WITH New York’s taxis trial: share and save.

The yellow-painted taxis are a familiar sight in the street canyons of Manhattan. They are also one of the main reasons for traffic congestion and air pollution: approximately 400 000 New York rise on an average day in the taxi – and often stuck, because all of the yellow cars clog the roads. If it not better, several passengers would share a taxi? Carlo Ratti, engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of technology in Cambridge, has itself adopted this issue now with scientific meticulousness and more than 150 million taxi rides mathematically analyzed since 2011. His idea: One minute maximum time the taxi company should have, after receipt of an order to consolidate multiple trips – always under the proviso that begun trips to be scheduled No more and that the travel time for passengers not significantly extended. This is apparently possible in New York. If the customers are ready, per trip up to five minutes to plan more, can be determined to Rattis algorithm save roughly 25 percent of the entire taxi rides. There are even 40 percent in ten minutes. In return, the passengers would save money because they shared not only the taxi, but also the fare with other people. Ratti recognises in the journal PNAS that Manhattan with the density of his taxi and his chessboard pattern would be ideal for such a solution. According to his calculations, the system but also in cities with significantly fewer trips per day would work. . You must read the following homepage to learn extra on this interesting matter.

Germany: Schäuble expects tough times in Europe.

The German Minister of finance Wolfgang Schäuble, said Monday that the crisis in Ukraine and other geopolitical troubles in the world will result in an economic situation more difficult in the time coming. And this as far as Europe, and in particular the euro zone is not yet out of hostel as it should after the economic crisis of 2009 followed by debt, said the large German silver Cabinet in a speech on Europe in Berlin. Unemployment is too high and too timid investment, he lamented. To remedy this, it need reforms, more investment is needed and must be a strong institutional framework, a strong financial policy, said the Minister. This is the dispute that we have currently, he acknowledged, while the European écharpent on the direction of policy to take. For him, salvation is to respect the commitments that we have given, he said, repeating the German credo. While acknowledging the need for more growth, Berlin is in no case see the European budgetary rules relaxed. The french Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici, candidate for the post of Commissioner European and taking of an inflection of European economic policy, was present in the room. Russian president Vladimir Poutine maybe in a few years will receive the Charlemagne Prize awarded to the architects of European integration, quipped Mr Schäuble. We must move forward with the instruments we have at our disposal, a-t-ilt said adding that Putin will perhaps help us, it will perhaps receive the Charlemagne Prize in a few years. Mr. Schäuble, convinced European, is known for his undiplomatic and biting humour. The Charlemagne Prize is awarded annually by the city of Aachen to a deserving European. The winner this year was the Council European president Herman van Rompuy. Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine the Europeans are working to find, sometimes with great difficulty, a common line to stand up to Moscow. . You can read the following hyperlink to read more on this interesting subject.

Solidarity records, 40 thousand euros in support of cystic fibrosis research.

Was a 71° Italy Open in the name of sensitivity and solidarity, with 40 records. 000 euros in a few days for the Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation, Charity partners of international competition. A truly amazing result, achieved thanks to the generosity of the players in the field who have donated their proceeds to research, and many other special donors. "I am grateful to Franco Chimenti, President of CONI services and of the Federazione Italiana Golf, to Alexander and authenticated by Barbara Zonchello, Chairman and Managing Director of the Organizing Committee Open Professional Golf Federation, for their precious availability. We reached a truly remarkable and encouraging result, which highlights the participatory sporting large soul present inside and off the green, "said Marzotto. «Alongside these professional and many fans gathered at the Open has really strong positive energy. A sincere thanks to them and to those who devote their efforts to the search to find soon a cure for cystic fibrosis. A thanks on behalf of all the sick and their families. And also from scientific researchers can continue their promising work aimed at strategically targeted projects». The President of the Onlus Faganelli Victorian recalled: «cystic fibrosis is the most common serious genetic disorder, a very complex pathology but still poorly understood given that, only in our country, there is a healthy carrier every 25 people, and in most cases is unaware of it. Every pregnancy a pair consisting of two carriers has a 25% chance of having a baby suffering from cystic fibrosis and every week 4 were new patients. With our non-profit organization we are doing a great race to defeat the disease, orphan care today. For this reason, partnerships like the one today with the Organizing Committee of the Open of Italy are reason for hope and confidence for the sick and their families. " . Original facts may be studied reading the following http://babybutt2.chinakidsmart.com.

World Basketball: the United States a time challenged by the Turkey.

