Die in peace – 29 plans own death for November 1.

Brittany Maynard will give no more interviews. The 29-year-old is suffering from an aggressive brain tumor and announced she wanted expected to kill on November 1, itself. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you for the wave of love and support, she wrote in her blog. More she no longer say, informed someone by E-Mail.    In the spring gave her six months to live the doctors. November 1 became a sort of date for me, almost one to which I wanted to create it, said in an interview of the CBS broadcaster Maynard. She also wants to be some days before it at her husband’s birthday. She had married her husband Dan Diaz 2012 in California. Shortly after the headaches started, the doctors diagnosed a tumor in her brain.    Frank commitment provides for the euthanasia in the United States for headlines. Her case will be discussed in the news, talk shows, and the public. The reactions of all of you exceeded our wildest expectations, writes the facing death on its Web site.   Maynard works closely with the euthanasia organization compassion & choices in the State of Oregon. Only in five U.S. States euthanasia is allowed. In Oregon, the so-called death with dignity Act (Act for a dying in dignity) appeared already in force in 1997. According to the latest statistics, the health authority terminally ill have committed since 1173 a deadly narcotic drugs get. 752 of them had actually taken the drug life. In her home state of California, Maynard had no access to euthanasia.    The euthanasia law in Oregon, according to the lethal dose themselves must take the terminally ill patient, the doctor may not help. Active euthanasia is illegal in the United States. But the aid to the suicide by lethal means are made available, is allowed in a handful of States – as in Oregon and Vermont.   She planned her death anyway, exactly. She wants to die in her bed, with her husband and their immediate family on the side. She already has the deadly narcotic. I know that it is there when I need it, she says in a YouTube video. It helped also to her husband that she could choose their time of death. It gives me relief and consolation that the possibility there is also Dan Diaz says. His wife has in particular this wish: I hope that I will die in peace.   . You must read this http://e0fc8f17e1417d503c60.com-datasets-online.eu to learn more on this great topic.

Second League: Fürth goes down – Leipzig marches on.

SpVgg Greuther Fürth has conceded against the previous top of the second division an unexpected home defeat which also violently fell out. The Franks defeated FSV Frankfurt on Friday after heavy wake Bumbles 2-5 (2:3). So many goals in a home game conceded the Greuther only for the third time in their history. The guest team of former Fürth coach Benno Möhlmann at least temporarily left the relegation zone thanks to his third victory of the season in a foreign land. With two free-kicks failed, the SpVgg virtually invited her opponent to the gates of Vincenzo Grifo (15) and Tom Beugelsdijk (21), Grifo per shot led to the final again after a counterattack (33rd) and Zlatko Dedic (59.). A double pack of Goran Sukalo (10 / 30) was not enough the Franks to avoid its first home defeat of the season. In the 87th minute, iz saw red even after an emergency brake, Grifo on the penalty was the culmination of a curious game (88). . You can click the following http://e0fc8f17e1417d503c60.com-datasets-online.eu to learn extra about this interesting subject.

Do not copy the males-guerrieriDonne, how to be true leaders.

What are the main differences between female and male leadership? Definitely are two very different leadership. Female leadership is the collection of some inherent inner resources in every woman. For example, the ability to dream, to be empathetic and listening, as well as the ability to share their feelings and express their shameless vulnerability. Paradoxically, many men who have coached these resources have become of great leaders, leading Nations to achieve results almost impossible. Femininity is often misunderstood in the workplace or in society and considered an obstacle: how to learn to reverse this stereotype? We must stop attaching femininity to frivolity, stop thinking that she is weak and therefore to be strong is to look like a man and have the balls ‘.  Today the company is accustomed to dealing with women who have turned to be the leader, taking the worst aspects of humanity. We do not have women made their only winning male characteristics, such as analytical ability, pragmatism, the rationalization of events. We’ve got the complete package, including negative aspects as arrogance, aggressiveness, tendency to not listen and tendency to do everything alone. Now the world is no longer used to watch the woman for what she is: a wonderful, that instead of power and strength he uses his energy keeping open the channel of emotions. What is femininity? Femininity is an emotion, is a set of features. I would like to specify that I am not a feminist, I believe that men and women are made to win together and that each of them should appreciate their inner resources amplificandole and imparandole to handle. Men and women are not allies are at war or at work or in relationships, or in the family, but they are real and their accomplices. The two leaderships should integrate. In the book we’re talking about luidership and leidership (read HERE).   Can anticipate some advice for aspiring women leaders? Accept your vulnerability: that is the true strength of leadership. Learn to manage your emotions, they are your true inner engine. Don’t go in conflict with your values: before you know what is your mission, before you will know what is the way to go. Talk about using ‘ we ‘ and not ‘ I ‘: people will listen to you and will follow you. Learn to communicate with yourself, inside you have everything you need. . For extended about this subject read info.

