World Equestrian Games: Langehanenberg get Silver, Sanchez missed bronze.

Like every Championship, also the World Championship begins with a time jump. The result will be converted into penalty points. The second test is the nation price over two rounds. The top ten teams of first circulation to qualify for the second round. Penalty points from the time jumping count for the team result. The team Medal is awarded to the nation price. The 30 most couples compete for the singles final qualifying. Again, it is to complete two rounds. The World Championship is the final with horse-changing: the four most horsemen ride each horse of their competitors. Who makes the least mistakes, becoming world champions. (Source: FN) All four trains start dressage, Marathon and obstacle driving in the exams. The best two results of respective part of discipline to the team result are counted for the team result. For the individual result in the team competition is taken into account, the driver must have completed all sub-disciplines. As in the dressage of versatility of, the result is first issued in percentage points and must then be converted into penalty points. In the terrain and obstacle driving more penalty points are added. (Source: FN) Four titles and a total of twelve medals are awarded in the vaulting competitions. In addition to the titles in the individual vaulting ladies and gentlemen, and also the world champion in the Pas de Deux are determined in the vaulting of the group. The single Voltigierer run through four rounds. In addition to the duty of consisting of eight exercises, complete similar like the figure skater, a technology program with five prescribed exercises, as well as two times each minute Kur. The World Championship of the group will be decided in three rounds – compulsory once and twice freestyle -. A group routine takes four minutes. Single -, double – and three-way exercises are allowed, more than three Voltigierer but not at the same time on the horse. Each of the six members of the group must be involved in at least one exercise. The world champion in the Pas de Deux are determined in pure freestyle twice. (Source: FN) Also in this discipline distinction is made between the team and the individual, and enter three riders in the team standings. Internationally, there are ten different reining tasks (pattern), which are composed of seven or eight items (exercises) in varying sequence must be ridden from memory. It is almost exclusively galloped in one hand reins a relic from a time when the cowboy needed a hand for the Lasso. The perfect control of the horse through minimal reins -, leg – and weight AIDS is desired. Every rider starts with a credit of 70 points (score), plus and minus points can be added to those. There are minus points for gross disobedience such as knocking out or jacking for resistance or workmanship. Advantages between 0.5 and 1.5 points are awarded for elegance, attitude, speed, and type of execution. (Source: FN) The dancesport requires the hundreds pile at world and European Championships, which means for the riders and horses to travel a distance of 160 km in a day. However is divided into six stages. The horses have five forced breaks, where the vets in the so-called vet Gates check the health of the four-legged athletes. The horses reach the prescribed pulse values, are lameness or to detect exhaustion States, is disqualification. (Source: FN) There are three tests to cope with on the way to the medals. Grand Prix, Grand Prix special and freestyle in the rule dressage are analogous in the para dressage team task, single-task and freestyle. The degree of difficulty of the tasks depends on the respective competition class of the participant, the so-called degrees, and ranges from the pure step and trot task in grade I freestyle elements on St. – Georg-level in grade IV. Three titles will be awarded: team world champion, world champion in the individual competition and freestyle world champion. Four riders form a team, with a maximum of two riders may belong to the same grade. (Source: FN). For additional facts on this matter visit website.

Ukraine conflict: Federal Government accuses Russia military intervention.

Putin urged the pro-Russian rebels, to set up an escape corridor for encountered a Ukrainian units. The Government in Kiev, Putin again demanded an immediate ceasefire. A prompt to set fire on the insurgents, however, does not contain the communication. The Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko wants to travel this Saturday for talks with the EU in Brussels, he announced in an interview with the German Chancellor. In Brussels, the EU Summit meets at the weekend. To prepare the relief operation, four Bundeswehr doctors should fly to Kiev on Friday. In close cooperation with German diplomats they should select wounded, who could benefit from medical treatment in Germany. You should be then taken Berlin, Hamburg and Koblenz in the Bundeswehr hospitals. The UN High Commissioner for human rights accused the separatists a veritable reign of terror in the cities they control. Units of the separatists have repeatedly prevented residents from escaping and shot fleeing civilians. The UN put the units In addition murders, torture and disappearances to the load. The UN human rights expert accused the Ukrainian army, in offensive on separatist stronghold shelled civilian targets. In addition, you criticize mass arrests of alleged collaborators of the separatists. . You should click this web site to read more about this great subject.