The United States were hooked for thirty minutes by the Turkey before you detach irresistibly (98-77), in a rematch of the final of 2010 to the gentlemen of basketball Sunday in Spain World Cup. After their demonstration Saturday against Finland (114-55), the Americans, tenants of the title, have this time ci proven much more difficult. For nearly three quarters, they have foundered on the Turkish area defence, accumulating bad choices in attack and stray bullets. And their defense has known a few floating. But they managed to get back on track by finding a little external address to move ahead (66-60, 30th). This allowed them to open the Turkish zone, which completely took water in the last ten minutes. Anthony Davis (19 points, 6 rebounds) and Kenneth Faried (22 pts, 8 rds) themselves are then regaled indoors, in being often well served by James Harden (14 points, 7 assists). In Group C, the Finland is well taken at the expense of the Ukraine (81-76). Shawn Huff (23 pts, 8 rds) was human lige Finns, Eugene Pooh Jeter (24 pts, 5 rds, 9 assists) being too isolated on the side of Ukrainian. Croatia took a small option on the first place in Group B by defeating Argentina (90-85). Long abused Saturday by the Philippines (78-81 a. p.), Croats, 4th Euro-2013, were much more consistent. -First for Senegal – Luis Scola, who so often brought the Argentina on his shoulders since his debut at the world-2002, concluded by a silver medal, has yet released a remarkable match (30 points, 9 rebounds). But with Krunoslav Simon (18 pts, 4 rds), Bojan Bogdanovic (16 pts, 7 rds) and Dario Saric (16 pts, 9 rds), Croatia had more assets to enforce. In the same group B, Senegal clinched the first victory of its history phase of hens of a global face Puerto Rico (82-75) thanks Mouhammad Faye (20 pts) and Gorgui Dieng (18 pts, 13 rds). The Senegalese had already won both matches in ranking in a global, facing China and South Korea in 1978 in 1998. Absent the day before, Serge Ibaka (18 pts, 8 rds) led Spain to an easy victory over Egypt (91-54) in Group A, while France, champion of Europe, and the Serbia fought a great duel. The French have prevailed on the wire (74-73) thanks to their bench with an Edwin Jackson (12 pts) and a rare Antoine Diot (15 pts). The Serbia relied on Miroslav Raduljica (21 pts, 7 rds), but poorly managed the last possessions. The Lithuania, victorious of Angola (75-62) with a double – double for Jonas Valanciunas (11 pts, 13 rds), and Slovenia, which has dominated Mexico (89-68) are the only teams still unbeaten in pool D, You should click the following weblink to read extra about this interesting subject.

Franco’s regime: I once tried to be a hero.

It was a terrible day. On Tuesday, September 1, 1964, I was in Madrid Court, and before the military court in the Calle del Reloj, ref. 1154-64. The charge was attempted murder and terrorism. Eighteen days before the Spanish secret police had picked me up with plastic explosives and detonators. It should be a bomb, with the underground organization of Defensa Interior Spain wanted to blow up fascist dictator, Generalissimo Franco, and his closest confidants in the Royal Lodge of the Bernabéu stadium during a football final in the air. The execution by the Garrote, a terrible device that causes the death of suffocation with an iron ring was on this crime. The Madrid’s scorching September Sun streamed through the high Windows in the somber courtroom and showed the polished brass buttons, the Golden cords and the sweat-soaked face of cavalry major who step back and forth between me and the judges. He gesturing violently and roared on Spanish. I had not the faintest idea what he said there. There was not a translation for me. And stopped the major, turned around with a dramatic gesture, pointed at me and hissed something that was undoubtedly of great importance. Out of pure spite and to my amazement it to expressing, that someone could talk to me and about me in such hostility, I turned around, as I think he mean someone else. The only friendly face in it, I looked into the room, belonged to my mother, the only present woman. Otherwise the public is comprised of military, policemen, representatives of Franco’s fascist press and black level clergy. In addition, two British diplomats were present, the Consul and Vice Consul. Together with my co-accused, Fernando Carballo Blanco, a 40-year Spanish Carpenter who spoke no English, I followed what is happening. On each side, two armed soldiers guarded us. Opposite to the wall the huge gold-framed portrait of a Spanish General in heroic winner pose on a white horse hung us, surrounded by dead and dying vanquished: Generalissimo Francisco Franco Bahamonde. He looked like a cross between Oliver Cromwell and Torquemada, with a sword in an and a holy relic and the reins in the other hand. Against this grim allegory eleven army officers with awards, each five to both sides sat at a table of the most üppigsten Montes Martín decorated, the Coronel Don Jesús. Everyone had his ceremonial sword is lying. In the corner at a table, the tall coroner had its place, a man with a blank polished bare skull, and lush silver-grey moustache. The table for the nervous interpreter, a captain, tasked with was to translate everything, what I maybe had to tell the Court – not vice versa stood to my left. In addition the representatives of the charges, holding just his plea. Had my unprepared to my right and visibly eingeschüchterter defenders place taken, which committed Echevaria from the British Embassy civilian lawyer Don Gabriel Luis. It was unreal. As if I would be transferred mysteriously in the last act of an Opera without music and fat lady. I later learned that the major had explained how since the victory of the glorious national movement 1939 Spain had been threatened from the inside and from the outside through the activities of anarchist organizations, wanted – to destroy the Spanish order and security with bomb and gun, and I was one of the agents of this conspiracy to the murder of the Spanish caudillo. Because I could not around understand the angry Word waves that beat up on me, and the theatrical events surrounding me, I imagined how I jumped through the window to freedom. If I did it, would then down a truck are attenuate my fall and carry me to freedom? I came back to reality and thinking now about the complex effects and fate means that no eight weeks had brought me, after my 18th birthday, in this terrible situation. As an apprentice in a dental laboratory in Glasgow I joined the Young Socialists. I stayed there but only until such time as the shenanigans of the Labour Party and the parliamentary politics on the nerves left me. It was the early 1960s, and the United States had stationed in the Scottish arm of Holy hole nuclear submarines of the type of Polaris. I joined the Committee of one hundred, which wanted to enforce the removal of these submarines by direct action. At that time, the idea of a revolution in Scotland was Very much alive. Since the 1950s, the country had radicalized: there was satire and rock music, and the Communist Party lost its credibility. The memory of the Spanish civil war was of even greater influence. The anti-fascist cause had encouraged many of my fellow countrymen a quarter of a century earlier, to join the international brigades and the popular militias. The sufferings and achievements of the revolutionaries in Spain between 1936 and 1939 as legends remained present in the strong anarchist tradition within the working class of the Scottish industrial belt. Then again, in the years 1962 to 1964, Franco showed his true colors. The repressions were worse, trade unionists were arrested, threatened, tortured, imprisoned and in some cases shot or killed in other ways. None of the European democracies moved a finger, and the Bush-Blair doctrine of the pre-emptive strike was Not yet. Therefore 1936 seemed acceptable in this atmosphere, like George Orwell, merely a move: I moved to London, met exiled Spaniards and decided that I had to do more than just show. I offered my services. . For additional facts about this topic visit http://babybutt2.chinakidsmart.com.

