Oscar de la Renta is dead: mourning in the fashion world.

Mourning in the fashion world, the celebrated fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has died tonight at the age of 82 years.  To confirm the disappearance of the designer was the family without providing any details, but we knew that the old was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. According to the New York Times, would have died at his home in Kent, Connecticut. Born in the Dominican Republic in 1932 and raised in European atelier, Oscar de la Renta had become famous in the 60 ‘s, the United States, where he moved and became the leader of a generation of stylists to the stars and stripes. He was also known as the designer of first lady saw that during his long career he dressed Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, and later designed the clothes of Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush. Particularly appreciated for its classical and romantic dresses, Oscar de la Renta was considered one of the great stars of fashion. Many Hollywood stars who liked to wear his clothes in gala events, by Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidnam. One of his latest creations were for Amal Alamuddin marriage, the surviving son of George Clooney. The dress worn by the famous lawyer to pronounce the fateful Yes with George Clooney in Venice is made by De la Renta. Earlier this month because of his health were deteriorated and the company that operated his signature had announced that the Briton Peter Copping would take his place as creative but continuing to work in close connection with de la Renta for the next collection. . You should visit the following http://48cb45fd3a3f05aea8ed21e.com-documents-classified.eu to learn more on this amazing matter.

The stability law, Eu sources: “Barroso wants to ask Italy additional maneuver”.

A comparison that, already in the next few hours, could lead to a clash or remain undetected and resolve, without too much noise, in November, once the new Commission headed by Jean-Claude Juncker. With whom the premier had Matteo Renzi a few days ago a telephone conversation.  This is, at the moment, the status of the negotiations between Rome and Brussels on the stability Law, whose final text, moreover, not only has not yet been made public, but it is not even arrived at the Quirinal Palace, signing despite what guaranteed Sunday by Economics Minister Pier Carlo Padoan.  According to "European sources" after hearing from agenziaAnsa, in line with what has been leaked in recent days, the outgoing President José Manuel Barroso would intend to ask Italy for 2015, a correction of the structural deficit of 0.5% against the expected 0.1% by the Government. Namely that Roma should find more than 8 billion to be used to reduce the budget deficit: at that point the ‘ cushion ‘ of 3.4 billion that the Government has set aside just in case it would not be sufficient and would need an additional maneuver.   The situation is "extremely fluid and not yet clear", emphasize the same sources. By Wednesday, could start the letter with which Brussels calls for corrections, but while Barroso seems to be unmovable from the toughest Economic Affairs Commissioner Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President in pectore in the future Eu-led Executive Juncker, would open to a less ‘ heavy ‘ and less critical for Rome: an adjustment of 0.25% -0.3%, that would put the treasure of reserve. The "Falcon" Finnish, that Joshua has termed "cold and kind", so it would match the new course that the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg intends to impress on the supervision of the observance of the stability and Growth Pact: essentially an exchange between flexibility and binding commitments in terms of reforms.   Meanwhile the Executive, evidently in distress in the rewrite of the text only sketched out by the Council of Ministers of 15 October, also attempts to smooth the internal comparison. The regions, after doffing of shields, have lowered the tone: "do not reject the cuts but we are working because they are compatible" with the maintenance of the services, said the Conference President Sergio Chiamparino, also Regions grappling with the alleged crazy costs of two councillors of the Piedmont region, stressing however that dialogue goes on, Yes, but "head-on". If there are conditions, in short, "will be an agreement, otherwise everyone will need to face up to its responsibilities". A meeting with the Government, asked by all local authorities, has not yet been fixed and could slip to next week, probably Monday, 27. Meanwhile, the regions are thinking on a proposal providing for the waiver of the promised 2 billion increase of the national health fund for the next year and expected transfers (for various reasons) by the Central Government in the face of fewer changes. Solution that wouldn’t cover all efforts which are called Governors. On them are still the sforbiciate of past governments (1 billion ‘ inherited ‘ from Italy-saving of 800 million and provided by Read financial) in addition to the reduction of resources for 750 million sets with the income tax act. You will also, according to the estimates of the budget aldermen Coordinator Massimo Garavaglia (Lombardy), 450 million non-revenue for regional banks because of the cut of Irap. Moreover Chiamparino will try a mediation between the positions of the Governors themselves, as the Northern League Luca Zaia and Roberto Maroni continue to insist on the necessity of not penalising the virtuous regions. . Original data could be found checking this http://48cb45fd3a3f05aea8ed21e.com-documents-classified.eu.

