National bankruptcy in Argentina: of course there can be social unrest.

The bad thing for Argentina is that the Court has given the right to shareholders. The judgment States: Argentina can pay out only the due rates for those who themselves have admitted at that time on the 70-percent deal, if previously paid the 100 percent for the minority. But doesn’t want Argentina. The Government knows: If she pay there due to a clause, which only runs out at the end of the year and says that any benefit which is granted to a minority, can be claimed by the majority, is a chain reaction. Then come the old shareholders, who at that time up on the deal, and want to even 100 percent. Because it could not be agreed on this issue, the negotiations have been broken off. The least that the Argentine Government wanted was to gain time until January 1, 2015. In the jargon, this is a technical or selective default. It has a proper bankruptcy only if you can not pay, as in the crisis of 2001 and 2002. The Argentines could pay more, but they don’t want because they are afraid of the consequences. If all shareholders arrive and demand also 100 percent, the liabilities could accumulate in the coming months to 120 billion dollars. That would be six times of the foreign exchange reserves and definitely priceless. Yes, of course. It will consider whether to invest in Argentina. The companies that are already in the country, will consider whether they want to remain as recently the Brazilian multi Petrobras, who sold his shares. The access to imported intermediate products and technology as a result of largely blocked access to dollars more difficult. Multinationals with offices in the country, such as for example car companies such as Renault or Ford, must, if they want to sell cars, buy an equivalent of Argentine products. In addition the psychological effect of downgrading by international rating agencies, which accelerated the incendiary device. The image of Argentina started to improve in recent years through timely interest payments and the agreement reached with the Paris Club in May of this year, once again goes to the basement. How will the country self-financing because indefinitely, if it still does not have access to international credit?. Root facts may be studied visiting this website.

Ebola virus: transmission, processing, the countries concerned, the point on the epidemic in an infographic.

EBOLA – The balance sheet of the epidemic of haemorrhagic fever in large part due to the Ebola in West Africa does constantly worsened with more than 1300 cases and 729 deaths to 27 July, including 57 in 4 days, said Thursday 31 July who. Between 24 and 27 July, a total of 122 new cases (confirmed, probable and suspect) and 57 deaths have been reported in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, said who in a press release. Still, the who does not recommend travel or trade restrictions are imposed to Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone or Nigeria on the basis of currently available information regarding this epidemic, which is beginning to worry the France and the rest of the world. The Ebola virus is manifested especially by bleeding, vomiting and diarrhea. Its death rate can range from 25 to 90% and there is no licensed vaccine. It is transmitted by direct contact with blood, body fluids or tissues of infected animals or people. . For more information regarding this matter click website.

+++ News ticker to the Gaza war +++: Netanyahu: no cease-fire without destroying the tunnel.

Benjamin Netanjahu announces a continuation of the offensive in the Gaza Strip. This is only the first phase of a demilitarization of the Gaza Strip, as the Israeli Prime Minister. The army continues to be with full power in the use of it. Proposals for a ceasefire were only acceptable if they allowed Israel to destroy the tunnels of the radical Islamic Hamas. The army destroyed dozens of terror tunnel and killed hundreds of militants, so Netanyahu at the beginning of a Government session in Tel Aviv. At least 15 Palestinians have been injured in a renewed attack on the refugee camp of Dschabalija in the North of the Gaza Strip, who have sought refuge in a school of the United Nations. According to Palestinian rescue forces, the Israeli army from the air attacked a mosque near the school. During the attack, debris had hit the school. Two people were thus serious injury. Bans Deputy Jan Eliasson called for an end of horror after the school attack. We are at the point where we have to say: enough is enough. The Director of the UN relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), Pierre Krähenbühl, said: children were killed as they slept next to their parents on the floor of a classroom in a hotel associated with the UN. . Similar info can be inspected reading

Objektophilie – this transsexual is in love in a nuclear power plant.

2011, the love story has begun. Since then he’s driving again towards the Baltic Sea. The sky is grey on this January day, it snowed. But Sandro k. makes the cold mind. He faces a main circulation pump at the entrance to a disused nuclear power plant. Overwhelmed by his feelings, he caresses the two and a half metre high object made of steel. While he speaks, is always reflected uncertainty in his voice. Light tremors, gently keys used. What can I say, what is not? This is "1 on" the young reporter of the Axel Springer Academy have met people at turning points. Often a single moment to transform her whole life: the paraplegics who appears for the first time. the girl, who suddenly is Muslim; the athlete, who runs with broken foot across the Alps. The journalists wanted to know what can grow beyond people about themselves. And they test their own limits in self tests – they also "1 go on.   To the Academy. For extra data on this matter check reference.

