Sevran: the Logirep withdraw his guardians of the bridge-white district.

1135 housing of Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis) have more guardian. The lessor the Logirep decided to withdraw all of its agents neighbourhood bridge-white, fourteen people in total, after "particularly serious events", as referred to the lessor in a letter to the inhabitants. ‘Arson in parking’, ‘technical local burglarized’, ‘physical aggression’ are at the origin of this decision taken Tuesday. "This site has always had tensions, and since three weeks, it has become more acute even," said Eddy Bordereau, Director the Logirep heritage. It evokes a babysitter ‘struck by several people and raised by a colleague’ and threats by two hooded men twice, saying "we will prevent you from working. The lessor provides that complaints have been lodged. This decision recalls that taken in 2008 by I3F to Beaudottes, another neighbourhood of Sevran, on similar grounds. The guards had returned weeks later with a capita space creation and the outsourcing of several tasks. A bridge-white, the Logirep reflects on conditions for the return of his guards before the end of the year.    > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Extended information can be inspected checking site.

The Metabioresor project will reduce to 1.1% waste and agricultural by-products in Lorca.

LORCA (MURCIA), 19 (EUROPA PRESS) the Councillor of Agriculture of the municipality of Lorca, Angel Mecca, along with Director General of livestock and fisheries, Carmen Teodora Morales, have monitored the progress made in the Metabioresor project, which is being developed in the center of waste management of Barranco Hondo. Mecca has pointed out that this is a project that the city of Lorca near the IMIDE launched with funding from the LIFE + programme of the Union European and community. It aims to solve the environmental and economic problems caused by the disposal of by-products and livestock waste as pig manure, slaughterhouse and morgue, as well as some by-products waste and non-recyclable waste. The Mayor stressed that the aim of the pilot plant is to treat 36 tons of annual waste that would be reduced to 1.1 percent. Every ton of waste becomes 11 kilos of ash that will be reused in cement industries, paved roads or as agricultural use, at the same time generated energy containing these materials in the form of biogas and biomass. And it is that plant biomass of organic waste and methanisation project has pointed out an investment of 2.6 billion euros, according to they have informed municipal sources in a statement. It initially had a duration of four years, between 2010 and 2014, but has been extended until December 31, 2015. They participate in the same Institute Murciano de research and agricultural development and food of Murcia, IMIDE, Town Hall, cooperative ALIA, Polytechnic University of Cartagena, INAPORC and Institute of the pig, IFIP. Mecca has indicated that the plant will daily waste output by reducing carbon emissions, compared to the usual incineration systems, a 77 to 89 per cent while electrical and heat energy is generated in the process. Forecasts indicate that waste produced in the municipality and the industrial application of this technology could get up to a 4. 600 tons of optimum mixture, which, once treated would generate electricity for 2. 700 homes, added. To do so, has pointed out, the project launches a new industrial process that integrates various physical and chemical processes: hydrolyzation of various organic by-products, digestates, recovery of digested fermentation, and combustion of biomass. All this is integrated into the pilot plant that is capable of treating different types of waste and by-products. At the same time, the project aims to carry out an active work of diffusion of the technologies and procedures of the project to facilitate its implementation in other areas. In this way, this method can become a source of income for local or regional administrations, large farms, farming, cooperatives and associations of breeders or farmers, waste managers, has concluded. (El) Themes energy alternative energy resources animal husbandry research and agricultural technology Murcia Polytechnic University of Cartagena. Related information can be inspected visiting http://.

Strike the Eiffel Tower souvenirs shops.

Tourists come to visit the Eiffel Tower have been deprived of memories Friday, due to a strike by the employees of the shops of the famous landmark for their wages. "80% of the CHHS Eiffel Tower employees went on strike and all of the memories of this company shops located in the Eiffel Tower are now closed," says the CGT trade. According to Rémi Picaud, the Union representative, the shops employ 50 employees by rolling and Friday, there were "11 strikers on 13", those occupying the shops. "These employees have a variable share, a premium completely random and everytime we change their objectives and they told that they have never reached the goal, so they are paid the minimum wage and they pissed off", explains the trade unionist. While "be saying it would be the panacea to work on Sunday, he said, these employees are the example type of people who work at night, seven days a week including Sunday and who have no additional remuneration and are not voluntary. ” "According to the CGT, employees, which do not exclude continue their movement in the days that come, claiming"an immediate and for all 300 euros increase. According the website of the Eiffel Tower, the CHHS, subsidiary of Relay (Lagardère Group), manages nine points of sale of souvenirs. Sought, the company did not comment immediately. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. For additional facts on this topic click info.

A public housing tenants threatened with expulsion if they help the homeless.