Worried about deflation: further drop in consumer prices in the euro zone.

In Germany is the inflation by 0.8 per cent, slightly higher than in the euro area. In Spain, the prices fell, however, to 0.5 percent to the previous year – the lowest level for almost five years. However, the Government in Madrid sees the country not in deflation. Falling energy prices distort considers the image that is already again to light up at the end of the year. In Italy, which otherwise not could shake off the recession as Spain, prices fall also. The monetary authorities to ECB chief Mario Draghi To want avoid that it comes in the euro zone to a spiral of falling prices and falling investment. Because deflation can paralyze the economy, as the example of Japan. There is bracing the Federal Reserve against falling prices and fueled inflation with massive injections of money again. The ECB, which meets next Thursday to their meeting of the Council, has a similar recipe in the drawer and want to use it if necessary. The rate – is the lowest after comparable EU invoice – in Germany and Austria with 4.9 percent, the highest in Greece (27.2 percent in May), and Spain (24.5 percent). Unemployment in the euro zone by young women and men is significantly higher, although there are also bright spots. About 3.33 million young people under the age of 25 had no job and therefore 226 000 less than in the previous year in July. Thus, the unemployment rate for June remained unchanged at 23.2 percent, last around two years ago, there had been a lower value. . Inspirational source could be studied clicking this


Milan-still Slow price growth in the single currency area: according to Eurostat’s flash estimate inflation recorded a +0.3% per annum, down from +0.4 percent in July. The Italy enters deflation: in August, the consumer price index measured by Istat in first estimates the drop marked a 0.1% compared to the same month last year (was +0.1% in July) and a growth of 0.2% in July 2014. For Italy it is a result that was missing from 1959, i.e. more than half a century ago: back then, though, the economy was booming and prices downward variation was in a phase of negative rates for seven months. The negative is the couple with the simultaneous recovery of unemployment, announced today by Istat. Deflation means a dangerous spiral for the economy: families don’t spend, prices fall and consumers expect more declines again delaying purchases. Thus, economic recovery and consumer spending becomes a mirage. For analysts, the passage of Italy was somehow expected: The matter of August should represent the lowest point, said by Intesa Sanpaolo before publication of Istat. In September inflation is seen again near zero or slightly negative territory. Will there be an increase only in the autumn months, but only in the second half of 2015 is just above the 1%. From the Istat survey shows that are primarily energy assets to drag down prices: decreased 1.2% compared to the 2013 (from +0.4% in July), with gasoline falling by 0.9% and 1.7% of the diesel fuel and discount the growth that had registered in 2013, that in any way affects the annual comparison. Eurostat data also shows that the energy sector is the worst, with a decrease of 2%. Instead, stable product prices, high frequency of purchase: do not vary on a monthly basis and have a growth rate on an annual basis at 0.2% stable. The so-called, comprising food, products for the care of the person and home, sees a trend of decrease 0.2%, less wide of -0.6% in July. Istat tables reads that on twelve divisions of expenditure, from recreational services food, there are three in deflation between August 2013 and 2014: food and drink, housing (water, electricity, etc.) and communications. The data on the dynamics of prices in the single currency area were very expected and are in line with analysts ‘ expectations. Since the ECB’s Governor, spoke at the summit of central bankers in Jackson Hole markets await a speech from the European Central Bank. On that occasion, the number one of the Eurotower stressed that the risks of doing too little are more of the risks of doing too much, words that investors have resulted in the availability of the ECB to proceed with a Federal Reserve-style easingin quantitative: the massive purchase of securities on the market for pumping liquidity and bring down the course of the euro. The prospect has galvanized the lists, that with the exception of the sitting of Thursday-plagued by Ukraine-escalationin have touched new records, with the yields on bonds at low levels and never seen. But after a few days have also increased the questions ahead of the ECB’s board by early September, next Thursday. First, the extraordinary measures announced in June from Frankfurt are not yet entered into force: banks can borrow money from the Ecb and turn it to businesses, with a commitment to make credit and non reinvestirlo in government bonds paying, as done with previous liquidity auctions between late 2011 and early 2012. Imagine a new commitment by the European Central Bank liquidity management, even before they have seen come into force what has already been prepared for many seems to champika-monetary policy. On the other hand, it is true that the evolution of price dynamics remains the main point of reference for the dragons and his board, where German resistance in an operation are well known. The fact that inflation is still down, but especially the perspective that remains at very low levels for a wide horizon (until 2019 no economist of the Eurotower expects to arrive at the target just below the 2% that constitutes the core mandate of the ECB itself), pushes the markets to continue to believe in the intervention. . You can visit this link to discover extra on this amazing subject.