Isis, used chemical weapons to chlorine against Iraqi forces.

No agreement between Kurds and Syrian Liberation Army. The leaders of the Kurdish militia that Kobane/Ayn Arab, Turkish-Syrian border, belie that stated earlier Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the agreement to get to more than a thousand militiamen Kobane Syrians anti-regime. Quoted by the Pan-Arab al Arabiya tv, the leader of the Kurdish Security Forces (Ypg), Saleh Muslim, said that no agreement was reached so far with the free Syrian army (SLA), platform of non-Islamist rebel militiamen. Muslim has to remember that the Kurds of the militiamen and Kobane Els already cooperate and that between the two groups there are contacts. Erdogan for his part had that had been agreed for the input of 1 Kobane. 300 militiamen of the SLA from the nearby region of Aleppo. Minister Parasher. Europe has decided to intervene, albeit in different ways, to try, along with allies and friends, to counter the threat more serious brought by proponents of a new Islamic Caliphate. This was stated by Roberta Pinotti, the Defence Minister, speaking at the European Conference ‘ The multi-functional nature of the aerospace domain: a european ‘ approch to Military Aeronautical Sciences Institute. Throughout the crisis, said He remains on top of the problem of the Middle East which expands and takes on increasingly violent forms and virulent Islamic fundamentalism. This veritable regression towards a direct attack to civility and the fundamental rights of its inhabitants, as well as in General in the West, is now the major concern. The appeal of Cei and caritas. The Cei and the Italian Caritas launches appeal to Italians to support the Christian community in Iraq, refugees in Kurdistan after the attacks of Isis and still in need of everything. The first initiative, called Project family, concerns the realization of twinning arrangements with families of refugees, aimed at ensuring a decent minimum to a family of 5 people. You can bind a note explains the Italian Episcopal Conference for a month (140 euros) for a quarter (420 euros), for a semester (840 euros) or for one year (1.680 euros). The second (project home) for the purchase of 150 containers for as many families. In this case, the cost of 3. 140 euros per unit. Finally, the third initiative (school project) covers the purchase of 6 buses to transport children in eight schools in Erbil and Dahuk: each coach 40 coast. 720 euros. . Original facts may be studied clicking this http://e0fc8f17e1417d503c60.com-datasets-online.eu.

New York: a man defending Jihad attack police officers.

A man who look towards the Islamist extremist theses attacked policemen with an axe yesterday in New York, before being shot dead, police and the US centre for surveillance of Islamist sites SITE announced. Two young New York City police officers were injured, including one seriously. The two victims were part of a group of four uniformed police officers conducting a patrol on foot in early afternoon on a street in the Borough of Queens, said a police spokesman. The four policemen, out of the Academy early July, posed for a freelance photographer when a man has suddenly loaded in their direction. The policeman, wounded in the head, 25 years old, is in a serious but stable condition at a local hospital where he underwent surgery. His injured colleague to the arm is also in stable condition. For now, the reason for the attack has not been established, said the police Commissioner William Bratton. The American, identified in the media as Zale Thompson, had estimated in a video released last month on a site Islamic pro-Etat (EI) that Jihad is a justifiable response to the oppression of the Zionists and the Crusaders, announced Friday the US centre for surveillance of Islamist sites SITE. According to this centre, several statements issued by Thompson on YouTube and Facebook showed an ultra-raciale inclination in the contexts both religious and historical, and left thinking that it was turning toward extremists. This attack apparently isolated from a supporter of doing jihad echo to that which occurred in Ottawa Wednesday, when a 32-year-old Canadian has killed a soldier under the watch before a monument to the dead before entering the Parliament, where he finally was shot by the Security Chief after exchanges of fire. . You should read this http://e0fc8f17e1417d503c60.com-datasets-online.eu to discover more on this amazing subject.