Conspiracy everywhere, truth nowhere.

Face flushed, the Republic per tonne. No, she will not win the communitarianism, not it will not tolerate anti-Semitism. Yes, we must reaffirm our values. Values? Or the words, mantras? A collective Tourette’s syndrome with obsessions that stack. Everyone comes to hate everyone, suspecting, denounce. Who to believe? It is the site Buzzfeed, phenomenon historic press online, looked with contempt by journalists so-called serious and more used to titrate 34 gifs that will make you hallucinate, which reveals the 3 Israeli adolescents were not abducted and killed by Hamas. But equality and Reconciliation have not said before? Conspiracy everywhere, truth nowhere. The demonetization of the public words is such that it was nice to howl the Wolf in every sense, it is finished, it believes more. Dangerous stuff, yes certainly. But who should we blame? Are not the monsters that we create our own? We all know that we can no longer continue like that and we so we. Indignation Facebook, the petition in a click, all this certainly marks a desire for commitment but translated often as our indignation, our primary emotions. First course of action, a constant pressure on the supposedly democratic and representative system. A power that no longer knows that ban, having, which crushed between different networks of influence to can no longer translate the aspirations of a sovereign people. I had tried with a few people promote the idea of a participatory Constitution, in the image of what is developed in Iceland. Certainly, we had not produced good text, stirred the good imagination but fail does not mean giving up. Soon, new spaces of dialogue will open; need to discuss, convince, learn from others. Tirelessly. A powerful wave of reappropriation of public space is taking place. Not without clashes. Nevertheless, the immobilistes cannot hide forever behind small Telegraph operators of hate to curb the whistleblowers, manufacturers. A collective project born more than at the top, we have to decide. It will hurt, it will be confrontational but molting must occur. Second track: commit ourselves to give time to the community. Not in obsolete military or civil services but in what makes sense for us. We are working already for free on social networks, know the collapse of wage employment, spend time in associations; We are more than ready. This time could be devoted to define the world we want to pass on our knowledge. Which, today, for example, does not feel overwhelmed by the impact of science and technology in all of our lives? Pedagogy, dialog would be necessary. And well, many experts are available to communicate knowledge and reflect, on equality, on issues that concern us all. A movement as Ouisharetemoigne, too, of a new bubble in our society. Another example, among others, it is possible to participate in a construction site, propose an idea on this page. With enthusiasm and a bit of naivety, you can stay optimistic! Related facts can be read visiting

Wolves come back car incentives. But no discounts, you think about tax relief.

After the limited success of environmental di maggio, whose funds for individuals are sold out in a few days, the Government has studied new formulae to encourage the renewal of the car fleet. This was announced by Transport Minister Maurizio Lupi, explaining that for private cars will be "different instruments from classical incentives, on the model of tax exemption for buildings", while public transport want to intervene "on zero euros one euro and two euros, with tools that allow the renewal". Yesterday, on the sidelines of the presentation of the plan Anas on summer exodus, wolves said that "tomorrow or the day after by the Minister of development, Federica Guidi, we should arrive at a synthesis for both public and private media", because you need the renewal of our market, "the oldest of Europe". The Minister did not exclude that the provision is inserted in the decree reads Unlock Italy, but first he must be submitted to the Treasury.   Although not known the details, the de-taxation of buildings suggests that the Government is pondering the deductibility of expenditure devoted to the purchase and maintenance of cars. The first reactions of the automotive world are positive: Massimo Nordio, President of the Association of foreign houses in Italy, Unrae, and Angelo Sticchi Damiani, Aci, is said to favour, while the reaction of Philip Palmer Baig, President of Federauto, is more cautious. The dealers ‘ Association considers that the instruments of deductibility and deductibility are useful for businesses and tax exempt, but "would not work with the private sector, not least because, unlike in our building fund there is a ‘ swamped ‘ by bringing out". What is not entirely true, if in addition to the new car market considering that maintenance. Federauto asks then Wolves to do soon, to avoid the risk of creating an expectation that blocks a market already suffocated tissues ". The Italian auto market in the first six months of the year (756.818 registrations) is a slight recovery (+3.3%) compared to the first half of 2013, but the projections on the year ( -1.4 1.3 million vehicles) data, however, show the early 70. Still, the auto industry still employs 1.2 million people and invoice the 12% of GDP. Yesterday were released the results of a study of Anfia, the Association of the automotive industry, which reveals that over the past five years the taxation on cars and related services grew by 6.3%, while the market for new vehicles is down 39.8% ‘s (and hence the revenue from Ipt and VAT are collapsed of 30.2%) have increased the revenue from stamp duty cars (+4.6%) and from taxes on the use of vehicles (+13.2). In 2013, the tax levy on auto industry weighed to 70.5 billion euros, 16.5% of the total revenue: of these, well more than 58 billion (80 percent) are derived from the costs of vehicle use, first among all the excise duties on motor fuels, which weigh more than half (59% for petrol, 55% for diesel) of the price at the pump, ,. Main source can be studied clicking this hyperlink.

