OJ-2022: Oslo withdrew his candidacy for financial reasons.

Oslo has withdrawn Wednesday his candidature to the organisation of the Games Olympic Winter in 2022 without having obtained financial support from the State at the end of a vote in Parliament I had hoped another outcome this evening and I am of course disappointed, said the Mayor of the Norwegian capital Stian Berger Roesland. According to daily Aftenposten, the conservative, majority party in the Parliament, voted against the granting of financial support to the candidacy of Oslo. The support is not enough to continue a project, said the Prime Minister, Mrs Erna Solberg, NRK Radio. The other ruling party, the populist right, had already expressed his opposition to the Olympic Games in Oslo in May. The withdrawal of Oslo, which is suite including those of Munich, Davos, Stockholm and Barcelona, leaves Beijing and Almaty (Kazakhstan) as only candidate cities. The international Olympic Committee (IOC) must announce the host city of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Kuala Lumpur on July 31, 2015. . Related facts can be read clicking http://aliva.autopomoc.biz.

Barbie arrives on newsstands with the Panini stickers (photo).

Barbie is the most famous doll in the world, synonymous with fashion and glamour and point of reference that the feminine universe learns to love since childhood. Now Barbie arrives on newsstands with a new Panini collection entitled "a day of fashion with Barbie", articulated in a 32-page album 192 adhesive stickers. An album that contains many useful tips inside on fashion and the latest trends, a journey to discover the passion and professions of Barbie, from veterinary medicine animal lover to the stylish fashion designer. A collection rich with elegant figurines made of special materials, such as laminate silver and satin ones with glitter accents. Inside the album, a folder dedicated to the fantastic Central House of Barbie, the "Dreamhouse", a House of dreams, a space which will be graced with figurines. As usual, the Panini is holding a great contest: simply send empty sachets of 15 Sandwiches collection, in order to participate in the sweepstakes of prizes from the world of Barbie, including 50 Glam Camper (Mattel), Ocean Villas 50 Barbie (Mattel) and 100 Barbie Kitchens (the new lighthouse). "A day of fashion with Barbie" is on sale at a price of 0. 60 euro per sachet (5 figurine inside), it costs 2 euros.   . Additional data can be found reading source.

Energy transition: a law to the height?

Change the life of the French, a lever of crisis, a major issue of the five-year period,. on the transition energy bill tick, port by S gol not Royal, arrived last Wednesday the National Assembly. Result of two years of work, including in the Committee, the text, which has seen pass not less than three Ministers (Nicole Bricq, Delphine Batho and Philippe Martin), will be defeated in the proc takes acc l e r with only one reading per room. And should be adopted before the end of the year. Knowing that about 64 articles in the text, a vast majority measures will subject d order, take within twelve months after the promulgation of the law. That should he remember the great cause national and international as stated by Fran ois Holland during its mid-September press conference? La France is very s e look, legislation promising to be one of the most in advance of Europe, has f e licit Wednesday last S gol do Royal, back from the UN climate New York Summit. The energy transition tick at the national level, European en and international, is a major challenge of the quinquennium, has for its part r p t the Elys e, and this then the France should host the next World Conference on climate end 2015. Is it is obviously p pedagogical and symbolic, the Bill sets also several objectives s encrypted. Thus, by 2050, the energy consumption must be e decreased by half by 2012 report, especially gr this habitat more economic. This ambition, associated with a decrease of 30% of the fossil energy consumption in 2030, must also allow France to fulfil commitments against climate change: reducing the greenhouse gas by 40% between 1990 and 2030 and divide by 4 in 2050. We have targets ambitious long term. But in imm diait, there is no strong measures, says the Express Maryse Arditi, head energy at France Nature Environnement which recognize t productive work in the Committee. In the b building, it was striking to the contentment of professionals m. Of a mani re g n rale, those who sell energy, they want too much of the economies. To carry out this policy, the Government will adopt a so-called imp cr t for the energy tick transition which will replace the current imp said cr t d sustainable development (IACSD). His co t is estim EUR 930 million over two years by Bercy pr felt Wednesday morning its draft budget 2015. This door measure 30% all tax relief for r novation energy tick work or for the acquisition of equipment allowing economies of energy (as of the boiler res condensation, r heating regulation devices, etc.). It is a bit more than the current reduction of IACSD, between 15% and 25%. For compl ter his device, the Minister of ecology promised to commit 10 billion euros over three years. Only according to some NGOs, should double this envelope to have a real impact v. However, a constant power means, therefore, ultimately the closure of two r actors. If it is normally Fessenheim is closed as recall S gol do Royal this weekend, nothing has been officially decided. D beats around the future of the oldest central fran easy and co pharaonic t (EUR 5 billion) of its mant d, estimated by the ratio of two MPs (the d put PS Marc Gilbert and the UMP Herv Mariton), has strongly relanc the bat d. But m me some anti-nucl area NGOs consider this realistic surr encryption. Of any fa on, EDF does not close Fessenheim entrusted one of their repr smelling L’Express. And in the area nucl, EDF, which command, not the State. � . Similar data can be found clicking http://aliva.autopomoc.biz.