The boss of Total victim of the inconsistency of the aviation regulations?

The trijet was then equipped with a very valuable option for the safety of the flights, an EVS (Enhanced Visual System). This enhanced vision system, developed by Nasa, to seeing through the fog with a thermal camera. It detects all heat sources (lamps track, other planes, motorised vehicles various human and animals, buildings, antennas, etc.) and provides a synthetic picture of the scene on one of the screens of the cockpit. The first objective of the EVS aims to allow landings with very low visibilities, the driver displaying on his screen a good representation of the track wedged on the markup side lamps. They are perceived to thousands of metres by the infrared camera placed on the nose of the aircraft. But the enhanced vision system also facilitates the taxiing on the taxiways. But EASA always has a plane of delay on the approval of navigational equipment. Moreover, it does not recognize the certification and procedures for the EVS. They have yet tested and validated by his counterpart American, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The EVS has therefore been dismantled on the Falcon 50EX F-GLSA. This explains the proliferation in Europe of aircraft registered in the United States that benefit from a much more pragmatic regulatory and more safety equipment. Thus, GPS has long been banned in European cockpits. The drama of Moscow launches a severe warning on this European administrative drift. . Original source may be read reading this http://e0fc8f17e1417d503c60.com-datasets-online.eu.

Gay: stability and good Jobs act, now the Government go ahead with energy.

Jobs act and the stability law are positive measures, the Government will now go ahead. The invitation to the premier arrives by Mark Gay, President of Giovani imprenditori, opening the work of the traditional meeting of under 40 of the Association, the city of science in Naples. "Now, finally, the Jobs act is defining a more flexible labour market and he said the stability law clears the work component dall’irap and reduces the contribution on new hires for three years. In Brussels, Gay advocates more flexibility: «Are years that Europe wants reforms to our country and when they are fielded to reward them and have flexibility because we need for the future. " Occupational standards, insist in process of changing Those fielded by palazzo Chigi "are measures we have requested for a long time and that are essential, and measures such as these that we encourage the Government to move forward with strength and energy, to climb together-he added Gay-those mountains raised by the collapse in demand and orders." In particular, Gay asked at palazzo Chigi to insist in carrying forward the work rules change «abandoning ideological positions» and «on dynamics that concentrating can affect growth ‘. "Part of the problem-he explains-is in the rules that discourage to become large, as occupational standards that become stiffer after 15 employees. We need to change those rules, because the price you pay is high, and don’t try to live with it next or, worse, to evade them. " A great absent among the reforms: the yard from undertaking ongoing things-stability and reform of labor-to those that are missing, Gay talked about the House to a "great absent among the yards of structural reforms, the reform of the Senate electoral law, passing from work on justice and the school yard of the undertaking ‘. For gays, it’s what would complement the stability law, acting on the level of taxation but not on that investment, leaving for this real limits to growth. Our ambition is to start at this shipyard is missing, that industrial policy». Enterprises such as barricades, tired of politicians who don’t know With a glance at the situation of many enterprises, the President of Confindustria young called the companies ‘ barricades ‘ from which ‘ we saw GDP fall, industrial production decline of 25% in 6 years and business confidence down again ‘ manufacturing. But now, companies ‘ they get tired of listening to politicians who for decades, talking about growth and investment, what must do or not do business, die on the barricades which have never been Gay, ‘ he added, quoting Mitterrand. «Those barricades-concluded-are businesses, and they learn to know them only by hearsay, you need to get in. " New comparison with sidacati on productivity with regard to relations with the Union, the industrial youth leader called for the opening of "a new phase of confrontation with the syndicate to increase productivity. Convinciamoli that, rather than take to the streets tomorrow to defend ideologies, can cooperate with us to defend the work». . Root data may be found clicking the following http://e0fc8f17e1417d503c60.com-datasets-online.eu.

