Japanese Prime Minister begins the Mexico Tour in Latin America.

The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, arrived Friday at the Mexico for a five nation tour of Latin America and the Caribbean with the intention to deepen ties with developing economies of the region, as did before him this month the Russian and Chinese presidents. Mr. Abe will continue his journey Sunday in Trinidad and Tobago, where will be held the first Summit between the Japan and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) and will Monday an official visit to Colombia. This will be the first visit of a Japanese Prime Minister in these two countries. Wednesday, Japanese Prime Minister will make a day trip to the Chile before traveling Thursday to Brasilia and Sao Paulo, which is home to a large community of Japanese origin to close this tour Saturday 2 August then. Central America and South are more important to the Japanese economy because of the growth of their economies and because of their natural resources, highlighted this month Yoshihide Suga, Japanese Government spokesman. -Competition with China – the Japan has long been one of the largest world exporters, but two years ago that he knows a trade deficit, a situation that began with the earthquake of March 11, 2011 and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear. The conservative Abe’s visit occurred only hours after the end of the tour in the region of Chinese president Xi Jinping, who travelled to the Brazil, Argentina, the Venezuela and Cuba. With often strained bilateral relations, China and the Japan compete for gaining ground in Latin America, former American withdrawal. The region had also been visited this month by Russian president Vladimir Poutine, including on the occasion of the meeting of the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) on 15 and 16 July in the Brazil. In Mexico, first step of Mr. Abe, the Japan has a strong presence in the automotive industry, particularly in the State of Guanajuato (centre). The Japan is the fourth largest trading partner of the second economy in Latin America, with over $ 19 billion of trade in 2013. Accompanied by his wife Akie Abe, Japanese Prime Minister comes to Latin America with a significant delegations of entrepreneurs. Mr. Abe must be received in Mexico City by president Enrique Peña Nieto, with which it will have its fifth meeting since the arrival in power of the latter in December 2012. It shall then participate in a bilateral economic forum. Saturday, because of its great interest in the rich Mexican culture and traditions, the Japanese Prime Minister will visit with Mexican president pyramids pre-Hispanic Teotihuacan, located about 50 kilometres from the capital. Coincidence, Mr. Abe in the Mexico’s visit comes a day after the announcement of the designation of Javier Aguirre, team coach of the Mexico’s football in 2002 and 2012, as the new coach of the Japan team. . For extra insights about this topic check http://sl.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

Appia Antica, seized another three acres near the park for environmental damage: 3 municipal leaders and suspects 2 manufacturers.

adjacent to the Parco regionale dell’appia Antica. There are 6 under investigation for false ideological, environmental damage and violation of rules of the landscape, including 3 Directors of the comune di Roma, the Chairman and two directors of the consortium of constructors. what you read in a press release of the forest. This operation follows the seizure of approximately 26 hectares already executed last November by forest Rangers in the Park of the Appia Antica, to environmental damage and violation of landscaped, environmental constraints, and urban forestry, that port to the suspension of the work of the Tor Marancia, within the natural protected area south of the capital, due to the alteration of rural landscape and forestry. At the time to be involved were the Orderer of works, the designer, the Director of works, the perpetrator of the interventions and the sole Manager of the proceedings. The historic site of the fosso delle Tre Fontane, a witness of the Roman natural agrarian landscape that still retains an interesting ecosystem for fauna and flora, between via Ballarin and via di Grotta Perfetta, been partially affected by Earth movements connected to an extensive development plan that covers the area. Foresters, with investigations carried out on the spot and the study conducted on aerofotogrammetrici pads, extended the examination of historical documents dating back to the 50 ‘s of the last century, with the support of operational Imagery analysis group of the geotopografiche information center of the air force, have been able to demonstrate how the earth moving works have actually affected the riverbed of the Fosso delle Tre Fontane. The pm Roberto and Antonio Cucchiari C Hariharan also have entrusted control of forest clearing and restoring the natural state of the places by the responsible of the work. Investigations are continuing to determine other possible violations to the urban planning and landscaping. . For more information regarding this matter visit http://sl.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

Palermo: you buy a yacht with EU funds, entrepreneur sentenced.