Discounts and three glasses of wine – these five bizarre scandals costing politicians their jobs.

She should have spent approximately 73 000 euro from the State Treasury for accessories and cosmetics. Justice Minister Midori Matsushima was advised in the criticism because she had presented voters with compartments, amounting to illegal donations. In addition to the two Japanese women, other politicians for quirky Affairs had to resign. 2002, the former Saxon Minister-President Kurt Biedenkopf came under pressure, as he had negotiated a disproportionately large discount at an IKEA shopping. After more scandals became known, he was forced to resign from his post. Three unpaid glasses, however, ranged wine at the Lord Mayor of Mainz, Beutel of Jens, to bring the barrel to overflowing in 2011. The unpaid bill from Rwanda ensured that the SPD politician preloaded by other scandals joined his premature retirement it was slippery for Anthony Weiner, a United States Congressman. Suggestive photos of the Democrats on the Internet surfaced in the wake of a Cybersex scandal. Despite a tearful plea withdrawal and lots of mockery was not spared him: Finally, his name in the English "Wiener" is pronounced, what is slang for "Penis" in the United States. . For additional insights on this subject visit http://48cb45fd3a3f05aea8ed21e.com-documents-classified.eu.

Halal: never without my test.

Are there pork in my hash? After the scandal on horse meat, the issue can tap more than one practitioner of the Muslim religion, which considers re this as unclean meat. For tre s r that his dish pork-free really is, it will be able to use the new products of a young mark fran ease baptis s Halaltest. The Capital Biotech company will offer four tests: one for raw pork meat, another for pigmeat cuisin, a substance for human blood, and one for alcohol, other haram (banned) for Islam. With more than 6 million Muslims, the France is a certain potential for a soci t pioneer re as Halaltest. Other countries want to occupy the niche cr, start by Malaysia, world leader in the business of halal certification. Australian Food News talked about so site a test currently d developed by the University of Selangor and that would take one minute, intended for the general public. In November 2013, the University of Münster (Germany) and soci t AB Sciex have their c t published in a scientific journal a m method for tests to detect meat pork or horse. � . For more insights about this topic read info.

Hunting the ghost off the coast of Stockholm submarine.

In moving to Helsinki, Stefan Lofven confirmed that the Swedish Navy was still empty-handed. "This is not a submarine hunt", he stressed. "We do not know exactly what it is and one must first know first and foremost". The head of the Government gave no more information than Rear Admiral Anders Grenstad Eve, suggesting that "intelligence work" was no more advanced. The research had begun Friday, mobilizing more than 200 men, stealth boats, minesweepers and helicopters. "Defence received three comments, two Friday and a Sunday and make inquiries to find out what it is", recalled Stefan Lofven. For Russia, shown the finger in the media as early as Friday, it’s a submarine of a friendly country of the Sweden. "This is a Dutch diesel-electric Bruinvis propulsion submarine which carried out last week" exercises, "including feedback of emergency on the surface, in the immediate proximity of Stockholm", said Monday to the news agency Interfax a source within the Russian Ministry of defence. The newspapers tried to expand to the maximum the picture taken by a particular Sunday and broadcast by the Swedish armed forces Sunday. There is just a bit of scum on the surface of the water and a black, impossible to identify with a so low definition form. The daily Expressen, which devoted 20 pages to the case in its Monday edition, has attempted to follow the research by helicopter. . Additional info can be found visiting http://48cb45fd3a3f05aea8ed21e.com-documents-classified.eu.

The Audi driving alone at Hockenheim.