VIDEO. The incredible goal successful kick of the scarf by Erik Lamela at Tottenham-Asteras Tripolis.

It was in Sweden, in 1958, was born the legend of Pele, champion of the world for the first time, at only 17 years old. He scored his first goal in the World Cup in the short Brazilian victory over the country of Wales in the quarterfinals. The machine is launched. It will include three other semi-final against the France’s Just Fontaine, then a double in the final, the fourth goal, the most beautiful. Served from the left, Pelé has full cushioned surface breast, sombrero, and the right low-fly. The Brazil is finally required 5-2 and is sacred for the first time. Final of the world face the Italy and peeled gives her the most beautiful bisects assists, to conclude a unique movement that foreshadowed the idea of total football. All share a recovery shot from striker Tostao in position,. left-back. After a few passes, the ball starts by central defender Piazza, who serves as the defensive midfielder Clodoaldo. The dribble four Italians and serves Rivelino, which speeds up the game by finding Jairzinho in depth. Jairzinho transplanted to the axis and is peeled. Two keys on the right foot, barely a glance, a touch of the left foot and the King stops the time. Then he address a right foot easy and casual dish a pass at a tempo perfect to his captain and rear right Carlos Alberto which strikes without control. The Brazil won 4-1, and is three-time champion of the world. Yet Maradona! Genius! Genius! Genius! Ta-ta-Ta-ta-Ta-ta,. Goooooool,. Goooooool,. I want to cry, forgive me. Maradona and his ride unforgettable, the most beautiful of all time. Cosmic kite. But what planet you, come to leave on your road so much English? So the country is a fist tight, shouting to the glory of the Argentina! Argentina 2 – 0 England. Diegol, Diegol, Diego Armando Maradona. Thanks to God, for football, for Maradona, for those tears, and for this Argentina 2 – 0 England score. The most beautiful goal of all time, narrated live by Victor Hugo Morales, Uruguayan journalist of radio. There was good legs to catch who would get the Ballon d’Or three years later. The purpose of the English striker allows his team to 2 goals to 1 against Argentina in the round of finals. But Argentines will return to score and win the game in the penalty shootout. That year, the Argentina and Pekerman Riquelme played so well as it was a favorite for the title. It has collapsed yet from the quarter-final against the Germany. A few days earlier, it had at least cracked a masterpiece against Serbia, ridiculed 6-0. The second goal, signed Cambiasso, intervened at the end of 24 passes, involving nine players. It is firstly Riquelme who dictates the tempo to stretch the Serbian defence, before the acceleration of Sorin and inspiration of Crespo that serves a backheel Cambiasso in the surface. A perfection of collective action. . You must click the following homepage to discover more regarding this interesting subject.

Model car of the year: happy love triangle.

All things go but the super model, asserts a spokesperson of the Delius Publishing House, appears on the model vehicle – participants vote only by post, an independent market research Institute is responsible for the counting in the 19 categories. For the youngest winner, readers voted accordingly 1036. While already had the tools for the Bulli model, the form for the Kanade had to be brought before, and this is complicated and expensive. First, from an original car, the car Museum, more than 500 pictures taken Bush in Wolfegg and measurements taken. Images and data were then transmitted to a model construction specialists in China, carved a pattern from a Polysterolblock out this multi-week crafted. So a complete model is then checked by us, most of the time there are a few corrections and alterations, says Brunner. So, for example, the wheels of most model cars are bigger than they are likely to be in exact scale fidelity. Of course, originality is the most important, says Brunner, but just for collectors models of course aesthetics must agree. Almost all model cars, says Brunner, built for collectors, only in exceptional cases, they end up as a toy in the bedroom. A bit Brunner annoys himself in hindsight about the small Edition of the Bullis with the roof load: only 1000 copies in 1:18 scale were produced, more 1000 there are in a scale 1:43 (approximately ten inches long). Right now, the stock is virtually sold out. The interest was greatest in Germany, but also in Italy, France, Holland, and Japan was brisk demand, says Brunner. . For additional information about this matter click info.

To programs with personality.