He had asked for and obtained from the European Union economic assistance for his declaring incomes low, but with the money received has bought a luxury yacht by 16 meters used exclusively personal purposes. For this reason an entrepreneur of Palermo has been denounced by the Guardia di finanza and subsequently sentenced by the Court in the Sicilian capital to 2 years and 6 months in prison, in addition to 600 euros fine for aggravated fraud. The investigation against him was started following a series of audits of the Fiamme gialle aimed to counter tax evasion. During the inspection the military they are unbeaten in the women’s individual company operating in the field of boating and discovered numerous irregularities. The company in fact had declared low income while making a large boat, purchased thanks to Community funding of 180 thousand euros. In essence, the company in question on paper would have to manage both hiring activities hiring both unmanned spaceflights, but actually was substantially inactive for some time. The only two employees in fact turned out to be close relatives of the owner, and the very few reported hires were made in favor of persons related to the company’s owner from links of friendship and that in fact they had received any service. On the contrary, the financiers have found that the vessel was used in private title to participate in regattas and sailing championships. According to the Guardia di Finanza, the company essentially had been created only in order to gain access to EU funding under the regional operational Plan Sicily for the period 2000/2006. After the sentencing the court obviously ordered the seizure and confiscation of the yacht. . You can click this http://sl.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz to discover more regarding this great topic.

Gaza war: Kerry proposes ceasefire.

Movement comes in the efforts to a truce in the Gaza Strip: the American Secretary of State John Kerry has proposed a specific parties to the conflict. This foresees a week setting of the fights in the under the Egyptian mediation talks on a long-term peace settlement should be included. This reported the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz", citing a high-ranking Israeli officials. Israel must therefore destroy tunnels in the Gaza Strip during the period continue to which has built the Hamas for terrorist purposes. Kerry expect answers yet on Friday. The "New York Times" reported also by a two step plan to first the guns are falling silent and followed by discussions. The negotiations had arrived at a "sensitive" issue, one American official was quoted. Among others still, it is unclear whether Israeli troops would remain during the planned cease-fire in Gaza. Whether the radical Islamic Hamas agrees to the plan, was still unclear. The Israeli security cabinet will discuss on Friday on the proposals of the United States. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu had so far seen no willingness to stop the attacks. More and more civilians are killed. The number of deaths in the Gaza Strip increased since at least 5200 Palestinians have been the beginning of the Israeli military offensive on July 8 on 805 according to local rescue injured. More than 30 soldiers and civilians were killed on the Israeli side. The folgenreichstenisraelischen attack on Thursday killed at least 16 people killed in a UN School of full of refugees according to the Palestinian. More than 200 seekers had been injured in the building in Beit Hanun in the northern Gaza Strip. In the school of the UN refugee agency UNRWA, people had about 1200 sought protection. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sharply condemned the attack. Among the victims were children, women and UN staff, he said in New York. Israel’s Army called a "Miss" on the UN school, either by own forces or Hamas. In the West Bank and Gaza, thousands of Palestinians on the street went at night to protest against Israel’s actions in the coastal region. Dozens were injured, Palestinian rescue forces according to at least two Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli security forces. On the Israeli side, 13 policemen had been slightly injured, according to Israeli media reports. In several German cities, protests against Israeli attacks in the coastal area are registered on Friday. . Inspirational data could be found clicking the following source.

Radical reforms to the turnaround in Europe.