Friedrich Liechtenstein: the carrot always in front of me hung.

Friedrich Liechtenstein, 58, sitting in the cafeteria of the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch Berlin and posing so as we know it: super casual. Here he has graduated as a puppeteer in GDR times. Later, he tried to become famous, first in the free theatre scene, then as a pop musician. In Berlin he was long considered an insider tip – but live he couldn’t his work as an artist. Until he played the main role in a commercial for Edeka earlier this year. In the video, he bathes in milk and crunchy Müsli, dances through the room of a woman and sings: Superuschi, super super sushi, super cool! Thus Friedrich Liechtenstein became a star overnight. Liechtenstein: No, I’m jewelry-hermit. Publicly, I live in the premises of a glasses Gallery in Berlin. I’m part of the exhibition, so I can live there for nothing. Formerly lived a hermit on castles, were themselves not a haircut and were by visitors be soliciting. With me it’s different, A little bit care do I need already. But I need to pay no rent. Anyway, I’m soon in their own apartment. Liechtenstein: In a roundabout way: I had the utopian dream of becoming algae researchers. But in the military, I realize then that I would be perhaps better placed in culture. In the newspaper, my wife has read what about the acting school here. She said that’s what for me. I applied, and then I was there. . Similar facts can be found checking fact.

Spain: the catalan Government suspends the campaign for the referendum.

The catalan Government has decided not to pay in the until the endianness. It announced Tuesday the suspension of the campaign for the November 9 poll, in the aftermath of the suspension of the referendum on the independence of Catalonia by the Spanish Constitutional Court. "We cannot put the back wall officials ‘ local, said the press spokesman of the catalan Government, Francesc Homs. But the nationalists of Catalonia does not intend to lower weapons according to him, since it ensures that "the determination of the Government is to continue" to a consultation. "One cannot give the signal that it has abandoned. There’s no cancelled law. It has not cancelled Decree", he added. It is therefore the legal field that the catalan Government will place the debate. The region will ask the Constitutional Court the immediate lifting of the suspension of the Act and the decree that allowed to hold the referendum on 9 November. The tribunal has five months to say whether or not he extends the suspension, but it could decide to go quickly, so the subject is explosive. It "must act quickly so that in case it validates the Act, consultation can take place" on 9 November, estimated Antonio Torres del Moral, Professor of constitutional law. «We are in a context in which nothing is complete, said Francesc Homs.» There is a procedure from above which cannot pass. But our desire is to continue and we will do things to meet our commitments in accordance with the law. "The president of the region, Artur Mas, had warned meanwhile that the independence process"did not ended with a decision of the Constitutional Court. "At the end of a Council of extraordinary Ministers convened Monday morning to adopt the use of, the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy accused the Catalonia initiative to undermine the"sovereignty"of the Spain. "Nothing, nor anyone, nor any power, nor no one institution can break this single, indivisible sovereignty principle underlying our common life ‘, he said, estimating that this idea of referendum"was against the law.". You should read the following homepage to learn extra regarding this great topic.

