Short visit to Kobans: first Pesh arrived.

The Pesh in the Turkish city neighbours near the border waiting for their usage. Kurdish representatives accused Turkey according to media reports, to hold the fighters on the border. The IS extremists failed on Thursday morning in an attempt to conquer the border crossing to Turkey and to cut off so the KIA to Kobans. The fierce fighting between IS and Kurdish people protection units continued. On Wednesday, soldiers of the moderate free Syrian army (FSA) in Kobans had arrived already. The opposition militia fighting in the Syrian war against the IS as well as against the regime. A Kurdish spokesman told the News Agency dpa, 50 to 70 FSA fighters arrived in Kobans. Media reported citing a FSA Commander reinforcement by a total of 200 men. An FSA Kommadeur from Kobans criticised the planned relocation of other fighters of the opposition group after Kobans. The FSA powers would be required in the Northern Syrian city of Aleppo, said Pakistan’s Nisar al-Khatib in Istanbul. The situation there is very dangerous, because the regime is trying to include the rebels in Aleppo. The before the civil war, second largest city of Syria is an important stronghold of the opponents of the regime who strongly there are under pressure. A reconnaissance team of the Federal Government to make on Thursday on the way to the northern Iraq to check the Bundeswehr’s participation in a military training mission. The team includes three representatives of the Ministry of Defense and one of the Foreign Office. Germany considers the training of armed forces in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil. Thus, the Federal Government wants to support the fight against the terrorist IS militia. The portal Al-Mada reported also that the extremists had rounded up 30 militants of the same tribe in the nearby town of hit and shot. Already on Wednesday, the hit IS extremists had shot more than 40 members of the BU Nimr tribe. Already in June, the Sunni extremists IS according to human rights defenders in the vicinity of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul killed around 600 inmates a prison, most of them Shiites. The terrorists had herded their victims into a ravine and shot, the human rights organization reported Rights Watch human Thursday, citing survivors. . Extended data can be read checking link.

Ebola Research Use: heal depends on genes.

Heal or die of Ebola depends on genes. This was revealed in a study led by researchers at the University of Washington, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health and the University of North Carolina, who used genetically modified mice in the laboratory to reproduce the main features of the disease in humans. Guinea Pigs are served as a model for assessing the role of particular genetic characteristics in greater or lesser aggressiveness of course of Ebola, stressing that the way in which your body reacts to virus, succumbing counterattacked, is or a matter of genes. "We hope that these results, said Michael Katze of Katze Laboratory of the University of Washington, one of the researchers in charge of the study-can be applied quickly looking for therapies and vaccines». The mice were infected in practice by the same form of Ebola that is flailing countries in West Africa. Normally the rodents die, but do not develop the same symptoms that cause hemorrhagic fever in humans. In this case, however, the mice were genetically modified. Well, all the mice lost weight in the first few days after being infected with the Ebola virus. At 19%, however nothing has happened: not only survived, but are back in shape in a few weeks. The 11% was partially resistant and less than half of these died. According to the researchers, in General, when the virus sends haywire genes involved in inflammation of blood vessels and cell death, the disease will be serious or fatal. Instead, in those defeats, are hyperactive genes that supervise the repair of blood vessels and the production of white blood cells. . Related text can be found reading blog.

Increase in seizures of weapons in Marseille and the Bouches du Rhône (prefect of police).

Seizures of weapons in Marseille and the Bouches have increased significantly since the beginning of the year, said Thursday the prefect of police Jean-Paul Bonnetain, paying tribute to the quality of the investigations and the action of its services. During the first ten months of the year, 604 weapons that were intended to serve, were seized during police operations in the Department, against 433 during the same period in 2013, an increase of 39.5%. Marseille, 299 weapons were seized from January to end October 2014 216 last year during the same period, + 38.43%, said the prefect of police in front of the press. To September 30, 2014 and on nine months, ten indicators of facts of delinquency (violations of the integrity of individuals, property, robbery, flights with violence, burglaries, etc.) were down in Marseille over the same period from 2013. There was the same trend in the Department, with the exception of flights to trailer (+ 7%) and burglaries (+ 3.4%). In the first nine months by 2014, 20 settling of scores have been recorded in Bouches (17 in 2013), including 14 in Marseille (16 in 2013). Statistics, when it is good, is the suspected. When it is bad, it is raw on the field, commented Mr. Bonnetain. I find encouraging results but I never lose sight what worries me, he added. The weakening of the rule of law is in itself a topic. If this was limited to drug trafficking, it would be serious but a demi-mal, I am afraid that more generally, there is a weakening of the report to the rule, he said, particularly referring to city driving. . You must visit the following to discover extra on this interesting subject.

Germany campaign.