The latest disappointing data on growth in the euro area and in Italy confirms, if proof were needed, the inadequacy of the economic policy strategy followed so far in Europe. Each country must recover on its own, with supply-side reforms to regain competitiveness, and with restrictive budgetary policies to reabsorb the debt. But the problem today in the euro area is the lack of domestic demand, competitiveness, and not stagnation prevents reentry from the debt. At the end of 2013, private consumption in the euro area as a whole were 2% below the levels reached at the end of 2007; private investment were below 20%; exports only rose by almost 10% over the past six years. This problem can only be resolved at European level: national Governments do not have effective tools to stimulate aggregate demand, because they have their hands tied by the Stability Pact and monetary sovereignty. From a technical point of view, the solution would be simple and would not have major contraindications. Eurozone countries should cut taxes by a significant amount (for example 5% of national income), funding itself by issuing long-term debt (30 years), and pledging to reduce deficits over five or six years, through a combination of increased growth and spending cuts. Issued debt should be purchased by the ECB, without sterilizzarne the effects on the expansion of the currency. Coordination between monetary and fiscal policy would be essential to the success of the operation: the monetary expansion would devalue the gearbox and stop deflationary forces; the purchase of government bonds by the ECB would prevent the rising cost of debt and returning the interests in the form of seigniorage, will relieve the weight. And the tax cut would give a stimulus to aggregate demand, at a time when interest rates are already at zero, and the credit channel is blocked by Bank suffering. This is basically what they have done or are doing, in different ways, United States, England and Japan out of the crisis. Yet a hypothesis like that in the euro area is pure science fiction, because it clashes with the institutional constraints of Maastricht and with Germany’s political veto that fears the moral hazard. Here at six or nine months the ECB probably will be forced to buy the bonds, in an attempt to counter deflation. But the intervention will once again be timid and belated, and more importantly, without the aid of tax policy, ineffective. In this framework, disarming what can Italian economic policy? First, it should not make mistakes. This means especially not aggravate the shortage of aggregate demand through tax increases. The thing is anything but a foregone conclusion, because the absence of growth threatens the budgetary targets, both for the current year that for 2015 (where missing tens of billions). For the 2014 probably there is nothing more to do, and it’s better to have a deficit above 3% and if necessary to fit into the excessive deficit procedure, rather than increase the levy. For the 2015 there are alternatives to fully implement the spending cuts identified by Cottarelli ratio, accelerating the times. It’s pointless deluding ourselves that there are harmless taxes; in this situation any more withdrawals would have negative effects on confidence, and on private spending. Secondly, it is important to do everything possible to avoid further increases in the national debt. Not so much because the European constraints imposed, but in order not to lose the confidence of the markets. Privatisation must restart, going beyond the modest goals set out by the stability of the Government and confirmed by this Government (1% of GDP annually), and has so far rejected. The situation in financial markets is not unfavorable, and any delay or hesitation would be completely incomprehensible. And supply-side policies to restore competitiveness to the Italian economy? Although their effect on growth is deferred over time, are urgent and essential, however, for two reasons. First, in order to strengthen business confidence in the financial markets and future prospects of the Italian economy. Second, to win the European resistance to adopt more expansionary macroeconomic policies. In other words: the economic crisis cannot be overcome without a change in macro-economic policies of the euro area. But this change there will be no radical reforms in the countries of southern Europe. Whether we like it or not, this is the reality of the common currency. . For more information on this matter visit http://sl.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

The economy, poor education.