Putin and Poroshenko agree on a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

The two presidents agreed that the situation in Ukraine should be settled peacefully, through negotiations, and errors similar to the seizing of power by force will never be repeated. I think that’s a very good lesson for us all, so that this tragedy ends more quickly, peacefully, in negotiating – this is what has been agreed. Moreover it has agreed with Mr Porochenko that person never repeat the mistakes made in Ukraine during the seizure of power by force, because it is the primary cause of what is happening today, noted Putin. He must now that all agreements are being implemented. It is necessary to negotiate substantial and constructive, not on technical issues but on the political structure of society and the State in the southeast of the Ukraine, to ensure without conditions the legitimate interests of the inhabitants, said the president. As his spokesman Dmitri Peskov explained later, it is not to grant sovereignty to Novorossia in this statement, but inclusive negotiations within the Ukraine. . For extended facts about this topic click http://babybutt2.chinakidsmart.com.

Earl is the iron Sergeant ‘ Nothing Twitter for gamers ,. ‘.

I like that in the event there are few distractions, that remains focused on the event and think a little to other things, both the Twitter and play electronic, or even laughter more ’cause there are moments and times. He said the ct blue Antonio Conte explained how would you involve athletes. I did the player, there are times when you have fun, moments that make the kicker and you know you have to be on the piece. As for the talent alone never did win unless you call Messi or Maradona. There are no exceptions for anyone, it is inevitable that those who arrive must deserve to stay, otherwise I will I have mercy for none why better lose 1-2 and win 25 rather than lose them all and 25, said the former coach of Juventus about the earliest summonses issued in view of the friendly against the Netherlands and the European championships qualifying match with Norway. . Main facts could be read clicking this web site.

The anti-gender or denial of equality between men and women.

The right and the extreme right French invented the theory of the kind that such King of the Alders of Goethe, would remove or sexually pervert children. This myth, which leads to confused gender, sex, transgender, homosexuality and pornography, was born, among some, an incredible misunderstanding of concepts and, in all, disregard barely hidden for social scientists and researchers. This myth would be laughable if it was not an alibi for dumping the worst sexist diatribes (and homophobic), on behalf of a biology sacred, sacred, mystified, on behalf of an eternal inequality of men and women under the pretext of natural difference. These same arguments have also long been used to justify racism and slavery. As if the theory of the kind is an invention, there is indeed such studies demonstrating the political dimension and the social construction of the relationship between men and women. The (ridiculous and pathetic) sexist attacks the new Minister of National Education is the subject prove itself the usefulness of this work. These sexist attacks double the rest of racism not concealed: this storytelling, well known in political science, from the enemy (e) inside which fit the worm in the fruit, now pervert, of good traditional France – often Catholic but not only. Let us make no mistake: what is at stake here, it is the denial of equal male-female, claim that the school continues to transmit that girls and boys are unequal. Neither more, nor less. Encourage the girls to be nice and sweet, and combative and competitive boys. Give the latter a self-confidence and feed in the first, a feeling of inferiority. In this school, like the cinema, the marketing and advertising go hand in hand: they are the relays of a patriarchy that is doing very well. But seriously prevents the country to move forward. This right and this profoundly anti-modern right, who dream of a curled up on itself, unequal, France restricting the half of the population to an enduring inferiority, is only the symptom of the fear of the other, the future of the opening brief progress, not only social, but also – the height of economic irony. Because gender discrimination are so much wasted talent and lost productivity. . Related information can be inspected visiting http://babybutt2.chinakidsmart.com.