Italy divided, South liberaGli busy fall under 6 million fee.

The South? Today industrial desertification risk, human and social, warns the Svimez. That in anticipation of his latest report on the economy of southern Italy in 2014, presented today at the Chamber, draws once again a country divided and uneven, where South slides increasingly in retreat. In 2013, the per capita Gdp gap is back to levels of a decade ago, in the years 2008-2013 crisis the household consumption plummeted almost 13%, investment in the industry by as much as 53%, rates of enrolment at the University back in early 2000s and for the first time the number of occupied bear broke through the psychological threshold of 6 million, the lowest level since 1977. And so in our midday continue to emigrate, do children and impoverished: in five years absolutely poor families increased by two and a half times, from 443mila to 1 million and 14mila nuclei.   According to Svimez assessments in 2013 the Gdp collapsed at noon on 3.5%, deepening the downturn the previous year ( -3.2%), with a drop of almost two percent higher compared to the Centre-North ( -1.4). To note that for the sixth consecutive year the Gdp of southern Italy records negative sign, reflecting the importance of the area. The worst trend of southern in 2013 Gdp is mainly due to a more favourable momentum of domestic demand, both for consumption and investment. Even the long-term trends confirmed a split and unequal Country: crisis in the years 2008-2013 the South lost -13.3% versus 7% of the Centre-North. The per capita Gdp gap between North and South-Central in 2013 fell to 56.6 percent, returning to the levels of a decade ago.   At the regional level in 2013 negative sign for all the Italian regions, with the exception of the Trentino alto Adige (+1.3%) and of Tuscany (0) stationary. Also the regions of Central and Northern Italy, returned to score significant declines, like Emilia Romagna ( -1.5), Piedmont ( -2.6%) and Veneto ( -3.6%) to Valle d’Aosta ( -4.4). In the South the range remains between the -1.8% of Abruzzo and Basilicata, -6% of the bottom nationally. In middle position Campania ( -2.1%) and Sicily ( -2.7), Molise ( -3.2). Down also Sardinia ( -4.4), Calabria ( -5%) and Italy ( -5.6).   From 2001 to 2013 the cumulative growth rate was 15% + in Germany, +19% in Spain, + 14.3% in France. Positive sign even in Greece, +1.6%. The negative, with -0.2% Italy, pulled down mainly by midday, losing more than 7% against +2% of the Centre-North.   In Italy more than two million households in 2013 were below the threshold of absolute poverty, equally divided between North and South-Central (1 million and 14mila families for allocation), with an increase of 1 million 150 thousand families compared to 2007. Absolute poverty has increased in the South since last year of 2.8% against 0.5% in the Centre-North. In the period 2007-2013 to the absolutely poor families have grown over two and a half times, from 443mila to 1 million 14mila, the 40% just in the last year.   In 2012 the additional expenditure for the South dropped to 67.3% of the national total, well below the 80% quota set for the allocation of additional resources in depressed areas of the Centre-North and South of the country. Particularly troubling cuts to investment in infrastructure; If in the Centre-North maintain spending levels for public works of 40 years ago, the South today you spend 1/5 of what you did in the 70 ‘s.   During the crisis the reduction of value added was more intense in the South in all productive sectors. Worse than all the industry: here the value added decreased in the South in the years 2008-2013 cumulatively of -28.6%, -17.2% compared to elsewhere in the country. Declining even the buildings, whose value added decreased cumulatively to the South of 35; 3% to 23.8%-Central and Northern Italy. Descend during the period in question, -7.7 services% -2.5% in the South and in the Centre-North.   From 2008 to 2013 the manufacturing sector to the South has lost 27% of its products, and has more than halved investment ( -53). The crisis was equally deep in the Center-North, where the product and employment decrease was about 16 points lower, that investments of over 24%. In 2013, the share of manufacturing value added in Gdp was at 9.3% South, a figure far from 18.6% in Central-North and 20% wanted by the President of Confindustria, Giorgio Squinzi. Those involved in the industry in the strict sense to the South in 2013 decreased by 43.6 per thousand in 2008 to 37.4 of 2013.   In 2013 are lost 478mila jobs in Italy, referred 282mila to the South. Jobs lost, especially among young workers under 34 and the South ( -12% versus -6.9% Central and Northern Italy). The new fall shows the number of employees in the South for the first time in history to 5.8 million, below the psychological threshold of 6 million; the lowest level since at least 1977, year that includes the time series databases.   Women continue to work shortly: in 2013 compared with an average female activity rate of 66% in Europe to 28, arriving at 83% in Finland, if Emilia Romagna is perfectly aligned with the European average, the regions of the Mezzogiorno are worse than Malta and Romania (which register female activity rates of 50% and respectively of 48.4 per cent)down up to 38% in Apulia, the 37% in Calabria and Campania, the 35% in Sicily.   In this way, "you begin to believe that study don’t pay more, fuelling a spiral of impoverishment of human capital, determined by emigration, long stay in a State of unemployment and discouragement to invest in advanced training".   Not surprisingly, the 3 million 593mila young Neet (Not in education, employment or training) in 2013, increased by more than 25% compared to 2008, the 47% graduated and 11% graduate. The condition of Neet then begins to spread even among the mid-high study, an increase over the past five years of 54% of graduates and 43% for graduates. For this, we went over to the University: the rates of transition from high school to tertiary education in the academic year 2012-2013 fell to 51.7% to 58.8% and South to Central and Northern Italy, bringing the country well below the levels of a decade ago.   . Similar text can be inspected reading link.

