Aga Khan Museum in Toronto: the wait of the Prophet.

A small, blue sign at the exit points the way: attractions. Including an arrow, turn right. Thus on seven hectares of newly built Aga Khan is not meant first however Museum together with the Park and religious meeting place but the Ontario Science Center, a popular science theme park in the northeast of the city. One must Very much exactly know what you are looking for, to to To find supposedly Toronto’s new attraction, the first museum for Islamic art in North America, donated by one of the richest men in the world, the spiritual head of the Ismaili, Prince Karim Aga Khan IV., a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed. A modest, hidden place for a so spectacular and alone architecturally sophisticated facility. The flat, white building with its stylised glass pyramid between the rectilinear shapes of the environment nests as an alien artifact. Smooth in the Park fountain, reflecting pool – in the adjacent gardens will be installations. The Museum to the general public will be opened on Thursday, is calculated initially with 250 000 to 300 000 visitors per year. At the beginning of six artists from Pakistan including the concept artist based in Toronto and Lahore Nurjahan Akhlaq and of David Chalmers Alesworth known for his modernistic carpet art exhibit. The temporary exhibition is the garden of ideas, translates the traditional ornamental gardening art in other visual media and art forms. Centerpiece of the exhibition but is now here, collection of old Islamic art from privately owned by Aga Khan. Parts of the precious, sometimes centuries-old works – antique encyclopedias just as an artfully crafted robe or a gold woven Koran Sura – were already all over the world to see, among other things in the Louvre and the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. Because Of course not only artistic spirit, but unfortunately also the poison touch of resentment blows through the spacious, minimalist rooms of the Museum. There just aren’t many good news about Islam, says Kris Janowski, head of communications of the Aga Khan Foundation, diplomatically. Actually who thinks Muslims should, don’t think currently on cultural diversity but on the fanatical Islamists of the murderous IS militia and the terror of the Taliban. Janowski, it is even more important, to break through the ignorance and to show the richness of Islamic culture. Canada with its reputation as a stronghold of cultural diversity and tolerance, according to Museum Director Kim, the right place, to convey this unknown world of away social tensions. Of the approximately one million Muslims living in Canada live alone 400 000 in and around Toronto. Actually the risk of politically or religiously motivated protests against a so prominent and expansive Islamic construction in Canada should be minimal other than to supposedly more attractive, but also spannungsreicheren world cities like Paris, London or New York, where close there were zero demonstrations against the construction of a mosque a few years ago by ground -. Toronto also allows traffic from nearby U.S. cities such as Chicago, Cleveland or Pittsburgh. The tightens Aga Khan, who inaugurated the Museum last Friday along with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper stressed the spirit of friendship in a time where the focus of the world on warfare Liège. These spaces are to be filled with the sound of enrichment, of dialogue and of warm human handling. . Similar facts can be found checking weblink.

The New Nintendo 3DS, a leap in 3D.

Nintendo is traditionally absent at the Tokyo Game Show, it is indeed at the Publisher of Resident Evil and Street Fighter that it was for the first time possible to try the 3DS, and gauge it by the yardstick of its promises of power, of immersion and ergonomics. We took him in hand. The power of the console, in truth, you will not see much. Monster Hunter 4 G yet is an ambitious game, fully 3D, wide and with a significant display distance which already places it among the "muscular" 3DS games Only now, it is precisely a 3DS title, soon available also on the first generations, and not an exclusive production at this New 3DS model. «Excess power will be used especially later, to adapt Wii top games», considers a connoisseur of Japanese industry. The 3D effect is more pronounced, more natural and more enjoyable. It must be said that with its wide world and aerated, Monster Hunter 4 G puts particularly value. The screen gives the impression of a vast window open wide hilly landscapes, with a landscape of plains in the background entangling the look. "One has the impression of falling in", summarizes this American journalist. Small problem: the effect is rather striking and undeniably nicer than on the 3DS first name, but as on early models, eyestrain can occur quickly. And this more if you suffer from astigmatism. Fortunately, it is always possible to disable the stereoscopic display to enjoy simply the screen, its comfortable diagonal and its rather vivid colors – although it remains very far from the quality of OLED displays (for organic light-emitting diode-"organic light emitting diode", in french) Playstation Vita first generation. In addition to the screen, ergonomics has also evolved. It must be a frequenter of portable consoles from Nintendo to make a difference, but yes, some discrete buttons have appeared here and there, including two on the slice of the console and another on the front. The first are hidden behind the screen, unexpected and difficult to access, so it is common to press triggers unintentionally wanting access. The New Nintendo 3DS will be released on October 11, 2014 in the Japan and Europe by 2015. It is an evolution of the 3DS, and not a whole new console. Nintendo is working on a successor to its portable console in parallel, but still revealed nothing. . Similar data can be inspected clicking web site.