In 2010 few applied for the espa oles. Anyone you import to select n had won the World Cup. Bal n gold went to Messi. Iniesta and Xavi acted as except n of the party guests. Blatter did not say a Word. However, this a or, the trend is another. The bet is for Germany. Or what is the same, by the German players who touched the sky in Maracan. Have they changed the criteria? No, but that gives equal. As did understand the m ximo FIFA President, believes, at least in Brazil, that Bal n ‘ gold is it due to having taken Manuel Neuer and not Leo Messi. Lev Yashin was the Black Panther and now we have the blonde flying, said in reference to the goalkeeper of Bayern M nich. Also has begun its campaign specifically to M nich in favor of its international five Germans Bayern (M cloud, G tze, Neuer and Lahm and Schweinsteiger) and to a lesser extent of Robben, also nominated. ACE did know Guardiola: I’m very happy for them because they did so well last season with Bayern and the national team. Some statements that follow n of Beckenbauer, Rummenigge and company during the span weeks pr. Of that there is no doubt. Because the joint b varo doesn’t want to be without the prize, as the season in which last Rib ry, favorite for months, third ahab in the fraudulent n. Then, the decision n not sent anything well in the heart of the club, which come to win the treble with Jupp Heynckes on the bench. Aside from this current german rank is Madrid, which does not have sitting well the words of Blatter. It amazes me whenever he makes some statements of this kind, but what you are going to do. It is impossible to silence the mouth to the FIFA President. Doesn’t make much sense, is quej Carlo Ancelotti, to postul Ronaldo as the perfect candidate: it is a thing that is talked about for months, but this time there is many things to think about. The or past Christian ten other players as Rib ry or Messi, but the goals than marc portugu s last season and the subtitles that gan t, I have no doubt that is going to bear the Bal of gold. . Related information can be inspected checking page.

American movie theaters want to banish the Google Glass.

The Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners recommend zero tolerance for eyeglasses, lenses of contact or smart watches equipped people in cinemas. Photo credits: Jeff Chiu/AP connected objects are questioning many actions and activities of daily living. Must we accept everywhere and without conditions? The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) answer no to this question. These two major professional organizations of the American film industry, to establish a ‘zero tolerance’ in cinemas in order to combat piracy. A measure similar to that presented in July by the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association, Union of British cinema. If the two associations did not directly refer to the Google Glass, these smart glasses that allow to connect to the Internet and quickly share videos and photos via Google more Social platform, they are specifically mentioned. Following this announcement, Google Glass spokesman said that concern about piracy with their glasses was "excessive". "It is much easier to record a video or a movie with a smartphone, with better quality, also wrote Robert Scoble, author and blogger on new technologies, in an e-mail to The Chronicle. The Google Glass battery currently lasts 45 minutes, which is not long enough to record a full-length. This fear is unwarranted. » . For more information on this subject check blog.

Science Conference: It will be tight for the universities.

Federal Education Minister Johanna Wanka is therefore now in Zugzwang, following the negotiation of the one-off payments to the continuation of the higher education Pact, which expires end of 2015. The higher education Pact concluded between federal and Länder finance together additional places for the ever-increasing amounts of students. Although Wanka leaves no doubt that the Federal Government wants to continue pay the rates by 20 percent. But only if the countries still slightly on top. 20 percent sometimes cover the costs, in many cases, it is but is more expensive and therefore I would like on behalf of universities that there increases the program fee and that the countries take part, in what order of size, whatever, said Wanka in Germany radio. The countries, however, feel blackmailed and see the higher education Pact as a whole put in question. Wrongly things would linked here, that had to hurt. Also, Wanka recognise that the countries are already involved to a considerable extent on the funding of third party funded projects, says Doris ancestors (SPD), the Science Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate. Because through the 20-percent package of the Federal Government, the additional costs are not covered by externally funded projects. The countries from its core funding of universities to pay the difference. According to a study by the Federal Ministry of research commissioned on average nearly 41 percent occur externally funded projects additional costs. Demand for a country’s participation in the program packages therefore enters the empty and fails to recognize the reality of research funding to universities, says ancestors. Wanka has another argument: the BAföG compromise the Federal have just only significantly relieves the countries. The condition was that the countries put the money saved from 2015 in universities and education. This money is of course long since factored in country budgets. In the case of Rhineland-Palatinate flow about two thirds in the core funding of universities, nearly one-third is used for inclusion in schools. For both, the country would need but actually much more extra money. In Lower Saxony, however, a substantial part of the money is used for day-care centers to the annoyance of the Federal Education Minister. HRK President Hippler sees both sides obliged to agree quickly. The colleges could not longer only bear the additional costs. We can already now hardly finance the infrastructure for research projects, he says. In the worst case, universities in the research, but also in the teaching would have to go back. . Root facts could be read checking this

France: Valls vs Holland.

