New design for metro networks: Chaos falls by the wayside

New design for metro networks: Chaos falls by the wayside

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The power in his own town, for example: Anyone who studied the official metro plan is likely to be difficult for it to memorize the course of the railways in Paris, believes Cerovic: "Still, that has to make a good plan Current line profiles are distorted to some. compounds make up to 15 Knicks. "On the route maps of other cities partly so many colored lines running alongside each other, that it is difficult, at least for ignorant passengers to lose your sight. Interchanges are sometimes not clearly emphasized enough. Located in New York plan Cerovic criticizes the lack of geographical precision.

The most difficult but also the most fun he has the design of its route network in Tokyo. "It is extremely dense and complex, and it had to find it place in Latin characters and Japanese characters," says Cerovic and says: "Track plans are absolutely fascinating: The simplicity and perfection, behind them, and the fact that the smallest symbol on map affects the movement of millions of people. "

His greatest wish: someday actually hang that his updated course maps in the future in the subway stations of the world and make the orientation easier. Convincing the respective decision of which is, however, no easy task: Plans to which millions have become accustomed eyes, you can not just change so quickly. Unters passenger people bring Cerovic his designs but as of now. Read more

Generation Y: Now the company must walk

Generation Y: Now the company must walk

Boomers Must Take Some Blame And Help Fix Generation Y Unhappy Problem

"We want the best, so we have to ask ourselves: What do the best," says Gerhard Rübling who is there for managing staff. With a doctorate in sociology, he speaks of cultural change and the fact that companies such as Trump would adapt the society, "not vice versa." Therefore, he has developed a working time model that enables employees as Aysche Schlipf flexibility. An example: Every two years must decide how much she wants to work Schlipf. Thus, they can adapt their job their respective lives. At first she worked 35 hours a week. Then she realized that she wanted more time for the kids, so it was reduced to 30 hours. When the kids are older, they can also increase the number of hours again. After 2011, the stocking had started working time model, the number of applicants increased by 85 percent. Meanwhile, the company gets, the 10 000 persons, approximately 800 applications a month – a quarter more than in the days of the old working model. And sitting at a location near Stuttgart, where, among other things, Daimler, Porsche and Bosch and compete for the next generation. Offer flexibility here also means to overturn competition from other companies.

At the same time, there are industries that schwerertun discussed the conversion of nature. So the car manufacturer Porsche has indeed recently announced that its employees could also work from home. However, this applies only to four percent of the workforce and at most two days a week. In a highly structured system such as production, the design possibilities are less.

Gerhard Rübling, the personnel manager of Trump had to fight with another challenge. "It was difficult to accommodate younger employees and to think simultaneously to the older," he says. Make the people born after 1980 in his company for about a third of the workforce. In the rest of his idea of ​​the work schedule model came initially with resistance. The works council was against it, and also in the management showed many are skeptical: How will this work, if nothing more is uniform? How should you react if all employees want to work less? "That will not happen," because Rübling was safe. "The CVs are stable, most employees are dependent on a certain income." He was right: Only about 15 percent of the workforce use the possibility to adjust their working hours. About three-quarters of them work even more than they have to. Read more

In Belgium, a Marxist-Leninist party upsets the political game

In Belgium, a Marxist-Leninist party upsets the political game

The First Wave of Anti-Revisionism: The Early 1960s – Index Page

It is a spectacular place to have the credit of austerity policies in Europe phenomenon. In Belgium, the Belgian Labour Party (PTB) is a major breakthrough in the polls. According to recent polls, the party that claims to have clearly Marxist-Leninist get 8.1% of the vote in Wallonia for Federal and European elections to be held on May 25, 7.4% in Brussels and even 4.1% in the conservative Flanders. In the last parliamentary elections, the PTB had collected a little over 1% of the vote …

Pascal Delwit, political scientist and professor of political science at the Free University of Brussels, this phenomenon is due to several circumstances. First, the practice of overseas Quiévrain consensus. "All the major parties, with the exception of environmentalists Dutch and Flemish extreme-right Vlaams Belang are represented in the federal or regional governments," he explains. So, when citizens seek a sanction vote, they turn the "periphery. "Moreover, this progression of PTB is also accompanied by a rise of populist right Popular Party (PP) in Wallonia and Brussels, where he could reach 5% of the vote.