Enter a bar and shoot to a customer. Ambush delinquents in San Basilio.

Gunshots inside a bar in San Basilio in Urbania. A man fell from a motorcycle has a sixty-year foreclosure, according to the police with a criminal record. The ambush of ennessimo underworld in Rome and in that quadrant of the city: in broad daylight in front of customers and passersby. The Bandit down by a motorcycle, with his face covered by a full face helmet, holding a gun. He entered the bar and without saying a Word opened fire. Then fled on a motorcycle driven by an accomplice probably. It happened this morning at 10, in the bar overlooking Urbania square, in the heart of pi times shaken by Apex gambizzazioni and murders. Many investigations of law enforcement to deal with the burgeoning crack dealing in the area in which even young "vedette" to signal the arrival salaried police and carabinieri. The person injured inside the bar a Italian on fifty with a criminal record. It was transported to the hospital Sandro Pertini: not life threatening. To investigate the agents of the Commissioner of the area. For investigators the injuries, scored so blatant maybe also give a signal to the environment attended by injured, could be connected to the Underworld: maybe to a revolution of wear or an unpaid drug game. . You should read this reference to learn extra about this amazing matter.

Faithful father: the Supreme Court Annuls the sentence for sexual assault.

Must be remade the appellate process to father Fedele, the Capuchin Friar at the Francesco Bisceglia suspended a divinis in 2008 for allegations of sexual assault on a nun. The third penal section of the Court of Cassation in late in the evening of Wednesday, issued after a Council Chamber with his verdict annulling postponement sentenced to nine years and three months imposed on appeal in 2012. Was canceled partly also sentenced to six years and three months ‘ imprisonment imposed upon his Secretary Antonio Gaudio. According to the indictment Gaines would have participated in a few episodes of sexual assault against the nun. Being a part of his appeal rejected, he found a part of the sentence. In that case the father Faithfully reads: "you cancel the challenged judgment limited to offences ascribed to Bisceglia and refer to another section of the Corte d’appello di Catanzaro". Father Fedele Bisceglia, achieved by Agi by phone, commented on the decision taken by the Court of Cassation reaffirming his innocence: "I have always said I am innocent-so from Cosenza, where he spent the day praying at a church." Now I’ll have to start over to shout even louder but maybe this time I will be heard ". Bisceglia explained that he was already asleep when they called to tell him the verdict of the judges of the Supreme Court. Satisfied with the Court’s decision also advocates religious advocates: "we are absolutely satisfied with the outcome of the verdict," said attorney Eugenio Bisceglia, Defender and relative of Father Fedele. For the lawyer "were applied those rules of law which hitherto were not at all respected." . Additional facts can be read reading source.

Journey into the Babel of Baranzate. “The cartels? Are written in five languages “.