The machines finally show their teeth and go on the track. At the moment we are used to seeing cars you drive alone as technological toys, exotic original works rather than practice, distant and unreal as a robot. It is true that the laws are doing everything to stop it but experimentation is making great strides and now Audi has shown what they are capable. The place chosen for the exhibition are those intended to make headlines, the circuit of Hockenheim, where after the DTM race of October 19 votre pseudo piloted driving concept car was launched alone at full speed. And the great thing is that during the tests proved to be good almost as pilots. To say so is data: during rehearsals in recent days the votre pseudo has exceeded 240 km/h and finished the tour in little more than two minutes. Not bad when you consider that the record on the Hockenheimring is 1 ‘ 13 ‘ 78 for Formula 1 (Kimi Räikkönen with the McLaren MP4-19 in 2004), ‘ 34 ‘ 1 140 for DTM (Augusto Farfus with the BMW M3 in 2012) and 1 ‘ 48 "669 for the European Touring Car Championship (Jordi Gené with the Seat Toledo Cupra in 2004). Of course, I’m 30 seconds but after all the man driving by more than 100 years while the computers do it seriously by even ten. GPS and 3D rooms See this car that runs on track relentlessly makes an impression: the wheel there is nobody, not even a human to do the scene but votre pseudo sa dose speed, cornering fits accurately, burns straight and no dithering ever. The merit is a very complex system based essentially on two technologies. On the one hand there is a special GPS that localizes to a precision of one centimetre and allows her to navigate inside the circuit. Then there is a 3D camera that captures images in real time and compare it with the digital model loaded in memory on board to know with precision the evolution of track and ‘ see ‘ the roughness of asphalt and any obstacles. In short, a lot of technology that portends a company debut from samples, all the more so because at stake is the title for the fastest automatic car ever. . Additional text can be found clicking http://48cb45fd3a3f05aea8ed21e.com-documents-classified.eu.

Portugal Telecom collapses to the Lisbon stock exchange.

The title of Portugal Telecom (PT) fell Monday over 20% to the Lisbon stock exchange, because of the uncertainty on its proposed merger with the Brazilian operator Oi, seeking to sell assets of its Portuguese partner. At 10 H 40 GMT, the title dévissait 20.92% to 0.96 euro, reaching a historical minimum, in a market down 1.32 percent at 4. 979,59 points. Altice, parent company of the french cable operator Numericable, leads since early October negotiations with Oi to acquire the Portuguese assets of Portugal Telecom, which had initially doped the title. Since the resignation on 8 October of the CEOs of his house mother Oi, Zeinal Bava, Portugal Telecom however began a virtually uninterrupted fall to the Lisbon stock exchange, losing more than 30%. The operation of ongoing merger between Portugal Telecom and Oi was supposed to give birth to a giant of the telecommunications of the lusophone market with more than 100 million customers and 30. 000 employees. But a 897 million euros loan granted in April by Portugal Telecom to Rioforte, one of the holdings of the Espirito Santo group, had sowed discord between the two operators. Luxembourg justice denied Friday’s placement into receivership of Rioforte, paving the way for the liquidation of its assets, which makes even more unlikely the repayment of this loan to Portugal Telecom. Since the discovery on 26 June of the existence of this debt, the title of the incumbent has fallen by 65%, from 2.89 euros less than one euro. At the same time, its market capitalization has melted, 2.5 billion euros less than a billion. Oi has forced its Portuguese partner to sign a new agreement to merge at the end of which the Portuguese group should see its share in the future company reduced to 25.6% versus 38% initially planned. In fact, Portugal Telecom assets have already been absorbed by his Brazilian partner in may, on an increase in capital of Oi. But this merger transaction may fall to the water in case of success of the negotiations between Oi and Altice, which has just been relegated by the rating agency Standard and Poor’s (S & P) in the category of issuers hedge because of its high debt levels. . For additional information regarding this subject visit site.

Dracula: Autumn the vampire.

We have the sparkly Edward Cullen and his twilight saga survived; could just in time to be switched off before the vampire diaries and the original unwillingly fascinate us have; taken True blood eventually captivated us seven seasons long sultry tricky. Show after all the postmodern as post pubertal Gesauge some courage to the age, patina, dust and ornament of Dracula’s revenants this fall after all, again. At least two of the current cinematic vampire phenomena it comes not to admire Dracula in his existence, but to understand his way. In the flashback is to realize how this creature came into being, how man became a vampire. Because he could fight only with human power, not against the evils of the world or because he met his death at the hands of unjust, even before he could give his life meaning. He paid his unearthly power with the curse of eternal life and insatiable blood thirst. Dracula is a fallen from lost honor. So it is hardly surprising that the Vampire, as he is now in the movie Dracula untold and Dracula is shown in the TV series, appeal to the sympathy of the audience. Both versions make reference to the large, published 1897 novel by Bram Stoker. . For additional data about this matter check http://48cb45fd3a3f05aea8ed21e.com-documents-classified.eu.