Palermo: municipal police close two businesses.

Palermo, September 30. -(Adnkronos)-The Caep of the municipal police in Palermo, the core production control on the basis of the exposed citizens and of audits received by Suap, has prepared a series of targeted controls whose final result was closing two tasks of administration of food and beverages, the 280-square-foot discovery of illegal occupation of public land and sanctions amounting to around 26. 000 euros. Of the five rooms dedicated to the administration of food and beverages, the two seized are respectively in via Re Federico and piazza Teatro Santa Cecilia. Via Re Federico exercise was closed because it encountered in business, despite the owner was lacking administrative permission and were illegally occupied about 20 square meters of public land. Therefore, in addition to the complaint to the judicial authorities, were imposed fines amounting to 8. 168 euros. Another seizure was operated in a piazza Teatro Santa Cecilia, again for lack of permissions resulting penalty of 5. 000 euros. Illegal occupation of public land, piazza Croce dei Vespri, where the owner of a local who occupied 200 square meters of public land with tables and chairs has been reported to the judicial authorities. Other 60 square meters of illegal occupation of public land have been challenged to an exercise of Lolli and the square holder, in addition to the complaint, received penalties for 5. 168 euros. Just Re Federico, a seller of fruit and vegetable products without administrative permissions have been imposed penalties amounting to 8. 168 euros. . For additional information about this subject click article.

Can the Islamic State hit in Europe?.

She IS ten to the n to emulate bin Laden intended, but until now it was considered that no hab to time because deb at first to consolidate their control of the conquered territories, explains Fernando Reinares, researcher main delReal Elcano Institute. TEM to a military response, but being bombed in Iraq, and now in Syria, that inhibici n factor no longer exists, stresses. There are now sobrados reasons to be worried. Threats by the spokesperson of the IS should be interpreted as a mule for his followers in Europe. They have said them believe goes time perpetrate attacks, coment in the radioAfzal Ashraf, an ex-military brit nico attached to the Royal United Services Institute in London. Conf an that a crazed is re nan and learn to make bombs to carry out such attacks. Believe that if attack on soil franc s, for example, the population n press the Government for not env and warplanes to East Pr ximo. . Related information can be inspected clicking http://aliva.autopomoc.biz.

Atlantic City: The game-addicts city.

The Snyders have been lucky Once again. My husband was a dealer at the poker table in the revel tells wife Jennifer. She is Manager at Johnny Rockets Burger restaurant on the seafront in the US town of Atlantic City. With her in the restaurant, as well as in the entire city, the Casino dying is topic number one. Now it has got also the Revel, on Wednesday is it forced will be auctioned off. The bankruptcy has taken home literally right at us, says Jennifer Snyder while she serves a customer at the bar. But thank God, her husband was recorded at the Sheriff’s Academy. Otherwise he would be now unemployed like all the others. The elderly lady at the counter nods sympathetically and elapses butter generously on your pancake. Since 2006, the revenues of the casinos, Atlantic City is highly dependent on their taxes, are burglarized almost by half. This year, they are only at about $2.5 billion. The rapidly growing competition in the adjacent States is to blame. Four out of a total of 12 casinos have already closed this year. A fifth – that Taj Mahal – Trump Get up the dump. Estimated up to 10 000 jobs are lost so far. And in a city that has only 40 000 inhabitants.      Atlantic City is a beautiful city: through the window front of Johnny Rockets can be seen the famous Boardwalk, the first of its kind in the United States and the origins of the US television series Boardwalk Empire. A boardwalk through the dunes leads to the wide, white sandy beach on the other side of the promenade. But despite the warm late summer, it is largely empty. Only one pair of retirees walked along the promenade and a few homeless people have settled with blankets and sleeping bags. A tower of the Atlantic City Beach patrol and an inverted white lifeboat revealed an idyllic picture. Gulls heave screeching in the sky. . Root facts can be found reading the following http://aliva.autopomoc.biz.

Justice, strike the justices of the peace: «no-cost Reform ‘.