The message has aroused the indignation of many residents. The social landlord Ouen Habitat threatened exclusion one of its public housing tenants who would return a fixed homeless. The flyer is prepared since Wednesday in the common parts of a building located rue Diana in this commune of Seine-Saint-Denis. By virtue of the rules of procedure and the lease of tenants, it also prohibited "to provide any logistical or feed the homeless", still says the message dated the beginning of the week. Several residents in are also complained Thursday night at a meeting between tenants. Reactions, Arnaud Bonnier, Executive Director of the HLM office, held the next day to apologize, explaining that the poster had escaped his vigilance and did not reflect «the position of the leadership of Saint-Ouen Habitat Public». Also, a new message aired in this sense within the property. In his defense, Saint-Ouen Habitat explains that the first communication was in response to the complaints of several residents, infuriated by the presence of intruders and in particular drug traffickers in the building. The social landlord also recalls that in recent months a start of arson and assault are related to the intrusion of outsiders. Meanwhile, the case has caused swirls on the side of the Town Hall. Saint-Ouen Habitat president Christian Deglarges is also Councillor delegate to the habitat of the majority. The elected representatives of left so asked as well as Mayor William Delannoy the immediate withdrawal of the message. Interviewed by France info, the president of the association right to housing, Jean-Baptiste Eyraud, has called for demonstrations Saturday morning before the town. . For extended on this subject click http://.

George Clooney launched a petition to defend Sony.

After having been victim of a cyberattack has unveiled numerous compromising confidential content, Sony Pictures gave way to requests for North Korean hackers by cancelling the release of the Interview that kills! becoming victim of criticism on the part of the all-Hollywood who criticized this gesture in a second time. Except on the part of one of his emblematic figures: George Clooney. American actor is mounted to the plate to take the defence of the studio. He has even launched a petition before the great representatives of the cinema. Without great success however, since she received no signature, person who dared get wet by fear to get hackers to dos. A cowardice that deplores the comedian and Director of Monuments Men (2014), which is the hypocrisy. In an interview with the US site Deadline, George Clooney has expressed its opinion on this particular situation in Sony that nevertheless has much broader repercussions on the world of cinema in general and even all layers of society. "Here, we are talking about a real country [North Korea] which decided the contents to which we have access. This case does not affect only the movie, but all of our activities. [. . . ] What will happen if a media is preparing an article and a country, an individual or a company do not like what is going to be written? Forget this history of piracy. There are people who threaten to blow up buildings and all of a sudden, everyone should bow down,"blasts. Freedom of expression never invoked reassembled, George Clooney also adds: "Sony has not withdrawn the film because they were afraid, but because that the cinemas said that they would not broadcast, because theatrical lawyers said that if someone died in a cinema [during the screening of the Interview which kills!], they would bear in the responsibility." The actor also addressed criticism of the Americans who have forgotten the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States, supposed to defend freedom of expression. It has indeed never been invoked to defend the Interview that kills! George Clooney, Sony should be supported and the film should have its place in movie theaters. A way to show that it "will not pay a ransom. But "no one has taken position", he complained. . You can click the following website to discover more about this amazing matter.

‘Jihad’ British ‘girlfriends’.

An internal network linked to the State Islmico (IS) offers sums of money to adolescents and young British to join Jihad in Syria, according to a research, The times reveals. Using fictitious names of two girls of 17 and 19 years, Aisha and Fatima, the daily British reporters have managed to infiltrate the network that provides assistance to travel from London. Reporters were an appointment with a male British, converted to islam, and his wife – hidden with a hijab – to directly receive a sum of money in metallic and be able to buy tickets for the trip from ida to Istanbul, is Dortmund (at a total cost estimated at around 300 euros). Using two smart cell phone, The research team Times heat exchanger messages with members of the IS in Raqqa, its bastin in Syria. His broker, identified as Abu Abba al – Lubnani, promptly passed les instructions (we need your full name and your photos with the hijab) and gave them personal tips to make the leap,. Keep firm with your intend, pray at night, gather all the money that lust and be sure of your decision, because we cannot afford to cambiis of ideas in the last moment, as they have others. The profile used for Aisha fit the topical of the impulsive teenager and easily manipulated, very convinced of his faith and outraged by the death of children in Gaza, Syria and Iraq. In one of the response messages, a so-called combatant of the IS with the executioner since le mand a photo display while a poster: Sonre, Ayseeeha (twitter name), State Islmico. Fatima, the second alleged would-be jihadist created by The Times, entr in Thanksgiving to offer technical support to his friend and to ensure their safety. She was the one who concert personally appointments for the delivery of the money. Concerted place changed several times on the fly and The Times reporters arrived to take pictures of the brokers in London. The revelations about the alleged internal network of State Islmico on British soil come after the intelligence alert by the increasing activity of the IS on social networks and by using strategies online (such as the recent creation of the Fundación Zora) to capture women for Jihad in Syria. Seduced through social networks this week trascendi the case of a Londoner of 15 years (whose name was not revealed), identified by Scotland Yard aboard an avin which leave for Istanbul in the last moment. The police caused to abort take-off to rescue the teenager, who is bean escaped from his home and had been seduced by the Islmico State through social networks, according to reported their own parents. Center for the studies of the Radicalizacin Kings College has made a special tracking online up to 21 girlfriends IS in United Kingdom. According to initial estimates, in Syria may currently have 500 British fighting in the ranks of State Islmico and up to 200 women from Western countries. Center for the Radicalizacin study has exposed high-profile cases as the twin of Manchester Zahra and Slama Halane, or the student of Glasgow Aqsa Mahmood, exort compatriots to attacks: follow the examples of Woolwich, Texas and Boston. If lust will not go to the battlefield, bring the battle field where estis. . You should visit this http:// to read extra about this amazing matter.