Europa League: Qualified Saint-Etienne, Lyon eliminated.

Saint-Etienne is qualified for the phase of hens of the Europa League at the end of the suspense. Beaten to go by the Turks of Karabükspor (1-0) the Greens emerged Thursday night in the rematch on the same score (Monnet-Paquet goal in the 13th minute), earning the right to play an extension. Finally, both teams settled in the penalty shootout and Saint-Anup, who had the last word, thanks in particular to two judgments of Stéphane Ruffier at the ultimate meeting if the outcome was happy for Saint-Etienne, ca na not been the case for Lyon, eliminated despite his victory over the Romanians of Astra.   Lyon won 1-0 away but was unable to catch up with his disability conceded to him go (2-1), and thus breaks a series of 17 European campaigns on who saw him participate in the continental games in September. Same disappointment for the Spaniards of Real Sociedad, who had won 1-0 at home, but were surprise 3-0 in Russia, with the last two goals scored by Krasnodar in the 88th and 90th minutes. Little surprise also, the elimination of the Dutch club Twente by the Azerbaijanis of Qarabag (0-0, 1-1). No problem on the other hand for the other posh clubs concerned by this dam tour. Inter Milan, already winner in Iceland (3-0), spent a 6-0 at Stjarnan. Mönchengladbach did even better, 7-0 against Sarajevo (3-2 in the first leg). Tottenham merely successful 3-0 against Limassol after 2-1 reduced from Cyprus. The draw for the group stage will be held Friday at 1 p.m. at Monaco. The final will be held on 27 may in Warsaw. . You must visit the following to read extra regarding this great subject.

Emma Stone in Venice: the girlfriend of Spider-Man is now a stylish woman.

(La Presse)-has been appreciated for the sympathy and the willingness to be photographed with fans and sign autographs. But especially astonished by its beauty, which increases with the passage of the film and, although he has only twenty-six. Emma Stone is no longer the girl of ‘ The Amazing Spider-Man, but a woman and a great actress alla 71esima edizione della Mostra internazionale del Cinema di Venezia has received praise and applause for his role in ”, the film that opened the Festival. To mark the end of adolescence came also a new hairstyle and a new color. It landed in the lagoon with a more assertive (and most adults) of blond that sported even just a year ago, and with a long bob that puts even more emphasis on the clear skin of the face and green eyes. Upon arriving in the city by speedboat, accompanied by her (the last actor to embody Spider-Man on the big screen, saga in which she plays the role of his girlfriend Gwen Stacy), the star has maintained from the point of view of look a very low profile with tight black jeans, sneakers and a sweater V. but then, starting at the press conferencehis outfit have become increasingly. For the international chose a complete with top crop of fabric ruched black pants and a black and white geometric print signed, the two designers who among their fans have celebs like Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian. A refined yet simple look, embellished by a pair of ballerinas with Crystal white and stiletto heels. It took a playful curtain during the time of the photos with the rest of the cast to see the signature of those shoes: the Red sole is the unmistakable sign of Ma is for t that Emma Stone has reserved all its seductive weapons (including the sympathy and the open smile) wearing a long dress from light green fabric inspired oil paintings of women British Pre-raphaelite mid-nineteenth century. The complex intertwining of the upper part of the dress to create the neckline and the top cloth sculpture, and is an example of the craftsmanship of the eloquent Italian fashion. This quality choice standing ovation for Emma Stone. . Inspirational source can be read clicking the following

Battle for clients: IKEA introduces a lifelong right of return.