Belgium, despite its high level of debt (it has just passed 100% of GDP) and political chaos which lasted two years from 2010 to 2012, limited the damage during the crisis. Certainly, the growth was low, 0.2% in 2013 after 0.1% in 2012, but these are figures that are not very different from those of France or Germany. This resistance is due in large part by keeping the sliding scale of wages which helped maintain the purchasing power of households, explains Etienne Callataÿ, an economist at Bank Degroof, although a number of measures have weakened the poorest classes. Especially, many fear new "structural reforms" including the end of the sliding scale. An end, according to Etienne de Callataÿ "needed to improve the country's competitiveness. "

Why the party? Belgium has a small Marxist tradition. The Belgian Communist Party (PCB) has disappeared from parliament in 1985 and, despite some implementation in the regions of Liège and Hainaut, it never exceeded 5% of votes at the national level after 1949. PTB has certainly taken positions in the former communist strongholds, but it goes further today. But what is this party?

"The PTB is a singular advantage in the European radical left, because it does not belong to the Communist tradition, nor the Trotskyist tradition," says Pascal Delwit. It is a Maoist party, as it existed everywhere in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. But the PTB has survived the years 1980 and 1990, albeit confidential. In 2008, he made an important turning point. "While maintaining its Marxist-Leninist legacy, it is converted to modern communication," says Pascal Delwit. It has thus become an attractive party and very professional. The President of the PTB, the Antwerp Peter Mertens has been a "true leader" according to Pascal Delwit. His book, How dare they?, Has sold more than 30. 000 copies in Flanders and offered him a media visibility. But the PTB accompanied this communication work a real job in the field, including the establishment of medical homes. Gradually, the PTB has become an option for any part of the Belgian population.

Walloon Socialist Party of Prime Minister Elio di Rupo was very worried about the rise of PTB. Wednesday night, he prévenuque "all voices are missing from the PS strengthen the option of a right-wing government and the use of restraint. "For Pascal Delwit, the battle between the PS and the PTB will be intense and he speaks of" body to body "between activists of the two parties at the end of the season. "In the last line, the PS will invest land and socialist personalities are popular in Wallonia," he adds. The argument of Socialists could wear as if the N-VA Flemish separatist party agrees to combine the traditional Liberal and Christian Democrat right (putting on hold its institutional requirements), a government of the right is not to exclude . "It is still very difficult to say whether the crystallization of vote benefit the PS or PTB," says political scientist. Continue reading

Algeria: Bouteflika re-elected with 81.53% of votes, the election dispute

Algeria: Bouteflika re-elected with 81.53% of votes, the election dispute

Protesters clash with police in Algeria over Bouteflika's re ...

Unsurprisingly, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika leaving was re-elected head of the Algerian republic with a comfortable score. Algerian Interior Minister Tayeb Belaiz said Friday his re-election for a fourth term with 81.53% of votes. "The people have chosen freedom in a climate of transparency and neutrality," assured Tayeb Belaiz. According to figures from the ministry, his main rival Ali Benflis (FLN) collected 12.18% of the vote, ahead Abdelaziz Belaid (UNJA, 3.03%), Louisa Hanoune (PT, 1.37%), Ali Fawzi Rebaine (Ahd 54, 0.99%) and Moussa Touati (FNA, 0.56%). The turnout at the polls which ended Thursday amounted to 51.7%. In a statement, François Hollande Abdelaziz Bouteflika wished "every success in fulfilling its important mission." "In the spirit of friendship and respect between the two countries, given the exceptional human ties that bind, France as warm wishes for the prosperity of Algeria," said the Elysee. The result must be confirmed by the Constitutional Council, which has a maximum of 10 days to consider any appeals. And there will be, for sure: Ali Benflis had on Thursday evening denounced "massive fraud" that "was right to free expression and the sovereign choice of the Algerian people," warning that he would not recognize the results from a "fraudulent enterprise." "I do not recognize the result" he has repeated on Friday, adding that "recognize is complicit in the fraud," before denouncing an "alliance between the fraud, the suspect money and media sold ". By Thursday evening, supporters of Abdelaziz Bouteflika had on their side began to celebrate the victory of the incumbent president, who presented late again for president in 77 years, despite his health problems. The score Abdelaziz Bouteflika is down compared to the results of 2009 and 2004, with 90% and 85% of the vote. In 1999, he won his first term with 75% of votes. After fifteen years in power, Abdelaziz Bouteflika must now give content to its promise of a "renewed Republic" and initiate economic reforms that have made less dependent on oil country. It should normally tackle this year to revise the Constitution in the sense of "strengthening collective and individual freedoms, the powers of Parliament and those of the Prime Minister," recently explained his campaign manager, Abdelmalek Sellal. According to him, Abdelaziz Bouteflika will finally "give power to the independence generation" in this country of nearly 40 million people, young people in their overwhelming majority, whose main leaders for many seventies. But political scientist observes Rachid Tlemçani, "the renewal of Bouteflika will spend the consolidation of the status quo." "His re-election will pave the way to a period of instability which will be marked by a particular social unrest that will continue" because "the power embodied by Bouteflika will no longer be able to buy social peace, as he done during the previous three terms, due to a likely decline in oil revenues, "he says. Go here to read more