The first french Minister Manuel Valls has responded to criticism launched to his address by president François Hollande, said Le Figaro.  Our reports are based on trust, I respect the president and its function, said Mr. Valls who reacted well to the words of the president of the Republic, reported by Le Canard enchaîné, which the Prime Minister was a provocative on provocative and pulled a little too much on the rope.    When François Holland appointed me, he said: Valls must make the Valls. Well, I’m doing the Valls, said the Prime Minister. According to him, the Valls means first and foremost reform [,.] because this country needs reforms.     The tenant of Matignon also answered the François Holland declaration on former french Premier Georges Clemenceau.    Clemenceau was controversial within the French left, it’s probably why you like it, quipped François Holland relying on Manuel Valls Medal of the national order of merit on October 22. And to add that Clemenceau did not become president of the Republic, but that could also succeed his existence without being president.    Clemenceau was not a man of controversy [,.] It was someone who was never wrong: neither at the time of the Commune, or supporting Dreyfus. And it has led France to victory, replied the tenant of Matignon.    In late August, president Holland has appointed a new Government while now Manuel Valls at the head of the Executive. . Related text can be inspected checking site.

Student sports kickers: train in the University for Neukölln at night.

I’m tired of it. Friday night in a bar in Berlin-Neukölln: I stand on the table and start desperately on the handles. My right hand moves frantically between goal and defender. Since I’m right-handed, I play with the right hand only. The left hand holds a beer – more is unlikely to use them. As always much laughed about my one-handed use of kicker. While we exercise Oke explains the three most important shot techniques: push-undPull-shot it means if one side pushes the ball with the feet of a figure or attracts to itself before it away kicking him. When the PIN shot the handle in the open hand is placed and unrolled over the Palm of the hand, resulting in a faster and harder shot power. Finally, the snake shot is by far the fastest and hardest shot. Taking the handle still on the hand at the wrist, thus developing a greater leverage. Here comes easily to a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, and that in part to only 30 centimeters. You are playing faster than you can see, says Obaseki. Next to me at the table, Patrick trained his feeling for the ball. He also trained at the University for the pub gig here. Playing table football almost everywhere, he says, especially in bars or at parties. And as I thought, if I were better, then all want to have me on their team. . For more data on this subject check web site.

Facebook share is collapsing: Zuckerberg has visions.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg had corrupted before thoroughly the mood investors. In conversation with analysts he talked cheerfully to put much money in new projects in the next ten years? And all that without knowing at some point financially at all whether worth the investment. The sums that takes sugar mountain in the hand, are lush. So, Facebook had paid almost $22 billion for WhatsApp. The app is used by 600 million people as a substitute for SMS, but so far only ensures loss. In the first six months of the year, she burned $232.5 million nearly $59 million in the same period last year. It is unlikely that soon change that. Zuckerberg said he does not hurry, making money with WhatsApp. It is important to attract more users. Shareholders don’t like to hear that. In addition, Facebook has many construction sites. The social network is involved in approximately 40 companies, the Instagram photo service is among the best known. And Zuckerberg announced to put much money into unprofitable subsidiaries like oculus. The company developed a new data glasses. The coming year will a significant year for investments said Zuckerberg. Spending would rise by between 55 to 75 percent. He didn’t say what exactly he with money wants to make. And a word came it to the chagrin of shareholders do not have the lips also: profits. And so the Facebook shares fell, although the figures to suspend was not much. Revenues rose to $3.2 billion in the third quarter compared to the previous year to 59 percent. Advertising revenue increased 64 percent to $2.9 billion. This Facebook earned more than $800 million below the line and almost twice as much as in the same period last year. 864 million people worldwide Facebook take advantage of every day. . For more regarding this subject click

Poisons of Quirra, opens the process to the General. Sit-in against the bases out of Court of Lanusei.

Opens today in the Court of Lanusei, before Judge Nicholas Caschili, the process for.  On the dock eight commanders, including six generals, who drove the base from 2004 to 2010: are accused of safeguards in place against accidents and disasters. Initial accusations against them, in fact, were much heavier but between the investigation and the preliminary hearing have gradually diminished. In particular, fell the hypothesis of multiple manslaughter. The classroom of today: the audience should serve mainly for any inquiry and new constitutions of plaintiff (the region has already established). Outside the Court, instead, are determined to make their voices heard all those years–that are in the field against the activities that take place within the polygons. Among the many protesters, there are also groups that join the network, which in recent days, through the media issued a call for participation for associations, committees, and citizens in favour of polygons present in Sardinia. . You can visit this to learn more regarding this interesting matter.