational facts could be found reading the following url.

Moderation, wage freeze: if it changed anything for you?

Companies could also offset by incentives to the results. What would be frozen in terms of fixed could be reinjected into the variable part of the remuneration, note Fabien Lucron, Director of development of the firm Primeum. For several decades, compensation policies continue to individualize. Businesses are cutting back on generalized increases to reward their most successful recruits. Some combine precise Cyril Bregou. They give to everyone between 1 and 2%. But others are going to give 4 or 5% to those they want to motivate, and zero for others. Already, a significant share of employees do not see the color of wage increases.   Non-accident, they have every interest in provide a reserve, even modest. Since the 1982 Auroux laws, companies with more than 50 employees must negotiate each year on wages. Better not happen around the table empty-handed. In large corporations that generate profits and where trade unions are still powerful, a freeze on wages is unthinkable. The message would not, considers Cyril Bregou. But beyond the constraint for them as for smaller companies, increase salaries is also a strategic asset: we must be able to attract the best candidates in its sector, then retain employees who could be poached. Freeze wages, is to take the risk of creating a brain drain and degrade the image of his company, believes Laurent Hürstel. Companies are not alone, they evolve in a competitive market, confirms Cyril Bredou. Unless you take the decision at the scale of a sector which plays its survival, the position is not tenable.   . For extra information about this subject visit