The economics and finance are among the subjects of the most commented news and,. probably the most unsung of French. These areas as in other overriding emotion to the analysis is the index of this ignorance. It is as well as finance, the euro, financial markets or banks are regularly referred to as "absurd, speculative, with madness, unbridled" and so on. Difficult however to blame those who lend themselves to these facilities of thought. The economy, the Bank and finance are, with law, almost missing curriculum materials. We can go forward in the diagnosis: the compilation of the French or foreign business schools curriculum is full of surprises. The economics and finance are actually taught, but surprisingly abstractly. The economy is so confused with the history of economic thought or mathematical models. As for finance, education covers usually two parts of this vast area, the corporate finance and market finance. But in addition to accounting, considered more or less so it’s mostly financial mathematics and statistical modeling of risk applied to portfolio management. This is understandable with regard to the qualification of teachers-researchers, whose classes derive from research. Suffice yet so little! Take securitization, recurring topical subject and mysterious subject if any. Less than an hour is enough to explain it to a pupil of Terminal. However securitization is still in the minds of as many a black box, more or less responsible for the ‘subprime’ crisis, while she was in this regard that one of the links of a chain. The French banks, the ECB and, more recently, the french Commissioner in Brussels carefully evoke the introduction of this technology in Europe. It is indeed the way to complement the limited capabilities of the banks for loans to enterprises. As the Americans have done, there are long, New deal! The prudence of financial and political leaders in France and Europe is at the height of fears of opinion on topics that are foreign to him. Could mention of even more familiar topics and not least unsung: How does a Bank, understand the figures of a company. Need to say it and say it again, the acquisition of elementary luggage allowing decryption of the most important financial and economic issues is the matter of a few hours of study only, or even a few days. Benefit /effort of acquisition of such knowledge would be considerable, for citizens as for public power. It is time for action to fill the gap of education! Related text can be found reading http://sl.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

Vicenza: US soldiers arrested for rape, Varied ‘ process takes place in Italy ‘.

Vicenza, 24 Jul. -(Adnkronos)-were arrested at Vicenza the two U.s. paratroopers accused of raping a prostitute in the sixth month of pregnancy. Satisfaction with the arrests was expressed from the Vicenza Mayor Achille Variati, who on Tuesday had written a letter to Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando to ask ” by expressing negative opinion to any instance of renunciation of Italian jurisdiction ” in the case of a request from the u.s. Government. ‘ ‘ I would like to express satisfaction at the arrest of two Us paratroopers accused of raping a woman on the sixth month of pregnancy in Vicenza. The pre-trial order-explains the Mayor-hitting two people who until now were on the loose despite against them there are very serious allegations of violence accomplished outside the course of their military functions. For this I wrote to the Minister requesting that negative opinion is expressed to any requests of the US Government to move the process in the United States ‘ ‘. . Additional facts can be read reading http://sl.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

Rugy notes to EELV, “they are for Palestine before being for peace.”

François de Rugy will not join its protests to Emmanuelle Cosse and Esther Benbassa after Prime Minister has denounced ‘the problem’ of ecologists and the far left with Israel. Comments reported Thursday by Le Figaro and that have outraged the leadership of the Green Party. François de Rugy think that this ambivalence is maintained by"a minority", it is regularly "latent comments more than explicit." And to cite recent examples, the intervention of the IDF in Gaza: "I’ve seen comments on internal discussions lists,.» There were more than ambiguity. I sense a semantic shift. "With Jean – Vincent Square, François de Rugy advocates a balance line, today denouncing"a disproportionate response"IDF"and settlements that undermine the resolution of the conflict." They were the first to reconnect with the CRIF annual dinner. "After ten years of absence of environmentalists", notes the elected. But "some activists" want to be more virulent. "On the occasion of the last commemoration of Hiv Vel, me has been criticized on the internet did not have a word for the 500 Palestinian dead." The parliamentary regrets "that left, it does not want to see the rise of a new form of anti-Semitism. I see ten years. "’I'm no religion, which allows me to be more at ease on this debate’, advance, before even recognize"that it is very difficult to hold on to a ridge line.". Extended info can be found reading http://sl.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

Esposito rushed, slips the Csm.