We waive off Right away on a time limit and also used items can be returned at any time, said Jürgen Nowatzki, Germany head of customer relations at IKEA, the newspaper. So far IKEA customers in Germany could exchange 90 days its original packaging goods against receipt or invoice. 90 days are considered also in Austria. Exceptions to this are customers with IKEA family or IKEA business card, which are today so A lot time according to the homepage and must give back just like they want goods without a receipt. In Denmark and Norway, there are the unlimited right of return for good three years. In the United Kingdom and Spain, a 360-tägiges right of return will apply to the new fiscal year. Each country decides according to the facts on the ground, as it proceeds with the topic, according to the headquarters in Wallau. The new regulation is also in connection with the growing online business. The returns handling for us gaining importance, Aliyar is admitted. By returns of Internet orders in the stores, an increasing volume of returns accumulates in the furniture stores. Measured on the purchases, Ajayan speaks of a return rate of six per cent in the stationary trade as in the online business. Relation to sales the rate lay at two to three percent each. By the generous provision of grace he the Manager anticipates a time saving of 20 per cent for staff in the call centers and at the collection points in the furniture store. . Related data can be found visiting hyperlink.

IKEA will grant by September to unlimited right of return.

The Swedish furniture store IKEA wants to give consumers from September 1 to an unlimited right of return on many articles. Customers to the goods without time limit to return, even used article. Excludes only specific goods, plants and treasure trove article. Advance to its Edition appearing on the Friday that reported the food paper in one. In Denmark and Norway, there are the unlimited right of return for good three years. In the United Kingdom and Spain, a 360-tägiges right of return will apply to the new fiscal year. Each country decides according to the facts on the ground, as it proceeds with the theme, it is called from the IKEA headquarters in Wallau. "We have discussed internally the limitation in time of the return and came to the conclusion, that it is the easiest for our customers and for us, to waive all restrictions", Jürgen Nowatzki, head of the Germany says customer relations at IKEA. By returns of Internet orders in the stores, an increasing volume of returns accumulates in the furniture stores. By 6 per cent in the stationary as in the online business, Aliyar, speaks of a return rate, measured on the purchases. Relation to sales the rate lay at 2 to 3 percent. By the generous provision of grace, the computer expects a time saving of 20 per cent for staff in the call centers and at the collection points in the furniture store. . Original facts can be studied reading this

Is the Government right?

"In the economic sphere, any policy of the offer is not necessarily right. Everything depends on the objectives it proposes to continue long-term. In this case, whether to allow companies to restore their margins to invest, innovate, mount range and quality and, ultimately, create quality jobs that will allow us to sustain an ambitious social model. It seems to me that it is a policy Social Democrat as seen in some Scandinavian countries, for example. ""The French left has a specificity. Is not to recreate an identity by trying to emulate models that have already demonstrated their ineffectiveness at our European neighbours. Today, the Government decided no longer to defend these humanist values of the French left. Seen clearly on the economic plan in view of its increasingly unbalanced between the public and private arbitration. » Read more. "Right, left, these concepts tend to drift. This Government is especially terribly conservative. It lack of imagination and apply recipes that don’t work no more today than yesterday. Historically, the left aspires to change things and not to accompany the crises of a world that is unraveling. » Read more. "A Government is not right because it is criticized by the far left, which is the amalgamation of democracy and liberalism! What is happening is that the Valls II Government wanted by François Holland is moving more towards a conforming to the model in European social democracy. "So far, despite its new model promises economic, François Holland failed across the Board: all of his predictions have been denied and commitments have been duds» read more. . You must click the following to discover more about this great subject.

BKA alert: phishing scams trick new safety systems.

The BKA had 64 last year. 426 cases of cyber crime in Germany. This is only roughly one percent more than in the previous year. But since 2009, the number of registered cases by more than 20 percent rose, rose the cases in some areas. So for example, when the phishing: here the investigators recorded an increase of cases by 20 percent in 2013. Cybercriminals again often clear the accounts of consumers with the theft of digital identities. An average loss of around 4000 Euros arose in per case. Increasing digital extortion. 2013 6754 cases with so-called Ransomware had been registered, the BKA said. The user of a computer infected with malware will faked for example, via an on-screen message, the PC had been entered in connection with various offences in appearance and therefore blocked. The possibility will then offered the owner again to unlock the computer with a payment of 100 euro. The payment success typically have digital service providers so that the transfer of the money stay anonymous. The study also suggests that Cybercriminals have opened a new branch of the business: the perpetrators commit today not only the crimes in the strict sense, but also to commit crimes offer required malicious software or even complete criminal infrastructures in the underground economy global for sale or for rent, it is said in the document. . Main facts can be found visiting this