Metz: justice cancels the revocation of the former Chief of cardiac surgery.

Administrative justice annulled the revocation of the former boss of the heart surgery of the centre hospitalier de Metz, Pierre-Michel Roux, pronounced in 2011 due to excess in its service, learned Friday from source close to the dossier. The doctor, head of the Department for 25 years, had been suspended in October 2010 then revoked eight months later by the hospital, according to a survey conducted by the regional agency of health (ARS) which highlighted a mortality rate high in its service in 2009. Revocation, challenged by the doctor, was first confirmed by the Administrative Court in Strasbourg in June 2013. But the administrative Court of appeal of Nancy finally overturned the penalty in a decision issued Thursday, and whose motivations were not known Friday. At the hearing, held on 10 December, the public rapporteur had estimated that the revocation was excessively harsh and was an error of assessment. However, it had not requested the cancellation penalty, but proposed to judges of the administrative court that they ordered a new expertise. On the merits, he also recalled that it was two expertise ordered by the ARS high Perioperative mortality in relation to coronary artery surgery very high regards valvular surgery. Therefore, there were exceptional circumstances and urgent nature to compromise, how serious and imminent, the continuity of the service and at risk to the health of patients, still felt the public rapporteur. The ARS had closed heart surgery as soon as early October 2010, or 15 days before the suspension of the doctor. For his part, counsel for the doctor, Me Jonathan Quaderi, denounced the absence of evidence of the facts alleged by the administration to pronounce its sanctions, Dr. Pierre-Michel Roux has always argued that he supported severe cases and conducting complex procedures acts, which explained in his excess. The case had also erupted on bottom of reorganization of cardiac surgery in Lorraine. For supporters of the doctor, the revocation of Dr. Roux was the willingness of the ARS to close the service of Metz in favour of that of Nancy. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Related info can be inspected reading http://.

A fine of 1.5 million euros required against Air France-KLM.

Constable of the Fellowship requested a penalty of EUR 1.5 million against air group Air France-KLM in a folder for the Group’s financial communications during its 2010-2011 fiscal year. A fine of EUR 50 000 for the same facts has also been requested against Pierre-Henri Gourgeon, boss of the Group at this time, at a meeting of the Committee of sanctions of the authority of financial markets (AMF) Friday. 2010 and 2011 were challenging years for the air transport sector between the Icelandic volcano in April 2010-related disturbances weather in December, geopolitical unrest in the Arab world and Africa, the disaster in the Japan and the oil prices soaring. After a difficult year in 2010, Air Group ended on a spectacular recovery in 2011 after having however previously had to revise his goals downward. Fellow constable grievance include the presentation of the objectives of results of the enterprise, on the late public communication of privileged information that the goal would not be reached. . Similar facts can be inspected checking http://.

Habib: no drugs or alcohol in the blood at the time of the facts.

Five weeks of detention and release under judicial control. Habib was released Thursday from house arrest of Versailles, with prohibition of contact with his companion. The star of reality show is put under investigation for attempted murder of her boyfriend, Thomas Vergara, and will be subject to a judicial review pending any trial, which should not take place before mid-2015, or even end of 2015, according to the Prosecutor’s office in Nanterre. Any trial, which should shed light on what happened in that hotel room in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine) in the night of 6 to 7 November, cheerful woman is suspected of wounding a knife to the chest Thomas Verga. Long mentioned, the track of a drama linked to consumption of products would now set aside, ensures RTL this Friday. The toxicological results ordered by the investigating judge just dropped. They are formal: Habib was not a drop of alcohol in the blood, no drug, ensures the radio this Friday. Results that confirm the version of the facts defended since the beginning of the case by Habib. And RTL to add: Thomas Vergara had no alcohol in his body, but traces of cocaine, in small quantities, have been identified by the experts. The territoireLa exit ban investigating judge notified him Thursday on a series of measures that it must respect: he is prohibited from leaving the territory to carry weapons, and especially to come into contact with his companion even through social networks. It must also refrain from mentioning the case in the press. The 22 years old starlet was released before Christmas, as had hoped his lawyer, Christian Saint-Palais. Five weeks of detention, it is always demanding, she is tired, but a still of the spring and energy, assured the Commission told AFP. She wishes to remain silent on this matter that it will never discuss in public or in the media until his term, assured Me Christian Saint-Palais, hoping to let him find some serenity after him stealing her image in police custody and in prison. Read also > PHOTOS – released Habib: la Croisette to the prison, the year where everything changed. You should check the following site to learn extra about this amazing topic.