Slips to 19 September, the disciplinary process at the Court of Cassation Antonio Esposito, Chairman of the Board of the working section of the Supreme Court which, on 1 August last, ‘ definitively condemn Silvio Berlusconi to 4 years for tax fraud in the proceedings Mediaset. This is the fourth postponement of the process for the ‘ Court Esposito of togas ‘: the judge is not presented at the Palace of the Marshals, but sent a medical certificate certifying his emergency hospitalization in the clinic. Esposito is blamed for violating the duty of privacy and fairness with the interview that ‘ release to the newspaper in the morning a few days after the ruling Mediaset, well before the filing of the motivations of the verdict. The disciplinary section of the Csm, chaired by Vice-President Michele Vietti, opened the hearing noting the absence of Eddie and his Defender, Supreme Councillor Piercamillo Davigo. It was therefore appointed a defender ex officio, Fawaz, magistrate of the Research Department of the Csm. The Court of togas felt inadequate medical documentation submitted by Esposito to declare an absolute impediment to appear, and then ordered the start of the process, as stressed by the Deputy Supreme Court Prosecutor Carlo right. The Defender’s Office, however, reiterated the need for a postponement in order to be able to read and study the cards to defend the accused. At that point the disciplinary section has postponed the process at the first sitting of the useful September 19, as from 1 August to 15 September there is the working suspension, and today was the last sitting of the specification in program before the summer break. The ‘ Court of togas, in Council Chamber, also rejected the objection of two councillors who form part of the disciplinary College, Annibale Marini and Francesco Vigorito, made by Esposito. According to the Court of Cassation, in fact, Marini and Vigorito couldn’t be part of the disciplinary College called to judge why members of the first Committee, on his case, had already started a practice, then checked for the existence of disciplinary profiles. Impossible to say at the moment whether the September 19, to ‘ process ‘ Esposito will be this disciplinary section and not the new one that will be named after the start of the next consiliatura: If, in fact, now appears certain an extension of the current Msm, given that Parliament has not yet elected lay advisers don’t know yet until we prolunghera ‘ waiting for the installation of the new Council. . For additional information regarding this topic visit http://sl.penisenlargementbiblereview.biz.

Urban planning, here’s the Bill wolves: less taxes on the House for the anthill.

Milan-presented today by the Minister of transport and infrastructure, Maurizio Lupi, a bill of 20 items for a new law on urbanism, stop at 1942. At stake is the future of the country that passes through the cities and infrastructure, the world has changed since 1942 has made a new law on urbanism, Wolf said on the sidelines of the presentation of the project at the Auditorium of the Museum Maxxi. The goal that we have given is the urban renewal, urban renewal and the quality of life in cities, he noted. During the Conference the theme cities liveable, ideas for urban transformation and new territorial policies, the Minister has indicated some proposals, notably: the creation of a bi-annual Conference of the Government of the territory, open to all experts involved in various capacities in the matter so as not to have sectoral approaches to the subject only. And so urban planners, architects, engineers, agronomists, historians, sociologists, geologists, economists. A session of the Informal Council of the Ministers of infrastructure and transport of the European Union to be held in Milan from 14 to 16 September, dedicated to infrastructure and mobility of city that will be the mayors of large cities. The establishment of a framework to which building regulations may refer the municipalities then adapt them to their own territory. In Italy we have 8. 000 municipal building regulations, difficult to think of a territorial Government in these conditions, said Wolves. Among the proposals of the Bill is predicting. The text indicates a gradual reduction in local property taxes to areas of higher density housing. Taxes must also be proportionate to this parameter. Still, it provides but also exemptions for buildings intended for sale by real estate companies. The laws on estate taxation-is expected to provide the same deductibility from income taxes and dall’irap in Chief enterprises and commercial bodies and their non-applicability of the buildings intended for sale or resale which are not used. A new boost to the realization of accommodation, with the forecast also rents and facilities for the supply of buildings. The measure that aims to land Government, establishes standards for promoting social housing, including through the involvement of public and private subjects. There are strong forms of tax, up to the hold. Still expected support for the recovery and enhancement of existing heritage and fabric of the suburbs, of brownfield sites and for environmental and landscape recovery of degraded areas. Priority areas for renewal are identified by the municipalities in municipal planning, explains in the text of the Bill. . Original source could be read reading the following article.