Michelle, 52-year-old from Benin, graduated in economics in France, does the storekeeper in Caronno Pertusella, lives with his family (wife Rita and sons Lio, Carolle, Ornella and Matteo) from 24 years in Italy. The picture of Bruno Zanzottera is exposed to view the world at home by Anna Pozzi to Cafè in Milan Parallelozero In via Gorizia, who would go on to the Main Street of the village, they meet an Internet point that from plenty of umlauts of Turkish, would sign an Arab butcher, a correct pricing-pizzaiolo pure Arabic, a laundry that also makes the money transfer, a Chinese hairdresser, the «Romania» flavors, a convenience store in Sri Lanka, two bars managed by Chinese and a cat, stateless person by definition. The shrine of David Lombino, a second generation Sicilian, Arab newspapers and sells the magazine Jeune Afrique.   Baranzate, Milan’s first suburbs, is not only one of the usual paesoni-dormitory with those names Larry that I do not understand why they are a past participle or second-person plural imperative present. It is also the most multiethnic municipality of Italy, while discussing whether the nationalities represented are currently 72 or 74. In any case, many.   On 11. in 538, foreigners are the 30.6%, equally divided into four areas of origin: Eastern Europe (Albanians, Romanians, Moldovans, and so forth), Asia (mainly Chinese and Sri Lankans), Africa (Maghreb but also many blacks, especially Senegal) and Latin America. Instructions for recycling are written in five languages, Chinese, Arabic, English, Spanish and Italian, "Although I would prefer the milanese», says the Mayor, Giuseppe Corbari, and not because it is League (indeed, non-political civic list) but because they are one of the few who still speak it." Yet administers Babel. Via Gorizia is the most multi-ethnic of Italy, which gave its name to a Popular Radio broadcast (Gorizia 59, because at the time there were many nationalities surveyed), has been studied at university level and is mentioned in a textbook of geography.   The surprise is that cohabitation, all in all, it works. «The integration here don’t we theorize, the live, "says Paul Jayesh, 49 years, it is said, from ten to the parish of the most multi-ethnic part of the country. Jura: "immigration is not necessarily synonymous with disaster." Just getting organized. At its first reading masses is in Spanish or Sinhala oratory and animators and Muslim boys pray Yes, but prostrate toward Mecca. The usual irenicism? Nah. I put it immediately clear that the oratory is a Christian environment. There is that fake respectability PC so no one eats the pig because the Islamists can not eat. Well the sandwich with salami. However when we go camping I can’t tell the Arab kid: you’re at home because you are Muslim. In fact it is, do not eat pork and makes his prayer. And for the rest he enjoys so much. "   Caritas organises evening courses Italian. But also distributes many aid. The crisis hits hard, but affects everyone, including Italians, "says the pastor. In fact, wandering the streets of the town which, sorry to say, is of rare ugliness even for non happy standard of milanese suburbs, surprising the cartels ‘ rent ‘ and ‘ for sale ‘. It’s a passing neighborhood, explains don Paolo, the turnover in housing is strong. And then, Yes, there are many people who have lost their jobs or still has, but is paid late. And then don’t pay condo fees and gets evicted. "   On the corner of via Gorizia and via Asiago (all local toponymy is great war model) meet a Chinese, an Arab and a black. The comment by two seniors who attend the scene explains everything. First oldie: "too many immigrants, we are invading». According to old man: ‘ look what we’re immigrants too. " This is the point. "When I went to school in the 1950s-tells the inhabitants were Corbari-800. Then came industry and with industry, the southern migration. There was a time when to 40 thousand people worked Baranzate, and all came from outside. " In short, here everyone else’s immigrants.   . Main data can be read visiting this url.

Neighborhood law – 3) trees and hedges proliferate on the adjoining property.

A plot is to have adequate light, plantations on the land of a neighbor to keep immediately smaller boundary than on the remaining land. The rule is: the closer tree, shrub or hedge the border, the shorter they must be kept. Some States regulate the minimum distances according to the kind of planting and their normal growth, such as Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia or Rhineland-Palatinate. Larger distances are applicable to growing plants and trees. Other provinces regardless the type of planting to determine how high a planting standing within a certain distance of the border cannot exceed, so for example Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Saxony or Sachsen-Anhalt; the closer is the planting at the border, she must be lower. A planting when the neighbor is too close to the limit set or higher than allowed, the Nachbarrechtsgesetze the opportunity to put up a fight To give an owner. It may require that the neighbor again complies with the distance rules, – what is differently designed in detail in the Federal States – comes in addition to eradicating the planting also their pruning to a permissible value into consideration. Nature protection and arranged periods are to observe. The right to eliminate or cut back plantings is barred in most federal countries within five years. The limitation period may be shorter (for example in Brandenburg and Schleswig-Holstein: two years; in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate: three years) or longer (for example, in North Rhine-Westphalia: six years). The period partly at the time of planting or the end of the planting year (for example, in Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia, Germany), partly at the time of exceeding the permissible maximum height respectively at the end of each calendar year (for example in Bavaria, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein). . For more data about this topic visit blog.

Europe Scotland pending.

If est is undecided, not the pens is m s and vote no, this land my Wednesday in the former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown in his hometown and in which many already regard as the speech m s emotional of his life. This is our Scotland and we cannot allow the ownership of it of the s. STA is not your flag, or is your pa s stas are its streets (,.) There isn’t a single cemetery in Europe where no est n buried the Scots together to the English, Welsh and Irish. Meanwhile, in London, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, said that not is repented of having paved the way toward the exits refer. I am a dem Democrat and Government in a pa s dem tico cr, declared to the newspaper ‘The Times’. I really think that support for independence to be greater if it had denied the possibility of the dum refer. Habr to been hiding your head in the sand. . Additional text can be read visiting

Schalker exclamation mark: 1:1 for Chelsea.