VIDEO. Manuel Valls: the 5 keys of his speech at the summer University of the PS in La Rochelle.

I like the Socialists, has also launched Manuel Valls front activists, echoing his I love the company, very commented, before the Medef Wednesday, while defending a real left and who governs. I know well the debates that can shake our party, I respect them for having myself participated, also recalled the Prime Minister, which were well predicted difficulties in being heard in his own camp. And what he was able to overcome, at least the time of a speech, thanks to a well-oiled technique. To gather, the Prime Minister has also sought to relativize divisions and disputes which agitated the PS these days, focusing on the crisis and unemployment that hit France. I know our ongoing reflections on our positions or our ideological line: Socialist Party, social democratic party,. It is useful, he acknowledged. But having discussions among us should never distract US from the French. Because the left is never so great that when she speaks to the greatest number, he pleaded. My experience has taught me to be again talk to the working-class districts, he said. If there’s a reconquest of minds and hearts, it is towards this youth. Manuel Valls drew a huge mobilization for youth, which is not a problem but an asset and an opportunity for the France. Stop stigmatising people to their origins, religion, he also said, before tackling homophobic and anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-Christian discrimination and to enter a plea for equality necessarily acclaimed. Another way to ensure the support of his camp, Manuel Valls has paid tribute to the Republican symbols, including president François Hollande. One that embodies the policy pursued by the Government, is the head of State. We must support. And more still face an inconsequential right which fault idea and leader, set the destabilization of our institutions, has launched the premier, to activists who were very numerous, standing. The head of State deserves the respect of all, he deserves our affection, he deserves our loyalty, he deserves our support because it is thanks to him, is through its commitment, it is thanks to his election, that today we can govern, that we can assume our responsibilities and if the Socialists are not at the forefront to supportwhich could then do? So I ask you, beyond the natural questions, beyond the debates, to say and to proclaim, Yes, our affection and our support to the head of State. It is our duty to be at his side, said the applause. . For extended facts on this topic visit website.

The danger of too heavy Backpacks: solutions for parents and children.

At the beginning of 2013, 22% of schoolchildren have resumed with the week of 4.5 days. The reform, which aims to better to leave the 24 hours of class per week to enjoy the peaks of vigilance of schoolchildren, becomes mandatory for other public schools. To help fix Commons and calm the recalcitrant mayors, relaxations were introduced. Finally, 85.1% of students will experience the week of 4.5 days per week, with shortened class days and 3 hours per week of extra-curricular activities borne by the communes. 14.9% of them will adopt a derogatory schedule through the flexibilities (five mornings of class, extracurricular activities on an afternoon, or week with catching up on school holidays). There is no longer question that duties will be at the school, as originally envisaged. The new posts are likely to be less visible than expected with the arrival of 37. 666 additional schoolchildren and 32. 892 students more in secondary schools. Unions fear that it slows down the rise of devices to combat failure at school (more than masters of classes, revival of schooling for toddlers, hourly dumps for teachers in educational priority). The redesign of priority education, which affects 20% of students, begins in 102 (schools and colleges) baptized REP + networks, which have more resources. It will be a year to 350 networks. Beyond this core group, the priority education will always include a thousand networks. Provided support for students of sixth (helps duties, methodological support, or tutoring), the encouragement of educational innovation, premiums increased to attract and retain teachers in the toughest schools. REP + teachers will have paid hours for working as a team, follow students, meet the parents. The ABCD of equality, experiment launched in 2013 by Vincent Peillon and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem to educate girls and boys equal, will not be generalized. This device had been attacked by extreme-right movements and gay antimariage, denouncing a supposed teaching of the theory of the kind denying, according to them, sexual difference. Instead, a plan of action, with the provision of teachers, planned for the fall, a pedagogical Briefcase, training for teachers and an inscription in future programs (2016). Najat Vallaud-Belkacem Benoît Hamon replaced less than a week before a busy year: teachers must be consulted in September-October on the new projects of common base, kindergarten program and on moral and civic education. A consultation on elementary and college programs is scheduled between January and may. A conference on the assessment of students is also planned. . Additional facts can be read checking http://babybutt2.chinakidsmart.com.