Still, an increase in allowance of competences, but organic and money intact. In short, a zero-cost reform ‘. These are the reasons why justices of the peace have called a strike that triggered today and will continue until 3 October against the reform of Justice Government launched honorary. "To speed up the progress of proceedings, since we really close in a year," explains Gabriele Longo, Honorary President of the National Union of justices of the peace (Unagipa)-the reform extends our expertise to civil cases of knowledge up to a value of 30 thousand euros, to road damage claims up to a value of 50 thousand euros, all securities execution proceedings up to 30 thousand euroThis, according to our calculations, this means an increase of 600% of the present value limit of competence and about 400 thousand cases more per year than those currently amounting to one million and 600 thousand in 2012. " On the other hand, does not change the staff of 4. 700 units. «Current funds, which I think are at least around 150 million euros, are frozen and-continues Longo-what is even more serious, according to the reform, the figure is allocated among the Presidents of the courts to which it will be responsible for paying activities. The allowances also remain unchanged and equal to 36 euros to 10 euros to the hearing and order for payment». Longo also signals a roofing problem, because "to prepare a reform of this kind, taking into account the new charges would at least 7.3 million a year to pay bonuses linked to the increase of the workload: 6.1 million to 1.2 million and hearings for injunctive decrees". Does not adhere to the strike UDGdPo, democratic justices of the peace Unit fees. «The reasons of the strike-reads a note-are very debatable and baseless, aimed at creating a media fuss, confused and distorted about what that was discussed on the technical table by the Minister and the honorary judges ‘ associations. Hence the decision not to strike, "not because we agree with the other party-emphasizes the note-but because we are waiting for the results." Results that are attacked prejudicially, before even knowing the outcome. " Inspirational source may be studied reading the following source.

+++ Baghdad briefing +++: Erdogan’s calculus.

The reports are contradictory: the situation had relaxed weekend, residents say the Syrian Kurdish enclave Kobans, closed for two weeks by units of the "Islamic State". Hundreds returnees from the Turkish neighbours had joined the fight of the people defense units of YPG, to prevent the use by the terrorist group. This was closer on Sunday to Kobans, journalists from the city itself in turn report. Also on Monday, the Centre is been shelled again hard. "Attacks during the day have never been so fierce", writes from the town on the short message service Twitter Middle East correspondent Dirk Emmerich by the NTV news channel. Although the Arab American anti-terrorist Alliance had flown so far most violent attacks on positions of the jihadists on the weekend, but they distribute from the West of the city, where the shelling is especially strong, failed thus far. Only from several villages in the East of Kobanes the fighter of the self-proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakr withdrew al Bagdadis. Kurdish circles therefore already speculated whether not winking cronyism behind the scenes long a larger plan will work on, which foresees a decisive role in stabilizing northern Syria for Turkey. Thus, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could achieve his long-held goal to set up a buffer zone between Turkey and the Syria of rest of – and to prevent an autonomous Kurdish region in Turkey’s southern flank. The part to come to the ‘Islamic State’ the Syrian Kurdish territories to Kobans to weaken, that the international community must – agree to a Turkish force one day to prevent a worsening of the humanitarian situation. Already on Tuesday, the Parliament will in Ankara over a request Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu advice, which is To give the Government a stronger mandate for possible military action in Syria and in the Iraq. After the return of the United Nations in New York, Erdogan of the daily newspaper "Hürriyet" had said the Turkish military could participate in the establishment of a security zone in Syria. "In the distribution of responsibilities, every country has its duty," Erdogan said. "What is also always the role of Turkey, Turkey will take." "" We can No more keep us", Erdogan said on Sunday – even before hit a grenade fired from Syria near the Turkish border town of Mursitpinar on Monday. Buffer and no-fly zones should be set up to secure the 900 km-long Turkish Syrian border and to protect the tens of thousands in Turkey fleeing Syrians, he had said earlier in an interview with "Hürriyet" – a line that he has 2012 since the beginning of open armed conflict between Syrian Government units and opposition militias. His calculus thanks to the battle of Kobans could go up. . You can check this resource to read extra about this amazing topic.