New World in Space – That's life on the 2nd earth could be

New World in Space - That's life on the 2nd earth could be

New evidence supports theory that life may have started on Mars

In the renowned scientific "Science" report, U.S. scientists from their sensational discovery: Kepler-186f is only ten percent larger than the earth, so that the first Earth-sized planet in a "habitable zone". Means: What is the sun for us is for the second earth the star Kepler-186. To him it orbits at an ideal distance: It is not too hot and not too cold for liquid water. The prerequisite for life.

Whether he has an atmosphere, from which the surface is – all of which do not yet know the researchers. But, the chances are good that its surface such as that of the earth. Nasa scientist Thomas Barclay: "Probably Kepler-186f a rocky planet, similar in this respect, Venus, Earth and Mars. "

It is located in the green highlighted area. This is the "habitable zone" with the ideal distance to his "sun". In our solar system (below) the earth is also in the green. So far, that the sun does not burn us. So close that we do not freeze to death. More on this topic

My Israel: Oh, how beautiful Haifa

My Israel: Oh, how beautiful Haifa

Orthodox Jewish couple on Haifa beach | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The somewhat surreal trigger for the onset of my inner turmoil came over me then just middle of the road. A parade of Arab Scouts moved by Haifa-Downtown, preceded by a group of bagpipers in kilts (!), And I started to cry. To my relief I have to close family ties to the United Kingdom refer to. Suddenly I longed with all power, according to my family on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea and the lush green of Great Britain, while I would have chained me at the same time prefer to the next palm to stay here forever.

Breakfast can be quite admirably in Mandarin in Carmel Center in the upper part of the city. This restaurant is hidden behind the awesome row of shops with a garden and offers everything you need to wake up in generous portions. You can also drink your first Sahlab!

Literally around the corner you can not only visit the Baha'i Gardens, but also enjoy a head liberating Overview on the city of Haifa. You can use the streets and boutiques in and around the Carmel center around exploring, or go to the Tikotin Museum, the first collection of Japanese art in the Middle East. A jewel of this city – a beautiful way with its own cinema. Felix Tikotin studied early 20th century architecture in Dresden, was a friend of the artist group "Die Brücke", and opened in 1927 after a trip to Japan in Berlin on the Kurfürstendamm a museum of Japanese art. Family and collection survived the Nazi period in the Netherlands. In the 50s Tikotin came to Israel in 1960 until today, the impressive museum was opened.

Again and again, town planners have attempted to revive the grandiose, but due to the sea air, unfortunately, crumbling architecture of this district on the harbor. Only no one has been held. So you suddenly in a palm-fringed mini-Allée and is pleased with squiggly balconies on the restored old buildings, a road to wonder further about the open decay. But just a new attempt is started for resuscitation yes again.

Should you be on a Saturday in Haifa, do not miss the Shuk Ha PishPishim, the flea market. Also in Downtown, the part where in the 50s and 60s have lived for many new immigrants. Many of the stone houses are now empty. In between, you can find everything: garbage and museum pieces.

Time for a good beer, a hearty meal, unmitigated Israeli cheerfulness? Visit the Ma'ayan Habira (4, Nathanson Street), which means as much as beer source, and there are actually the largest beer selection in northern Israel. Owner Ruben and son Shlomi cook a wonderfully quaint mix of Eastern European and Israeli cuisine. Very much meat but also vegetarian-suitable. The restaurant opened in 1962 mainly offers a lunch, except on Tuesdays. Then in the summer, the whole street is blocked, and a blues band plays on. On such a Tuesday we celebrated the way hen party here! Also read this

Bank advice: Farewell to the little chat

Bank advice: Farewell to the little chat

Farewell, fellow savers

When it comes to this matter, the consultant must immediately record the whole conversation in writing. So it's the law since 2010. Goal was to facilitate investors in doubt, the evidence that they were wrongly advised. But in the meantime criticism of this requirement is increasingly loud. "Now is often more time for logging on it as for the actual system call," says Lars Gatschke, financial expert at the Federation of Consumer Organizations.