The team of Taezoon Park, program research of Singapore human factors engineering, built two robots, reports the Boston Globe. One was a nurse designed to take the tension and make an appointment with one doctor, the other a surveillance system. In their experiment, the researchers gave two different personalities for each robot. An extroverted version: the robot spoke loud and fast, starting conversations rather than wait that asked about, making most lively gestures, the other was more reserved, less, speaking more slowly moving and leaving the user initiate the communication. Obviously, users preferred the robot nurse extroverted and introverted security robot. Program officials to the robots seems to still be science fiction, but for the roboticists social robotics has become a primary objective that influences our acceptance and our perception of their effectiveness, as regularly reminds one of the specialists in the subject, Cynthia Breazeal du Media Lab at MIT, creator of the recent Jibo, this computer Robotics (see especially its intervention on this matter during the first edition of InnoRobo in 2011). As demonstrated by research, is that personality given to its program counts just as much as his technical qualities, and that it needs to evolve according to the tasks that must achieve the robot and its modes of interactions with humans. A study conducted by Bernt Meerbeek, researcher at Philips, found that autonomous vacuum cleaners owners liked that they are routine, calm, polite and cooperative. Another study conducted by Vanessa Evers Professor of human-machine interface at the University of Twente and Wendy Ju of the Centre for research in Design from Stanford University, will focus on the ideal personalities of autonomous cars. According to Google, they must know how to be aggressive for not too much to yield the right-of-way to other vehicles and even be able to exceed speed limits imposed to fit the flow of traffic! Roboticists Maja Mataric and Adriana Tapus of the laboratory of interaction depending on the laboratory of research in robotics from the University of Southern California conducted a study involving robots that help people in physical rehabilitation exercises. Their results showed that understanding and positive robots were more appreciated by introverted people, while robots more responsive and firm were most effective with the extroverted personalities. Another study by Jennifer Goetz and Sara Kiesler Institute of human-computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon University with robots used to bring young people to follow a coaching has shown that if they liked the more playful robot, who joked to better accept the effort, it has proved less effective than the more directional robot. For researchers, a friendly robot is not the most useful to gain the cooperation of humans,. The personality of the robot can also depend on our ability to control the robot. Meerbeek conducted a study on robots to help people choose their TV program. A robot named Lizzy, friendly and extroverted was in competition with Catherine, a more formal and less expressive robot. When the robot was programmed to take more initiative, users preferred the Lizzy talker, but when it was programmed to ask more questions and wait for the permissions of humans, they have preferred Catherine. Aaron Elkins of the iBug working group, which worked on the program of border guard robotic Avatar, a detector lies robot able to ask travellers to analyze their speech and their body language, showed a smiling and friendly guard was little taken seriously, while a morose and adversarial robot seemed more to reflect the authority. Beyond Robotics which everyday seems still distant, this question of personality arises also for objects and software that surround us. So for now, they are still rarely endowed with personality, the question of the modes of interaction they have with us may arise with more and more acute. Should a sports training program contact us kindly? Must speak in the same way to any athlete accomplished to a non-sportif who can always find a good reason to disregard its resolutions in fitness? Did you want all programs with which we interact to tell us in the same way, in this way impersonal and polished, smooth, such mail of a marketing department complained recently Joanne McNeil referring to the standardization of the stresses we are during our anniversary? As pointed out by the designer Soleio Cuervo, the inventor of the like of Facebook, now the head of design at Dropbox, explaining recently on FirstRound, the virtues of customization from a point of view of the designer, developers must remember that they are not so much in competition with other services in competition with the habits of the users. However, more customization help to fit into these habits? As more and more customization tools will emerge, he says your product will need to be more nuanced,. And the best way to achieve this is not to provide it personality? What type of relationship we want with services that surround us? Do we want to be they pleasant? Do we want that they upset us? That Google and Facebook celebrate us our birthdays, either. But they do so in a unique way, who finally can not take into account the fact that I do not like it, or as an ironic wink me would appear more appropriate that a servile recommendation is the basis of the failure even number of steps marketing. Perhaps that is the best we offer more personalized services we offer personnifiables services, which can adapt to who we are rather than only we consider a pile of data, a machine. . Similar text can be found reading http://e0fc8f17e1417d503c60.com-datasets-online.eu.