The ‘New Holland’ paves the way for 2017.

He arrived by surprise in the lounge Boffrand in the Senate, where the Socialist Senators gathered Wednesday evening for a pot of end of session. François Hollande had a message of combat to his own. "I have some experience in elections. We never win by saying in advance that we will lose. You have to fight", he said, while the majority is concerned a rout to the departmental of March. "We should conquer, he added. Let’s start by those who are closest and not by those who are more distant. You can attempt, but it never worked. "Eyes have turned to Manuel Valls, coming out of an unbridled social-liberal sequence (assault of pleasantries toward the Medef, a ‘backward-looking left’ reviews, etc.). "Ah, the head of Valls!», tells a guest who likes to find a president to the manoeuvre, which"made its Mitterrand. " «People said all should redo meetings, to ébaubit Senator PS Luc Carvounas.» It gave the fishing everyone!» A former Minister decrypts: "Found the Holland that we knew and we had lost."The words to re-establish the link with the country François Holland will not tell "I changed. But he well operated a tactical moult. From 2012, president had said that he would lead its quinquennium two-step: rehabilitation of the country, redistribution. It is precisely what he does. With his television on 6 November show, Holland opened the second phase of its mandate. A supposed to be softer, to regain the electorate of left, and all the French, from the perspective of 2017, after a first painful sequence focused on economic reforms and a turn of the budgetary screw. "He speaks more redistribution (the State coffers are empty, Editor’s note) but rather actions in favour of the daily life of the French, but it is the same idea, said a close adviser." He carried out his plan. ""I have some experience in elections. We never win by saying in advance that we will lose. You have to fight"François Hollande this molt through a registry change. His friends apparently to see the head of State locked in a too technical semantics, obsessed with the (deficit) figures and curves (unemployment). At mid-term, the head of State knows he must find the words to renew the relationship with the country. In recent weeks, he seized close subjects of the French (disability, end of life) and began to talk to the left with a ‘values’ speeches focused on the Republic, living together and equality (immigration, suburbs). Tuesday, in the Pas-de-Calais, president thus insisted on the need to put "human" in the heart of the policy. Topics and a vocabulary that it had previously since 2012. In the same vein, Holland, which Akihito in January with the writer Lydie Salvayre (Prix Goncourt), multiplies the cultural incursions. «It is important that it reduced not president. to its action on economic matters, said the first Secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadelis.» Even if at this stage, it is more a desire to reconnect the link to go to the reconquest. "’Offensive political all-out’ Holland also treats its majority. It receives radicals, Communists and ecologists. Saw recently Jean-Pierre Chevènement and the Constitutional Council, named Lionel Jospin. The head of State also multiplies the meetings with elected officials PS. Wednesday evening, he invited to dinner a group of Deputies self-appointed ‘of good will. Friday night, Holland should invite at the restaurant for dinner with Dutch. "The president is on the political offensive all-out," observes an advisor of Matignon. "It is in the countryside," added MP PS Sébastien Denaja. The former Minister Frédéric Cuvillier, who accompanied him Tuesday in Boulogne-sur-Mer, found a Chair «perked up, determined, inhabited by the next elections. To prepare the ground, Holland cultivates the proximity. It multiplies Walkabouts and wants to believe that the time for whistles is over. It also decided to receive regularly from French at the Elysee, as revealed by jeudiLe Parisien. Wednesday night, invited members to dinner came with some constituents. "It has reintroduced the proximity, of dialogue, of empathy", explains an adviser. This tactical change comes at a time when Sarkozy is back on stage. "The debate was focused within the left, note the MP PS Karine Berger. With the return of Sarkozy, the French remember that in politics, at one point, it not played more than two. "In his entourage, observed that Holland has nothing to lose. "September has been so abominable that it feel liberated," ensures a close. "Holland changed its posture, it was time, but be careful not to celebrate too soon, warns a PS member. ” The economic situation remains alarming and the 2015 elections are going to be a disaster. "The head of State to Auschwitz on 27 January according to our information, François Holland will visit the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of the camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, January 27 in Poland. Several heads of State, many officials of associations preserving the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, as well as the last witnesses, will also be present at these commemorations. . Main data could be read checking the following url.