Federal Consumer Protection Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has the problem already on the screen. He wants to check the counseling protocols for their practicality and evolve. In brief, the Ministry will also present a study which shows how the banks currently deal with the logs. After all that has been heard so far, the balance is not positive.

Anyway Kemmer has the impression that work up the policy in an effort the financial crisis, "to one or another point beyond the target is shot." As another example, he sees the register of complaints, which leads the Financial BaFin since November 2012. In it the names of all the good 160 000 investment advisers of banks and savings banks are stored. Complains somewhere in Germany a customer through one of these consultants, the complaint shall be forwarded immediately to the BaFin. The aim is that the supervisory experiences as early as possible if the complaints are piling through a branch or a consultant. Go for more information

Kiev does not count unilaterally fill the Geneva Agreement (presidential candidate)

Kiev does not count unilaterally fill the Geneva Agreement (presidential candidate)

Tanks roll as Ukraine troops retake airport amid casualties and ...

It is for him amnesty demonstrators, the procedure of changing the Constitution in view of the interests of the regions and the disarmament of combatants. Among the negative aspects the applicant pointed to the fact that nothing had been said about the end of the criminal proceedings against the special troops on the Maidan and the failure to mention the fact that Ukraine will become a country with two languages National – Russian and Ukrainian. It also regrets that there not describe "the disarming of factions." According Tsarev, fighters right sector must be disarmed first and the dissolved National Guard.

"They can not disarm or free buildings unilaterally. Must develop a plan for troop withdrawal self-defense for the protesters is starting to disarm. Otherwise, we arrive at the same result as with the agreement signed by Yanukovych. This time, follow a different pattern. We do not trust the authorities must ensure that they can not take us by boat, "said Oleg Tsarev.

Representatives from Russia, the USA, the EU and Ukraine have adopted yesterday in Geneva a document on the Ukrainian crisis, calling on both sides to renounce violence, extremism and provocation, to disarm the factions illegal to release the illegally occupied buildings and a national dialogue on constitutional reform. Similar article can be found

Anzio, closed by the junta Zingaretti the site of the company banned for mafia

Anzio, closed by the junta Zingaretti the site of the company banned for mafia


The construction of the port of Anzio Nero entrusted the company with mafia disqualification by the Lazio Region was closed a few hours ago. The motivation in a statement the junta Zingaretti, which reads: "Following the announcement by the Prefecture of Rome to the regional offices of the anti-mafia disqualification against the company ICEM Ltd, based in Minto in the province of Latina, awarded a contract for the award of the work for the old Port of Anzio Neroniano – it says – the Regional Directorate of Environment has provided immediately to the preparation of documents necessary for the termination of the contract and the settlement of costs for work already carried out, as required by law in the field. "

The note by the prefect mentioned in the press release came only after the publication of the article deilfattoquotidiano. it on 10 April, which told how – despite the suspicions of mafia – the work entrusted to the firm of Minto continued without any problems. The ICEM was hit dall'interdittiva issued by the prefecture of Latin America last November. Immediately after the measure had been included in the national database, as required by the standard. It is not clear what happened after almost five months and because no communication has come promptly to the Lazio Region, contracting the work. The ICEM had been included in the black list after a thorough investigation of the police administration of Croton, who had long observed the construction of the port Le Castella, Isola Capo Rizzuto. More on this topic

Shalabayeva, Italy ok to political asylum

Shalabayeva, Italy ok to political asylum

UN expert team condemns Italy deportation of Kasakh national Alma ...

"A wonderful news.'m Happy." It 'the first to comment Alma Shalabayeva, according to what we learn in an environment of legal, to the news of granting political asylum by the Territorial Commission of the Interior Ministry that in a fairly rapid dealt with the application. Alma Shalabayeva was taken away along with one of the daughters of the house of Casalpalocco and repatriated in Almaty in May last year at the request of the authorities 'and Kazakhstan and' returned to Italy only in late December. The go-ahead comes from the Commission for the recognition of international protection who has received an instance of the Interior Ministry presented a few months ago by Advocate Anton Giulio Lana. With this grant, the Italian State and 'de facto obliged to protect the lady Shalabayeva, even in the Schengen area, and to avoid handing it to the authorities' Kazakh if ​​they were going to initiate proceedings against. Also check this