Nicki Minaj: nothing but large buttocks?

In recent days, the media wonder about Nicki Minaj: has it gone too far with the cover of her new single where seen back wearing only a pink string? Surprisingly, however, person not questioned on the historical roots and cultural resonance and the contemporary implications of this kind of image which reduced the black woman to nothing more than a big behind. According to critics of black culture such as Patricia Hill Collins, one of the most famous historical examples of this dehumanization of black women through the stereotype of the booty is the case of a South African slave by the name of Sarah Baartman. She spent most of her life exhibited in phenomenon of fair due to the size of her butt. Were the presented, in London and Paris, under the name Hottentot Venus, often in a cage. At his death, indigent, in 1815, it has dissected it and his genitals were preserved in a Museum in Paris until 1974. In the world of porn, Web sites whose name contains the word booty are legion – Big Booty Cuties, Black Booty Cam-, while countless others very clearly make reference to the fact that black women’s buttocks are the main attraction – Sweet Chocolate Butt Phat Ass Ebony and other Black Sweet Ass. And that’s not counting all the other sites where the presence of black women is announced with the word booty at a location or other promotional slogans which promised users of big black butts nice round. The fetishization of Black Booty is also very common in culture popular – especially in the world of hip-hop, which is mostly run by corporations owned by white men – and it must be analyzed in the context of sexualized racism which have been the black American women from the era of slavery until today. In the United States, sexual imagery is never only sexual, especially when it comes to African-American women. In his book White Screens, Black pictures, the late film critic James Snead wrote: in all Hollywood films, the political is never far from the sexual when it comes to the image that one vehicle about blacks. Indeed, and one could easily apply now that sex is never far from the policy when it comes to the image conveyed in all types of media about African-American women. Historically racist images conveyed about black women have always served to legitimize their rape plantations. The children of those rapes by owners and supervisors of plantations were easy to recognize, because they had a carnation paler than the children who had two African parents. Then, how to explain such a thing to a time when landowners were regarded as honest citizens default? The answer, of course, was to portray black women as sexually uncontrollable, inhabited an animal and insatiable sexual appetite to which it was impossible for a slave, to resist. Thus, this image of slutty built from scratch allowed the white man to be absolute for his sins. It is no coincidence that we see so many images of black women dressed in animal patterns or placed in the company of wild animals in popular culture. Ironically, one of the most popular such images is a picture of Nicki Minaj in a one-piece combination animal-print. Sniffing the good deal, Kmart has even launched a range of clothing, all animal printed, which she has called the Nicki Minaj look. In his Stupid Hoe video clip, Minaj seen in a cage wearing a skintight leopard-patterned outfit and mounting shows us in rapid succession of images of wild animals and Minaj on all fours in her cage. And now that her new single is the name of a snake, the ultimate symbol of the sexual temptress! Without regard to the economic and cultural Nicki minaj – power and this today that sometimes has the appearance of an ironic diversion of these racist images in his video clips-, the concept of the black woman hypersexualisee and living in promiscuity is still, the dominant ideology in the United States. It is believed here, among other examples, to president Ronald Reagan and his incredibly racist image of the Queen of allowances he used publicly to talk about black women beneficiaries of public aid, or to the New York Post who treated Nafissatou Diallo bitch after she accused Dominique Strauss Kahn of rape. The United States have still much to do before you escape their awful racist past and all the perverse ways in which racist images continue to inform the white imagination of our days. . Original facts can be read checking this homepage.