Coach José Mourinho allowed himself already facing the League match on Sunday at Manchester City the luxury, André Schürrle and Diego Costa, the three scorers from a 4-2-victory in the Premier League against Swansea City, first save. Veteran Didier Drogba stormed for Costa. The Ivory Coast attacker came in the 32nd minute free to the header, which was no problem for Ralf Fährmann fullback but too weak and too vague. The Schalke again came in the first half twice dangerous front of the Chelsea goal. After the change, the Schalke continued so as in the first 45 minutes: brave, fearless and again with actions forward. The commitment was also rewarded. After good preparation by Richard Huntelaar completed cool and clever flat from 16 meters in the lower-right corner. After the lamentable Cup in Dresden and only a point from their first three Premier League matches, the effort was the scarf core clearly noted rehabilitation. . Similar text can be found reading

FC Bayern in the ratings – shine the B-Bayern: Boateng, Bernat and Benatia.

When all think now nothing more, here the Boateng comes from behind. Bayern Defender saves the Munich start in the new season of the Champions League with his massive hit in the 89th minute for a 1-0 against Manchester City. To see who has contributed to the successful launch of the Elite League, in our player ratings. Mehdi Benatia: Munich good three weeks we had wondered what was actually going on with the 26-million man Roma, Guardiola the Moroccans held back first – and let go on the big stage of the euro At last. As a right post of the triple chain amazingly sure in appearance, but limited to short and safe balls which work in Rome as well as in Munich.   All in all: full cost, especially when you consider that the opponent had Yes extremely good individuals here. The 27-year-old was tired at the end, was nearing final out. Note: 3 Juan Bernat: the Spaniard is on the left side of the Bayern first set. Why? Because he plays as very solid, hard ball losses, clear actions, attentive, easy wake. Also this great flank left, Guardiola nodded satisfied at the edge of the page (even if Bernat had stuck rear times). In the 60th, almost 1-0 would have succeeded the 21 year old. Noticed Lauffreudigkeit in addition to Bernats: the Spaniard knew exactly where he had to run to, to bring its strengths. Note: 2 Rafinha: the Brazilians you realized that not long before time error, brought a well with fresh and often courageous actions, the other players saw it, then like alluded. Rafinha even had a surprising chance to 1-0. It sounds like one but! So is: because the 29-year-old could not keep his level. His best action in half two was a long-range shot in minute 71. Note: 3 Xabi Alonso: the Bundesliga red General you noted Right away that the reverence of the opponent in the Bundesliga suited him. This time with A lot less space, yet extremely challenging and stimulating. Again and again impressive, as can stimulate the game from his area, mostly from the centre circle, the 32-year-old. On Saturday, at HSV,’s is again A lot easier for the clock of the Bayern game. Note: 3 David Alaba: the Austrians it has No more easily, because the Center ruler Alonso swallows him simply as away in the Middle since latest. Alaba has tired out, he proved in minute 32, good link crackers just right over. And then right again, again with links, this time after Miller’s storage, now on the fists of goalkeeper Hart. After the break was especially Abbas Lauffreudigkeit, the 22-year-old seemed extremely motivated also times to break the game. Was far from easy against the English champions. Note: 3 Thomas Müller: luck not in there? Really not in it? Not to believe what the Miller as messed up for a huge opportunity after half a minute, alone in front of the gate, in the external network. A Miller but as a trips not fool himself, the striker had giant desire on the new season’s first Euro goal namely, then tried it with a magnificent header, the city keeper was hard but great. Then still a punchy flicked to a good chance of Rafinha – everyone knew after half an hour: Müller had recently just bluffing, as when he said in an interview to be able to motivate himself after the World Championship may No more quite as well. After the break, one Müller noted that it had annoyed him then but not to have made the goal – scored and tried it now from a distance, but no luck.   Had to dannb a quarter of an hour before deadline for for Robben out, kept enthusiasm about borders. Note: 3. Root facts could be found visiting this

Aerospace: Commercial at all.

Rarely sounded so diplomatically Elon Musk: he feels deeply honored and knows that to appreciate the trust that put NASA in his company SpaceX and the future of human spaceflight, tweeted on Tuesday: deeply honored and appreciative of the trust that @NASA has placed in @SpaceX for the future of human spaceflight – Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 16, 2014 in addition also security issues play a role. Max Mutschler explains in the space would be the technology, so that not only civil but also military which can be used, always sogenannteDual technology of use of the Foundation Science and politics in Berlin. It is important that this know-how at American firms remains the United States. You can feel the growing cost pressure not only in America: also in the development of the European TrägerraketeAriane-6 rocket, which is to send a satellite into space, watching the European Space Agency ESA increasingly on the money. The euro crisis and the savings rates of Governments do not stop even before the Super rocket. The ESA is considering also outwards To give orders in the hope to reduce costs and generate so more jobs. December at the latest, the ESA wants to decide whether she pursued the three billion expensive prestige project Ariane 6 or not. Musks ambitious plans track exactly those of ESA, so A lot is safe. . For more insights about this subject click url.