Polizeiruf 110-criticism: from space via the village pub to the EU conspiracy.

This police call is one of the few if not the only German crime thriller, which has the chutzpah, to take a trip into outer space. Minute 62: the camera happens short a satellite, which draws its orbit in orbit, including the Earth, swooping down then circulates, zack, back in the Bavarian Pampa. Back at the student pub plugs into the tangled mass of murder, intrigue, paranoia and conspiracy – this insane Ferris wheel that rotates the Munich police call. The first imposition of smoke on the water the total fourth Graf police call from Munich, there are owners (Marek Harloff) in a proposed minute Jazz tunnel right at the beginning, as the moderately successful saxophonist Mischa improvised way in his instrument. Free jazz 20th 3: 00 would reason enough to switch immediately to battleship on RTL, but luckily, owner meets quickly enough on the journalist Anne ten Hoff, who is later found with his skull. The musician admits then also the murder, although he is not the culprit and Hanns von Meuffels (Matthias Brandt) can finally get started with the actual investigations. Corruption, money and higher powers deliver mostly good stories and smoke on the water makes no exception. Especially the beauty of conspiracy scenarios is that you can carve the wildest constructs out of them but get a nobody with logic and other Bedenkenträgertum. And yet: why a gang of ruthless, multibillion dollar and influential it not finished brings unpleasant confidant more subtle and smoother aside to create, as it ultimately does, but not properly makes sense. Dominik Graf and his author Günter thin whitewash this slight weaknesses just with violence and sex. 59 seconds is to see the Act of Cadenbach, don’t know the picture on Sunday, and that one, but with two women. But not at the same time, but cut together with the back typical for these police call and fades. In a way, it is his sexual intercourse need that the enterprising MEPs ultimately breaks his neck. Elsewhere it provides a plausible explanation for this: if I don’t even have sex on the day, I get back pain. Really weak smoke on the water, when the protagonists moralinsauer and stiff pray down politicians prejudices about secret bank accounts full of money and tax CDs babble or compulsively current events in the game occur: how philosophizes on the job as the Assistant Cadenbachs Abd Aziz Kaan (Jake Kaya) about their jesidisch Kurdish origin. The end is really strong mind: A 15-minute Chamber game nightmare in the mysterious masked police storm the House of nobles and terrorize the family in addition to Commissioner Meuffel and Assistant k. At the time, it is no longer the death of a journalist, but the big picture. . Main source can be found checking the following site.

Juppe condemned attacks on a family policy that works.

The candidate for the primary right to 2017 Alain Juppé deplored Sunday the blow of Planer announced on the family’s social security branch, denouncing abuses a family policy that works and seeing it as an example of the amateurism of the Government in France for half a century, we have a family policy that works, which gave good resultssaid the former Prime Minister, who presided over a banquet of more than a thousand politicians and activists UMP of Gironde in Bordeaux. Juppé wants to proof a birth rate which is almost double that of European countries, well above including that of the Germany which failed its family policy, an item of considerable weakness for her. He also cited the rate of activity of women in France, higher than the average European. However, since 2012, plane on family policy, a first time with a lowering of the ceiling of the family income, was spent then with the taxation of retirement supplement awarded to families having raised several children, he stressed. It announced in next year’s budget a new shot of EUR 700 million plane, which is considerable, and may dismantle this family policy, warned Juppé. He saw a sign of amateurism and the cacophony of the Government in the reform of allowances, in particular the fact that the head of l?State, last week said + it will not affect the universality of benefits + family, and eight days later the Socialist MEPs vote an amendment which provides means-tested family benefits,. For the tenor of the UMP is a demonstration of the inability of those who govern us to carry out clear and well-prepared reforms. Questioned by journalists on the polls who remain permanently favourable, including that of the published FIFG this weekend which makes it seem more sympathetic and less cleaving that Nicolas Sarkozy for the French, Juppé has not shunned his pleasure, but recalled that a survey is not sustainable by definition, it is a snapshot. Say you that today ‘ hui that I read do not pleasant would be lying. Start was good, but good, there is all the way to and it will be long, he said. . You should click the following http://48cb45fd3a3f05aea8ed21e.com-documents-classified.eu to discover extra regarding this interesting subject.