Guyana started from the fifth and final European ATV space module.

This is the last cargo transfer module of this serious, but everyone (especially in Europe) are hoping that is not at all the last time, and that this form will return soon in space; This could be a new and revised version, equipped with motors, as a "service" module of the next future American Orion spacecraft, the spacecraft that NASA has put in the pipeline for some time for missions with astronauts for space exploration beyond the Earth’s orbit, and the first prototype (without crew) shall be launched by the end of this year.   The history of ESA’s European ATV, also made a strong contribution of Thales Alenia Space (the main contractor is Eads Astrium), represents another chapter in success for space missions Made in Europe. Its dimensions are comparable to those of a double-decker bus as those Londoners. The ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle-Automatic Transfer Vehicle) has supported in recent years for "cargo" services to the ISS international space station, already tested Russian freighter Progress M-type ", in addition to the latest Japanese modules, the Cygnus of Orbital Science, and the Dragon of Space X. The first of them was launched on March 9, 2008, and was called Jules Verne, followed by three others, one of whom bore the name of the Italian physicist Edoardo Amaldi (launched in 2012).   This "space Truck", whose development was largely entrusted to Thales Alenia Space (at factories in Turin), consists of two main elements, for a total length of 10 meters and 4.5 in diameter: a propulsion and guidance module, which allows the vehicle, once released into orbit by Ariane 5, reaching in a completely automatic way the ISS, and a cargo module that allows the transportation between Earth and the station of supplies and materials, up to a maximum of nearly 9 tons of payload. It is equipped with four solar panels for electricity.   After docking in orbit, the ATV will remain linked to the station for a few months. Completed her refueling mission, exploiting its propulsion module, the ATV will carry out an important maneuver: the "reboost", i.e. a King-periodic raising of the orbit of the ISS, which is required because of its natural and slow decay. After the module is disconnected and will precede the entry phase atmospheric strata where unused, you will destroy.   . You can read the following resource to learn more about this amazing topic.

Video: Attack on Israeli positions: Hamas attack video released.

A spokesman of the Ministry of health in Gaza further explained that only a dozen people came to early Wednesday morning in the North of the densely populated coastal region, as tanks there homes had been under fire. Among the victims were a doctor and a toddler. The Israeli military released a video that you want to show the destruction of one of the Hamas tunnel on Tuesday again. The radical Islamic Organization should use these underground routes for the transport of weapons. The Israeli military has provided again and again such images in the past few days. Hamas released a video, but regardless clarified its veracity is not. The images illustrate how men out of a tunnel and attacked an Israeli post. The faces of the men are already illegible. The images should be created in Nahal Oz on Monday. The Israeli military confirmed that four ISAR represented soldiers were killed on Monday in Nahal Oz. LOCATION: Close to Gaza, NAHAL OZ (ISRAEL). You can check this page to discover more about this great subject.